As the name states this in the Habbo News & Rumours forum. This is where all Habbo related news and rumours will get posted as Habbo bring out new features or are in the making of a new feature, or news about a celebrity visit.

There are a few forum specific rules in Habbo News & Rumours.

- Don't flame users for posting old news.

- Don't reply to threads with "old news" "already posted" "wrong section" or "this is not news".

- If 2 or more of the same threads have been created you may post a link to the thread stating that one has already been created BUT you must also have something related to the topic in your post.

Please use the report system and let the moderators deal with it if you have seen any of this happen, rather than taking matters into your own hands.

Other members may have their own definition of what a Habbo related news and rumour is. Below is a Habbo related news and rumour is and what can be posted.

What is news?
News, is information that has been announced publicly by Sulake/Habbo. This may be a new furni range, a celebrity visit or a client update. If it is posted in the news section on or if it is announcement on the Habbo client itself by a staff member, then this is news.

What is a rumour?
A rumour is information that hasn't been announced publicly by Sulake/Habbo. You may post about rumours although they must be backed up with evidence regarding this rumour, such as a work in progress picture, staff speech bubble etc. You may not post about a rumour without evidence otherwise your thread will be closed.