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  1. [HxHD] Egg'stra Number Game
  2. Glore is now on trial as an interviewer
  3. Jasika is once again a Habbo Friends Moderator!
  4. Jaskia is now Caedie
  5. Habbox's Easter Party!
  6. Coolmandan6 is now on trial as a news reporter!
  7. [HxHD] Easter Wobble Squabble
  8. NoobForcer no longer working for Habbox
  9. Sm no longer a writer
  10. :woof now habpics Flash designer!
  11. <James> new Webpage Design Manager
  12. Habbo Dress Up Game Winners
  13. doraemonkiller resigns as Rare Values Manager
  14. Steve330 new Rare Values Manager
  15. Jamie4k new webpage designer
  16. Smiddy1234 new rare values reporter
  17. [HxHD] Easter Bingo Night
  18. Crashb555 new rare value reporter
  19. ipod is now Da-Rare
  20. Habbox USA Site Manager Job Opening
  21. Yet again.. New HabPics Staff..
  22. Emmmaa new HabPics Flash Artist!
  23. Presenting Pets Winners
  24. Rareoid resigns as Help Desk Staff
  25. :Jin: new Assistant Articles Manager
  26. Zantetsu new permanent Pixel Artist
  27. bigbutsound no longer working for Habbox
  28. steph=04= is now help desk staff again
  29. Writers Department Now Have Job Openings
  30. coey02 back as help desk staff
  31. aldo121 New Rare Value Reporter
  32. HabPics "CameraMen" Needed.
  33. Writers Job Openings Have Closed
  34. Habbox Quest - Cluebox Winners
  35. *New Trialists*
  36. .:OGGY:. Is now Habpics Script Writer!
  37. Soyers now a Pixel Artist!
  38. Trialest Actors/Actresses at Habpics
  39. Safety Steps (March) Winner
  40. Room-With-A-View (March) Winners
  41. HabboxTv Banner Winner
  42. Caedie no longer working for Habbox
  43. New avatar size
  44. <James> changed name to -JT-
  45. Trialists who passed their trials at the help desk
  46. Icebox12 is now the new habbox USA site manager
  47. Soyers no longer Habpics Actor Trialist
  48. Luayminator Now habboxTV staff
  49. Habbo Friends Moderators who will no longer be working for Habbox.
  50. HabPics changes to HabboxTv
  51. :motlyfool is now a HabboxTv Director
  52. HabboxTV Donations Room
  53. xsaucy-stephx resigns
  54. Flags Of Habbo Winners
  55. -JT- resigns from Webpage Design Manager
  56. tularis is no longer Assistant Webpage Design Manager
  57. ignitionhost new Webpage Design Manager
  58. -JT- no longer a forum moderator
  59. Soyers Now HabboxTV Alt Artist
  60. Estkf is no resigned as a writer trialist
  61. Blackinferno and 2hd. resign as trialists
  62. Soyers now a forum administrator!
  63. Habbox has a New Page
  64. :Illusion is no longer habbox staff
  65. Forum mods who passed their trials
  66. >Max< no longer a forum moderator
  67. coolmandan6 is now a full time news reporter
  68. .:Scotteh:. Webpage Design Trailist
  69. Spintercell! New Webpage Design Trailist
  70. >Max< is no longer a Writer
  71. Kroziun new Newsletter Writer
  72. Rareoid Now Habbox.us Webpage Designer
  73. Arcanum no longer Help Desk Staff
  74. dadofdamatrix Webpage Trailist
  75. Throne Gambler (2) Winners
  76. Ziabotsu is now Woofz
  77. Easter Extravaganza Winners
  78. Lee.Norman no longer working for habbox
  79. TheLostDino Trial Actor on HabboxTV
  80. Glore did not pass her room reviewer and interviewer trial
  81. Smiddy1234 now head rare values reporter
  82. Shadowrock! and Hotelhealth new rare value reporters
  83. Actors/Producers Who hav passed Their HabboxTV staff Trials
  84. Stratocaster is now a games designer
  85. Excentric Cinema
  86. [email protected] is back as Games Design Manager
  87. MAD new Rare Value Reporter
  88. Writer Trial Results 01/04 - 15/04
  89. New permanent pixel artists
  90. Prevxpro is no longer a news reporter
  91. HabboxTV New Regulations In Staff Hiring
  92. Global Now Habbo Friends Moderator
  93. April VIP Monthly Prize Draw Winner
  94. Habbo Vision Competition Winner
  95. MMR is now on trial as a usa, international, outside habbo news reporter!
  96. Post Counters updated
  97. Mizki resigned as Forum Administrator
  98. caz08 no longer help desk staff
  99. [email protected] returns as Help Desk Staff
  100. MAD is now on trial as an outside habbo news reporter
  101. No Longer Working For HabboxTV
  102. NCFC is Now TheLostDino
  103. Mit has resigned as a Writer
  104. DJ-cameron no longer help desk staff
  105. Mystery Star Guest Competition Winner
  106. HxHD Bingo Night
  107. Jamie4k is now on trial as a USA,International News reporter
  108. 2hd. is now on trial as a outside habbo news reporter!
  109. Arcanum no longer a forum moderator
  110. Habbo Dress Up Version 2 has been released!
  111. Arcanum no longer articles manager
  112. Flower Power Competition Winners
  113. :motleyfool resigns as interviewer
  114. Soyers returns to HabboxTV as a Pixel Artist
  115. :Woof is no longer HabboxTV Website Manager
  116. :Motleyfool new HabboxTv Manager
  117. :Jin: new Articles Manager
  118. .:F:. no longer HabboxTv Staff
  119. TooClose resigns as HabboxTv Manager
  120. Jamie4k Now HabboxTV Webpage Designer
  121. :Jin: is now HabboxTV Webpage Designer
  122. Steve330 resigns as Rare Values Manager
  123. ::BlondePunk:: is now a HabboxTV Assistant Manager
  124. Yonder454 now Habbox.us Webpage Designer
  125. Jamie4k & :Jin: are now HabboxTV Heads of Website Designing
  126. Theatre of Dreams Competition Winners
  127. Welcome the CSH Group to HabboxTV
  128. >Max< is no longer a habbox news reporter
  129. DJ-Cameron returns as Help Desk Staff
  130. Seacat resignes as an interviewer
  131. Writer Job Applications Now Open
  132. MAD changes name to ---MAD---
  133. MMR failed his trial as a news reporter
  134. Wayne's Timewarp Competition Winners
  135. bball.time99 returns as Rare Value Reporter
  136. .:.Jean.:. is no longer working for habbox as a brasilian translator
  137. sierk is now the owner of habboxforum.com
  138. Room-With-A-View Winner
  139. Tomush Comedy Writer and Director for HabboxTV
  140. NekkLe new Rare Value Reporter
  141. Safety Steps April Winner
  142. New Forum Rule!
  143. ---MAD--- passed his trial as an outside habbo news reporter
  144. To all Habbox VIPs!
  145. Help Desk Jobs Open!
  146. Woofz no longer working for Habbox
  147. JackHb now Assistant Site Manager (Forum)
  148. >max< is now a forum moderator again
  149. Seacat gets job as Assistant News Manager
  150. .:OGGY:. is the new Rare Values Manager
  151. 8Freak8 is now Assistant Site Manager (Webpage Design)
  152. A4AOwen resigns as a news reporter
  153. ignitionhost no longer Webpage Design Manager
  154. bi!!y now Assistant Site Manager (HabboxTv)
  155. Writer Applications Are Now Closed
  156. doraemonkiller is now Assistant Site Manager (Rare Values)
  157. >Max< gets job as Webpage Designer
  158. JobMufc new Rare Value Reporter
  159. A4AOwen is back as a habbox news reporter!
  160. :Woof is now a Webpage Designer
  161. DJ-Mikey-2005 new Rare Value Reporter
  162. Sabra is no longer a habbox news reporter!
  163. Jamie4k & 2hd. have passed there trial as news reporters
  164. New Articles Department Trialists
  165. New default number of Private Messages on one page
  166. Habbox Show Tonight at 7:30pm UK Time
  167. New "Jokes and Funny Stuff" Forum
  168. Habbox Safety Quest Winner
  169. Photo Stand Competition Winners
  170. E-Link New Rare Value Reporter
  171. Spring Poetry Competition Winners
  172. Habbox 3 Million Hit Event :)
  173. New Trialists at the Help Desk
  174. Last chance to enter the Habbo Dress Up competition!
  175. micky.blue.eyes is now Head Rare Value Reporter
  176. Habbox Show
  177. Roller-Adam HabboxTV Director
  178. Habbox show!
  179. DJ-Mikey-2005 Resignes As Article Writer Trialist
  180. Habbo Dress Up Version 2 Competition Winners
  181. Urges is now a Forum Moderator
  182. Habbox Show at 8pm
  183. Kardan is no longer a Habbo Friends Moderator.
  184. New Habbo Friends Moderators!
  185. New HC Badge Competition Winners
  186. Kroziun is now a Forum Moderator
  187. >Max< , mazel and Seacat are Show Staff
  188. Habbox Mini Games released!
  189. Habbox Show
  190. Sleepless Competitions Winners
  191. Pictures in signatures are now allowed
  192. Habbox Show
  193. Splintercell! now HabboxTV Website Designer!
  194. Mr.Comedian is now HabboxTV Flash Artist
  195. Mystery Star Guest (2) Winner
  196. Moonglowgirl is hosting the Habbox Show at 7:30 :D
  197. Design A Guest Room Winners
  198. Habbo Dress Up Version 3 has been released!
  199. Bust That Scammer Winners
  200. Habbo Knowledge page Updated
  201. Trialists who passed their trials in the help desk
  202. Writer Trialists Results 8/05/05 - 22/05/05
  203. Paralympics New Rare Value Reporter
  204. Jacko2kn3 no longer a games designer.
  205. DJ-Mikey-2005 is no longer a Rare Value Reporter
  206. :Motleyfool now motleyfool
  207. FRISC0 is now on trial as a news reporter
  208. Suited Not Booted Winners
  209. jamie4k resigns as a news reporter!
  210. icebox12 no longer Habbox.us Manager
  211. New HxHD Assistant Managers
  212. BirdsDontFly no longer Interviewer
  213. Motleyfool no longer works for habbox
  214. TooClose also HabboxTv Manager
  215. Eckuii new Show Staff
  216. New Soap! Welcome to The SinCity Team!
  217. Jamie4k is now back as a USA news reporter
  218. :-Mystical.Dave- is now a International (CA) News Reporter!
  219. Snowboarding No longer HabboxTV alt Artist
  220. DrDrey New Alt Artist For "The Street"
  221. Throne Gambler (3) Winner
  222. Jenna Now SinCity actress
  223. Lincognito and Toadbex resign as HxHD Staff!
  224. Teething has resigned as a Writer and Room Reviewer
  225. Habbox Show tonight at 7:10 PM
  226. .:Scotteh:. no longer a Webpage Designer
  227. Room-With-A-View (May) Winner
  228. Safety Steps for May Winner
  229. Tomdarkness is now a Webpage Designer
  230. Jacko2kn3 is no longer working for Habbox
  231. PatrolWizard resigns as Help Desk staff
  232. Mizki resigns as a news reporter
  233. E-Link no longer working for Habbox
  234. Funny Photo Winners
  235. Friends Competition Winners
  236. Buggy Now "The Street" Animator
  237. Tomdarkness no longer working for habbox
  238. Mongole-hehe is now on trial as a News Reporter!
  239. Snazzy Suite Winners
  240. Habbox show
  241. Mr.Himself new Rare Value Reporter
  242. dilandi2 resigns as HabboxTV staff
  243. >Max< new Show Manager
  244. JackHb resigns as News Manager, Seacat takes over
  245. Two new V.I.P. Colours added
  246. Fridayz and 2hd. are now Council Ideas Monitors
  247. New Signature Pictures forum!
  248. :-Mystical.Craig- changes his name to :Craigeh
  249. Habbox Help Desk has now opened.
  250. :-Mystical.Dave- is now a full time News Reporter!
  251. Recommendation information for Habbox Help Desk.
  252. [HxHDBB] Habbox Help Desk Big Brother
  253. New Trialists at the Help Desk.
  254. micky.blue.eyes and crash555 New Trading Experts
  255. kobi is now kobi626
  256. Habbox.us now has a new forum (www.habboxforum.us)
  257. Treben is now called Tuolit
  258. Take Me To The Ball Winners
  259. FRISC0 Passed his trial as a News Reporter
  260. jamie4k resigns as a News Reporter!
  261. Habbox Show at 7:30
  262. Habbox Mini Games Version 1 RELEASED!!
  263. TheUnspoken new Rare Values Reporter
  264. Reputation Problems - To get pointless rep removed
  265. Habbox Show at 7pm
  266. tyche no longer works for HabboxTV
  267. Jamie4k is now called Jamie5k
  268. New Forum: Forum Designing
  269. Zantetsu is no longer a pixel artist
  270. paralympics and hotelhealth not longer a Rare Values Reporter
  271. Hotel Discovery Competition Winner
  272. Mongole-hehe's News Reporting trial has ended.
  273. geertjuhhh is no longer a forum moderator
  274. Habbox Forum Anniversary Party Wednesday 8pm
  275. .x.!Anita!.x. also Forum Manager
  276. Causmo is now on trial as a News Reporter.
  277. The New Habbox V.I.P Anniversary Gold colour released - available for 1 week only
  278. Staff No Longer Working For HabboxTV
  279. Crime Scene Habbo!
  280. :woof is now also a webpage designer
  281. Theatre Of Dreams tomorrow at 7pm BST
  282. Lerf has been promoted to head director
  283. Lee.Norman Again Head Rare Value Reporter
  284. Homepage Safety Tips & Decoration Down
  285. Theatre Of Dreams cancelled until tomorrow
  286. New Website Tutorials Forum!
  287. Mr.Comedian is now head flash artist
  288. Mystery Star Guest (3) Winner
  289. Theatre Of Dreams Show - tonight at 7pm!
  290. Theatre Of Dreams Show that took place!
  291. Rare Value Event Week - Timetable/Events
  292. Post counts and inactive members updated
  293. Mazel is now a Hobba Questions Monitor
  294. Habbox Show - Meet the Habbox managers
  295. Todays Event - Boys vs Girls
  296. Whiteh Is No Longer An Articles Writer
  297. Hayley.Girl Resigns As An Article Writer
  298. Girls vs Boys beginging soon
  299. Azza Now Animator of CSH
  300. Official Habbox Avatar Competition Winners

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