Welcome to HabboxForum

Welcome To Habbox Forum; is where new members can introduce themselves to the forum for the first time, or maybe they are coming back after a long period of being away! People take time to write about themselves, so at least give them the courtesy of showing some interest. Try and say something in addition to "welcome to the forum" - try a nice comment or some friendly advice.

Please don't spam the welcome forum with 'welcome' or 'welcome to habbox' constantly as it not only spams the activity feed it is considered as pointless posting. If you do so happen to spam the welcome forum your posts will be removed.

Newcomer of the Month

Here at HabboxForum we have a monthly scheme called 'Member of the Month' where the moderators of the forum will pick out a member of the forum who has been actively posting around certain sections. One of the categories in Member of the Month is Newcomer. This category is where the moderators can choose a new member that had signed up in that certain month that has been actively posting around the forum in general. You can read more about this HERE

Habbox Forum ~ The Basics

If you have never used a forum before then this thread will come in handy. This thread covers all the basic actions on how to post a thread to how to change a signature. This 8 section guide can really help you along the way! You can read up on the Habbox Forum basics here!