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  1. Baving back as Forum Manager
  2. Neversoft changes name to Bongo
  3. Snoop-20 is no longer a Forum Moderator!
  4. HabboxCanada is back open!
  5. ,Alexx. is no longer HabboxLive staff
  6. Buying VIP by paypal language problems
  7. ---MAD--- is now a Super Moderator!
  8. EternalMasque is now a Super Moderator
  9. More Infraction Updates!
  10. Cigaret changes name to Ericzor
  11. Wizzdom resigns as a Head Rare Value Reporter
  12. Angel-Light is now Assistant Radio Manager
  13. Adzeh is now Radio Manager
  14. HabboxLive Needs You!
  15. "Stand on ya roller" Event
  16. "Stand on ya roller" was successful :)
  17. Mrs.McCall is no longer a Forum Moderator!
  18. Auction Night and Lotto Dices at 7:00pm!
  19. .Lynn changes to normal Competitions Staff
  20. HabboxLive Staff Updates
  21. Radio DJ Applications Now Open
  22. Nixt is now competitions staff!
  23. Lottery Tickets Available!
  24. J1mi is now a permanent Rare values reporter.
  25. .xkookehx. & Majesticdragon return as..
  26. Corq and Owen.M resign from HxHD
  27. AC-400 & Kwiksave resign from Rare values department
  28. Eckuii resigns from Habbox
  29. Lotto Winner!
  30. Search ..:SONNY:.. @ 6PM
  31. Rug Run! was a success :)
  32. :Jamie is no longer a Forum Super Moderator
  33. The Habbox Back To School Ball.
  34. Seacat is no longer Assistant News Manager
  35. Baving no longer working for Habbox
  36. .Lynn is No Longer A Habbox Pixel Artist
  37. Ramon resigns as habbox graphics designer
  38. Calling all Pixel Artists: You Pixel Too Is Here!
  39. The following are no longer graphic designers
  40. Graphic designer applications - Open!
  41. Apply to become a Forum Moderator!
  42. Urges and Correctable are no longer Forum Moderators
  43. Murder Mystery and Back to school Ball :o
  44. Murder Mystery was a success :)
  45. Seacat new Forum Manager
  46. :Jamie returns as a Forum Moderator
  47. Wayne. is now also VIP Manager
  48. Joshuar- resigns as a Forum Moderator
  49. ---MAD--- is now a Forum Administrator
  50. DJ-Cookeh and Meyaz resign as HabboxLive staff
  51. Neversoft resigns as Assistant Articles Manager
  52. Writer Trialist Results
  53. Forum Moderator Applications are now closed!
  54. FatherOfGod changes name to The90's
  55. Juggle now Assistant Show Manager
  56. Aquae new Assistant Competitions Manager
  57. Habbox graphic designer applications - Closed
  58. New habbox graphic designers!
  59. Re101 has resigned from Show Manager
  60. The following are no longer HabboxLive staff
  61. ..:SONNY:.. resigns as a Room Reviewer
  62. Reminders
  63. ,Alexx. no longer works for Habbox
  64. Cheep. resigns as an Events Organizer
  65. Adzeh and Angel-Light resign as Habbo Friends Moderators
  66. Adzeh resigns as VIP Competitions Staff
  67. 8Freak8 to own HxHD but not run it
  68. Re-Call is now Habbox Help Desk Manager
  69. Events Trial Results
  70. Forum Moderator Trialists Results!
  71. Room with a view return!
  72. Hiet resigns as a News Reporter
  73. New Radio DJ Trialists
  74. Successful Moderator applicants have been contacted.
  75. When sending Radio DJ Applications...
  76. New trialist Moderators and new Super Moderator!
  77. N!ckG changes his name to Nick-
  78. Krypsis is now Assistant Help Desk Manager
  79. Juggle now Show Manager
  80. Show Staff Applications are now OPEN
  81. Read if you've had/got VIP Problems
  82. RSHIMMERS24 now called LastingMoments
  83. Habbox Help Desk Opening
  84. Dan2nd resigns as HxTv staff
  85. Habbox Don't Fall Off! - Starts at 6pm GMT!
  86. Don't fall off - Big Success!
  87. Aquae resigns from HabboxLive
  88. Xzoid has resigned from Habbox Staff
  89. Auction Night!
  90. Habbox Help Desk Applications are now OPEN!
  91. AC-400 returns as a Rare Values Reporter
  92. Habbo History Competition Winner
  93. Ollz14 changes Forum name to .:Ollz:.
  94. Changes in the News Department
  95. Stand in ya box :D
  96. Win a Throne! With HabboxLive.com
  97. Show Staff Applications are now CLOSED
  98. Stand in ya box ~ Eventually over!
  99. [HxHD] Information (Including Trialists & Applications)
  100. Ostinato is now a Guest DJ
  101. Cloud changes his name.
  102. Mexel has resigned as Show Staff
  103. Habbox Help Desk Quiz!
  104. The following people are no longer Show Staff...
  105. fitcovboy now Head Rare Values Reporter
  106. Rare Watch pages updated!
  107. Win a Throne on Thursday Night Live!!!
  108. New Show Staff!
  109. Habbox Help Desk Staff Name Changes
  110. Thorpe changes his Name to Chaz-
  111. -Ross changes his name to GoldenMerc
  112. New Senior DJs
  113. Rule Updates!
  114. [Habbox Event] Wobble Squabble (By Mewt)
  115. SkaterChu resigns as a Habbox News Reporter
  116. Wobble Squabble AWESOME SUCCESS!
  117. New News Reporter Trialists
  118. dadofdamatrix is no longer HabboxLive Staff
  119. Xuzuno and Krypsis are now Head Habbo Friends Moderators!
  120. Events Organizer Applications Open!
  121. therutlishboy is no longer HabboxTV Manager
  122. JohnZ is now HabboxTV Manager
  123. Skacrazy resigns as a habbox graphic designer
  124. Ymo resignes as habboxtv director
  125. Ericzor resigns as Assistant Rare Values Manager
  126. Goldenmerc is the new head script advisor
  127. David.67 is the new HabboxTV Head Director
  128. -:Undertaker:- new Assistant Rare Values Manager
  129. Script Advisor Jobs Open
  130. HabboxTV Staff Fired
  131. NintendoNews and iNicks are no longer Habbo Friends Moderators
  132. Habbox JUMP THE FENCE - 5 PM!
  133. Habbox Help Desk Applications are now CLOSED!
  134. Jump the fence - Great Success
  135. .:Ollz:. is now a HabboxLive Web Designer
  136. Brainpower & .-.eXtra.-. Are Now Trialist Pixel Artists
  137. Tenatious is no longer Habbox Staff
  138. New Habbox Help Desk Trialists!
  139. Brandon! changes his name to Sid
  140. James! has now changed his name to SkaCrazy
  141. HabaHelper changes his name to x-Hab-Helper-x
  142. Ymo resignes from habboxtv
  143. Seacat resigns as Forum Manager
  144. A4AOwen new Forum Manager
  145. Sid resigns from Habbox Help Desk
  146. SteveBrown03 resigns as a Forum Moderator!
  147. Sid changes his name to Ant
  148. New Rare Value Reporter Trialists
  149. New forum skin!
  150. :Jamie resigns as a Forum Moderator!
  151. Mewt changes his name to CloudClone
  152. Search Foxmoth at 20:00
  153. Signature Rule Reminders!
  154. Tea Theft, Success!
  155. JT-Fan new head of music
  156. iDan resigns from habbox
  157. Liizziiee changes her name to Lizzz!
  158. Juggle has resigned from Show Manager
  159. CloudClone is no longer Habbox Staff
  160. -daniel is no longer assistant manager of habboxtv
  161. Tueros changes his name to Phunker
  162. The following are no longer Habbox Help Desk Staff...
  163. Trialist Moderator Results!
  164. Mrs.McCall is no longer staff
  165. Pilot is no longer HxHD Trialist
  166. david.67 is no longer staff
  167. LowDetail is a new trialist director
  168. Reputation reminders
  169. Drewar changes his name to Zlixi
  170. Hecktix is now Show Manager
  171. Mexel is no longer A Forum Moderator!
  172. The Following are No Longer Habbox Show Staff:
  173. Show Staff Applications Open!
  174. Server Downtime
  175. Chaz- Resigns from the Shows Department
  176. UK News Reporter Applications Open
  177. Headwire is no longer a Habbox News Reporter
  178. DJ Trial Results
  179. New Trialist Radio DJs
  180. Events Organizer Applications CLOSED!
  181. Lottery Tickets Available
  182. murof is on Trial as a Rare Values Reporter
  183. zerkinzoid changes name to BlueVision
  184. RVR Department Staff Changes
  185. GoldenMerc is now Assistant HabboxTV Manager
  186. Katie.pricejorda is now a Trialist News Reporter
  187. Auction Night!
  188. LowDetail is now Trialist Script Advisor
  189. Nixt Resigns from the Shows Department
  190. Joushuar- is now Assistant Articles Manager
  191. Neversoft is now Articles Manager
  192. Acting jobs at HabboxTV are open for AOJ
  193. Kobi626 is the new HabboxTV Head Director
  194. Private Message Updates!
  195. Lizzz! changes her name to Liizziiee
  196. -Wolverine is now on trial as a Room Reviewer.
  198. The-Quiet-One and The90's are now on trial as Events Organizers!
  199. New Habbo Friends Moderators
  200. Show Staff Applications Closed
  201. Re-Call resigns from Help Desk Manager
  202. Krypsis is now Habbox Help Desk Manager
  203. Habbox Help Desk Trialists Results
  204. Win a Throne, with HabboxLive.com!
  205. [HxHD] Jump the fence!
  206. Catzsy has resigned as a Room Reviewer
  207. Foxmoth is now Assistant Help Desk Manager
  208. HabboxFactor! Coming soon...
  209. New Show Staff
  210. Katie.pricejorda is no longer Habbox Staff
  211. trunks.15 has resigned from HxHD Staff
  212. Posting Your Picture Warning!
  213. Ant changes his name to dongs
  214. Sir-Cameron no longer works for HxHD.
  215. Gravsie and -EvilPenguin- are now on trial as Room Reviewers
  216. "Ring the AlarmS" Great Success .
  217. Script Advisor Job IS Open !!
  218. Double The Trouble, starting now. Win a THRONE!
  219. Krypsis and Matty. are now Trialist Forum Moderators!
  220. Xuzuno resigns as a Forum Moderator!
  221. Juggle resigns from Habbox Staff
  222. dongs changes his name to Dollops
  223. Chilloutrich Is Now Shows Staff
  224. Habbox Takeshis Castle!
  225. Loo Races!
  226. Loo Races - Sucess!!
  227. :Jamie returns as a Forum Moderator!
  228. .xkookehx. is now head of graphics
  229. Phanoka is now on trial as a News Reporter
  230. HabboxTV Director Apps. Open
  231. News trialist Results
  232. Vicky-Lou is no longer Habbox Staff
  233. LowDetail has failed his trial
  234. Jacketh is now on trial as an Events Organizer
  235. The HabboxFactor!
  236. kkz, resigns as a Forum Moderator.
  237. Rusty_x resigns from HabboxLive
  238. Slippery Rollers at 18:00 BST
  239. Habbox Graphic Designer Applications - Open!
  240. Slippery Rollers - Success!
  241. The Habbox Factor 2006
  242. Proof! is no longer Help Desk Staff
  243. VIP Information.
  244. Habbox Lotto tickets on sale tonight!
  245. Joord has resigned as an Interviewer
  246. The HabboxFactor 2006!
  247. Habbox Help Desk Trialist Results
  248. holo-jonny returns as a Rare Values Reporter
  249. RVR Trialist Results
  250. kkz, resigns as an Events Organizer
  251. Deal Or No Deal Event!
  252. Deal Or No Deal! - Success!
  253. Habbox Lotto tickets on sale NOW
  254. The HabboxFactor 2006!!
  255. Ostinato new Assistant Forum Manager
  256. springmoon changes to Guest DJ
  257. GoldenMerc is no longer Shows Staff
  258. Dollops is now a Super Moderator!
  259. Ostinato returns as a Guest DJ
  260. Habbox Canada!
  261. The Habbox Factor!
  262. ಠ_ಠ is now a Habbox graphic designers!
  263. Win Super Rares, with HabboxLive.com
  264. Double The Trouble starting now! Win a THRONE!
  265. Habbox Factor, Last Day!!
  266. Habbit is now Trialist Director
  267. Cryptoo is now a habbox graphic designer
  268. Mexel is no longer a habbox graphic designer
  269. The Habbox Factor Auditions Show
  270. The Return of the Habbox Show!
  271. The HabboxFactor - STARTING!!! :D
  272. Graphic Designer Applications Still OPEN!
  273. News Department Updates
  274. Dark-As-Death has resigned as ESS
  275. Bef is now a Habbox graphic designer
  276. Capture The Flag Event!
  277. Capture The Flag! Big Success!
  278. New Radio DJ Trialists
  279. The HabboxFactor Finalists!
  280. NightSlasher is no longer Show Staff!
  281. Habbox Help Desk Applications are now OPEN!
  282. Billy♥ is no longer HabboxLive Staff
  283. Would you like to win 250 Canadian Habbo Credits?
  284. The HabboxFactor Voting lines now OPEN!
  285. Hiet is now known as SupaIGA
  286. Phunker is now called Shatterstar
  287. JT-Fan is no longer habboxtv staff
  288. Forum Rules Updated
  289. logan~ changes her name to exposure!
  290. HabboxLive Staff Updates
  291. The-Quiet-One is no longer Habbox Staff
  292. The90's changes name to Fatherofgod
  293. Trialist Result and New Trialist
  294. JT-Fan resigns as a RVR
  295. HabboxTV Director and Script Advisor Jobs Open
  296. The HabboxFactor - Voting lines closing.
  297. HabboxTV Flash Artist Jobs Open
  298. Lucky is now a Habbox graphic designer
  299. Dice battles.
  300. HabboxFactor starting!!

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