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  1. Zz is now Trialist International Staff
  2. Graphics Design Trialists
  3. [Dev] Spoiler rule clarification
  4. [HxHD] .-.extra.-. now HxHD Staff
  5. News Department Trialists
  6. Fight changes his name to Hx-Fight
  7. Favourtism Returns As Graphics Designer
  8. UK DJ Applications - Closed!
  9. Habbox Forum VIP Page Updated!
  10. [HxHD] Jobs Final Reminder
  11. [Dev] Forums updated and changed
  12. Blackout changes his name to Gapu
  13. Alison:D resigns as a Radio DJ
  14. HabboxLive Trial Results
  15. [HxHD] Applications are now CLOSED
  16. [HxHD] Staff updates
  17. Changes to General Management
  18. nvrspk4 is Assistant General Manager (Staff)
  19. joshuar changes to Forum Administrator
  20. Immenseman takes over as International Division Manager
  21. Immenseman steps down as Rare Values Manager
  22. Mr.OSH becomes Assistant General Manager (Content)
  23. Immenseman is Assistant General Manager (Community)
  24. lAscend returns as Rare Values Reporter
  25. Everlong now Assistant Graphics Design Manager.
  26. ,Rachyy, resigns as a trialist writer
  27. Forum Moderator Trial Results
  28. Delays with VIP
  29. New HabboxLive Trialists
  30. [Dev] Habbox US/CA/International News merge!
  31. Help23 resigns as Rare Values Reporter.
  32. Dinasaw has resigned as a HabboxLive DJ
  33. Seaman. changes his name to Sammeth.
  34. Habbox's HBB Coverage
  35. Angel-light now Assistant HxHD Manager.
  36. Sammeth. returns as Productions staff
  37. [HxHD] Staff Updates
  38. [HxHD] Trial Results
  39. Competitions Staff Updates!
  40. [Dev] World of Warcraft subforum has returned.
  41. New HabboxLive Trialists
  42. Voorvel is no longer HxHD Staff.
  43. Re-Call returns as HxHD Staff
  44. Touch resigns as a Radio DJ
  45. [Dev] Habbo Jobs subforum has been removed.
  46. DJ-Huntey is now a Trialist News Reporter
  47. Event Organiser Applications - OPEN
  48. Name Changes
  49. KnownSinner resigns as Rare Values Reporter.
  50. :HollisterCo. no longer HabboxLive Staff
  51. Splat resigns as Rare Values Reporter
  52. Rare Values Applications are now open!
  53. Alexicles. is no longer Habbox Staff
  54. Articles Staff Changes
  55. Reliever resigns as Rare Values Reporter.
  56. [Dev] HabboxLive ~ Back up!
  57. Sammeth. becomes Assistant Productions Manager
  58. Cheekykarl is now a Forum Moderator.
  59. Jupar is no longer Habbox Staff
  60. HabboxLive staff changes
  61. Dinasaw returns as a Radio DJ
  62. [Dev] Moderators adding you to MSN
  63. Event Organiser Applications - CLOSED
  64. Lumpesh is no longer a Radio DJ
  65. [HxHD] Applications OPEN
  66. Rare Values Department Changes
  67. Rare Values Applications - LAST DAY!
  68. Lumpesh returns as a HabboxLive DJ
  69. [HxHD] Trial Results
  70. [Dev] HabboxForum Phishing Sites
  71. Name Changes
  72. New Trialist Event Organisers
  73. Habbox Staff Awards - 7PM!
  74. Habbox Staff Awards - Results!
  75. Mrs.McCall now Assistant News Manager.
  76. JoeyK. now International Division Manager.
  77. Sabra returns as Articles Staff
  78. [Dev] Forum Changes Coming Soon
  79. Hoteluser is no longer Help Desk Super Staff
  80. Mrs.McCall resigns as Productions Manager.
  81. Dudedanny123 no longer Assistant Productions Manager.
  82. Sammeth. now Productions Manager.
  83. HabboxLive DJ Trial Results
  84. Productions Staff Changes
  85. [Dev] Introducing Forum Support!
  86. Name Changes
  87. New HabboxLive Trialists
  88. [HxHD] Applications Reminder
  89. International Staff Changes
  90. International Staff Applications OPEN
  91. Biohazard is no longer Habbox Staff
  92. [Dev] Unconfirmed Accounts Cleanup
  93. [Dev] Feedback Polls Forum Returns!
  94. Saccate resigns from Habbox
  95. [HxHD] Staff Changes
  96. [Dev] Welcome Back!
  97. [Dev] Mobile Skin!
  98. [Dev] User of the Month
  99. [HxHD] Applications - Last Day!
  100. [HxHD] Applications CLOSED!
  101. Rare Values Department Trialists.
  102. Immenseman has been renamed to LipStickDancer
  103. [Dev] Rare Values Updates
  104. Elkaa resigns from Habbox.
  105. Markness. resigns as HxHD staff
  106. Capacitate resigns as Articles Staff
  107. Neil is now a Forum Super Moderator
  108. ^Joshiiee is now a Forum Super Moderator
  109. BobX is now a Forum Super Moderator
  110. LipStickDancer now called Immenseman
  111. Name Changes
  112. Pyroka is now a trialist Content Designer
  113. cool-- is no longer a Content Designer
  114. Hayd93 is now a trialist Content Designer
  115. dollop now Assistant Content Design Manager.
  116. Invent is now a Content Designer
  117. Habbox Productions - Applications Now Open!
  118. Nuxty returns as an Event Organiser
  119. [Dev] Habbo Imager Script
  120. EverSteve no longer a Radio DJ
  121. HabboxLive Staff Additions
  122. Rare Values Department Changes.
  123. FlyingJesus now Articles Staff
  124. Favourtism Is Now Senior Graphics Staff
  125. GEOOOORGIA resigns as a Radio DJ
  126. International Division Trial Results
  127. Image concerns regarding Habbo
  128. Congas changes his name to Teasings
  129. Recent Logout/Skin Change Links
  130. Habbox Productions - Applications Extended
  131. SPECIALIST News Reporter Applications - Open
  132. DJ::Beatz is no longer a Forum Moderator
  133. DJ Application Information!
  134. MattGarner, Bomb-Head and Purpleness are now Forum Moderators
  135. The Habbox Summer Spectacular
  136. HabboxLive Staff Changes
  137. Yum999 resigns as News Manager.
  138. Jongo resigns as a News Reporter
  139. [Dev] Notifications added
  140. [Dev] Arcade Reset!
  141. Test:Tube:Baby is now International Competitions Staff.
  142. [HxHD] - Trialists
  143. [Dev] New Debates Added
  144. .-.extra.-. no longer Habbox staff.
  145. ^Joshiiee no longer Habbox staff.
  146. Mrs.McCall now News Manager!
  147. [Dev] Bullying and Trolling
  148. Gangster is now a Graphics Designer
  149. Gapu resigns as Rare Values Reporter.
  150. LeahBaby--Ox has passed her Competitions staff trial!
  151. HabboxLive Staff Changes
  152. [HxHD] Trialist Update!
  153. Auronthebest is now a forum moderator.
  154. DJ Trial Results
  155. Coldplay resigns as a forum moderator
  156. Name Changes
  157. Nereo has resigned as Competitions staff!
  158. Drewar is now a forum moderator
  159. Sugarbabyrach resigns as HxHD Staff
  160. Ugawa no longer Assistant Rare Values Manager.
  161. PaulMacC no longer Rare Values Manager.
  162. -Thomas- no longer Rare Values Reporter.
  163. -Danube- now Rare Values Manager!
  164. Everlong no longer Habbox staff.
  165. Hayd93 has passed his trial as a Content Designer
  166. -Conz- and Supersam pass their trials as Graphic Designers
  167. Pyroka resigns as a Content Designer
  168. DieselShaq no longer Habbox staff.
  169. HxHD Staff updates!
  170. -Xiangu- and Saccate return as writers
  171. HxHD Staff return!
  172. Xzoid is now Trialist Competitions Staff!
  173. Articles staff changes
  174. HabboxLive Staff Changes
  175. Jaiisun resigns as Productions Staff
  176. [Dev] Forum Upgraded
  177. Name Changes
  178. Nikki resigns as a Trialist Graphics Designer
  179. .-.eXtra.-. returns as a Graphics Designer
  180. Favourtism now Graphics Design Manager.
  181. -Digifix and .:Normal... are no longer Graphics Designers
  182. Productions Applications - LAST CHANCE!
  183. New HabboxLive Trialists
  184. Alex3213 has passed his trial as a Rare Values Reporter
  185. Nereo resigns as International Staff.
  186. Rare Values Reporter Applications - Open
  187. News Reporter Applications - Closed
  188. BaybeeElin resigns as HxHD Staff
  189. itsBilly :) and Lisabel are now Trialist Competitions Staff!
  190. Bomb-Head becomes Assistant General Manager (Staff)
  191. VBT-700 resigns as /Johno! is now a forum moderator.
  192. [Dev] Please do not feed the trolls!
  193. [Dev] Habboxlive Site Changes
  194. ---MAD--- resigns as General Manager
  195. nvrspk4 new General Manager
  196. [Dev] New Stacking Guides
  197. Flisker is now a forum moderator
  198. Graphics Staff Changes
  199. Event Organiser Applications - OPEN
  200. Productions Applications - CLOSED
  201. HxHD staff update
  202. e5 is no longer Habbox Staff
  203. Event Organiser Applications - Last Chance
  204. Productions Staff Changes
  205. UK DJ Applications ~ Open!
  206. [Dev] Emails and Support system fixed.
  207. Moony changes name to Punchable
  208. zLodge changes name to Congas
  209. SugarBabyRach resigns as a Radio DJ
  210. Congas is now a trialist writer
  211. Rare Values Applications - Extended
  212. Camy and Gangster are no longer Graphics Designers
  213. xoKate.. changes name to KateeTBH.
  214. Graphics Designer Applications are now open!
  215. Events Team Changes
  216. Inseriousity. is now a senior writer
  217. Punchable resigns from Productions Trial
  218. xSamLouise resigns as Habbox Staff
  219. Monkwrestler and Joahh are no longer Event Organizers
  220. Nereo resigns as a News Reporter
  221. The following are now News Reporter Trialists
  222. BlueTango resigns from his Production Trial
  223. PaulMacC has passed his Rare Values trial and AMERlCA.. is now a Trade Expert
  224. Zehro resigns as a writer
  225. Mayyte is now a trialist writer
  226. PriceTags is now Senior Productions Staff
  227. [Dev] New Site Skin Released!
  228. Congas and Flamedragon3 are no longer Rare Values Reporter
  229. UK DJ Applications - Closed!
  230. CrazyCali has resigned as Competitions Staff!
  231. [Dev] Reality TV Forum!
  232. Lumpesh changes name to TAYLOOOOR
  233. HxHD trial results!
  234. [Dev] Forum and Moderation Changes
  235. NintendoNews is no longer HxHD Staff
  236. DJ-Huntey is no longer a News Reporter
  237. Favourtism and Marriott0.02 are now Senior News Reporters
  238. Slowpoke is now a trialist Content Designer
  239. Neil resigns as forum super moderator
  240. dj-huntey resigns as a Rare Values Reporter
  241. Peach--fuzz changes name to Haynar
  242. New HabboxLive Trialists
  243. DJ-Dominator is no longer a Trialist Event Organiser
  244. dj-huntey is now a trialist writer
  245. ALIG101 is now a trialist writer
  246. Nnader resigns as a Rare Values Reporter
  247. Rare Values Applications - Last Chance
  248. Invent resigns as a Content Designer
  249. Jordy resigns as a News Reporter Trialist
  250. Graphics Designer Applications - Closed
  251. Mrs.McCall resigns as HxHD Staff
  252. NarielUK and MizMe93 resign from HabboxLive
  253. Jazke returns as a writer
  254. samsaBEAR and Jaiisun are no longer forum moderators
  255. Dudedanny123 resigns as a Content Designer
  256. Dudedanny123 resigns as HxHD Staff
  257. [Dev] Habbox Timetable
  258. Content Designer + Site Coder Applications- CLOSED!
  259. Orangeeesh is no longer Habbox Staff
  260. Kaotix12 is no longer Habbox Staff
  261. -Eliminate and iReeh have resigned as Rare Values Reporters
  262. Congas is now a Trade Expert
  263. .-.eXtra.-. is no longer HxHD Staff.
  264. Graphics Designer Changes
  265. Hitman returns as a Forum Moderator
  266. Favourtism is now a Radio DJ
  267. Mayyte is now a Trialist Graphics Designer
  268. Mayyte resigns as a News Reporter Trialist
  269. News Reporter Trial Applications - OPEN
  270. Nuxty changes name to Auen
  271. Swaydo returns as a Rare Values Reporter
  272. Rare Values Reporter Applications - Closed
  273. News Staff Additions!
  274. Poojie resigns as a senior writer
  275. Jaiisun resigns as an Event Organiser
  276. Event Organiser Applications - OPEN
  277. LeahBaby--Ox & Dudedanny123 are now Senior Competitions Staff!
  278. HabboxLive Trial Results
  279. LukeyBaby, now a Senior DJ
  280. New Trialist Event Organisers
  281. -Danube- is now a Content Designer
  282. HxHD Applications - OPEN
  283. Regarding Recent Site Issues
  284. Haynar is no longer a Radio DJ
  285. News Trial Applications - REMINDER
  286. [Dev] Spoilers now work in Private Messages
  287. New Trialist Event Organisers and applications closed
  288. Graphics Designer Staff Changes
  289. AMERlCA.. resigns as Productions Staff
  290. Staff name changes
  291. Dinasaw is now a Senior DJ
  292. Content Design Applications - Closed!
  293. HxHD Application - Reminder!
  294. Fifteen resigns as a Rare Values Reporter
  295. :Mobile resigns as HxHD Staff
  296. News Staff Changes
  297. Roxy916 resigns as Productions Staff.
  298. DudeDanny123 is now a Senior Event Organiser
  299. Rare Values Department Updates
  300. [Dev] New Content!

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