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  1. Roboevil is now a pixel artist
  2. Smiffla is now a pixel artist
  3. >Max< no longer working for Habbox
  4. Jamie5k no longer works for HabboxTv
  5. Swindont is now HabboxTV Staff
  6. Jamie5k no longer habbox.com staff
  7. Habbox V.I.P Anniversary Gold is not available to buy anymore.
  8. Cautioned members are now not allowed to enter competitions
  9. Cars Competition Winners
  10. Smiddy1234 New Rare Value Assistant Manager
  11. Kroziun resigns as Newsletter Producer
  12. HabboxTV Staff applications now open!
  13. Room-With-A-View June Winner
  14. Spectate no longer Competition Staff
  15. Habbox Help Desk now OPEN.
  16. Trialists who passed their trials at the Help Desk.
  17. Safety Steps June Winner
  18. Habbox Staff Puzzle Winners
  19. Graphics Category changed
  20. Help Desk Timetable
  21. Jovv is no longer A HxTv manager
  22. Habbox Show at 9pm
  23. Jovv is now a HxTv manager
  24. Rare Value Party Cancelled
  25. Habbox Drop-in Room Open!
  26. Smawg became Roboevil
  27. Habbox Members can now "Hide" own Reputation.
  28. News email no longer used.
  29. eatcheese no longer value reporter
  30. Shipley on Trial as Rare Value Reporter
  31. :Alpha on Rare Value Reporter Trial
  32. Rain Now Infammable
  33. :woof is now head webmaster and Michael is a webmaster
  34. Jammy06 resigns as HabboxTV Staff
  35. ---MAD--- is now a HxTv webpage designer
  36. causmo Failed his trial as a News Reporter.
  37. Jostle resigns at the Help Desk
  38. Spectate no longer Help Desk Manager
  39. yayse resigns as a room reviewer
  40. Forum Rules updated + 2 new rules added
  41. Safety Scramble Winners
  42. Global is now called Andrew
  43. New Webpage Designers
  44. HxHDBB evictions. Poll on Habbox updated.
  45. New Trialists at the Help Desk.
  46. Trade Me Competition Winners
  47. Quack Quack Competition Winner
  48. New Job Openings Hit The Homepage
  49. :Woof from Head Webpage Designer to normal Webpage Designer at HabboxTv
  50. yonder454 new HabboxTv Head Webpage Designer
  51. Roller-Adam new Show Staff
  52. Spectate no longer Forum Administrator
  53. JobMufc and Aldo121 are TEMP Head Value Reporters
  54. ---MAD--- Resigns as a Rare Value Reporter
  55. Pencil-Man changes name to Rarelime
  56. shipley changes his name to SHlP
  57. :Alpha and SHlP are Perm Rare Value Reporters
  58. yonder454 is no longer Head HTV webmaster
  59. ---MAD--- Resigns as Rare Value Reporter
  60. TheUnspoken Resigns as Rare Value Reporter
  61. :Woof Resigns as HabboxTV staff
  62. Aquae resigns as habboxtv
  63. :Woof no longer working for Habbox
  64. Habbox Holiday Mayhem!
  65. Strike Through BB Code
  66. Music Beats Competitions Winners
  67. 3 thousand Habbo Friends lists!
  68. Asking for rep & 'give me rep and ill rep you back'
  69. Elite Alt Playing Card Winners
  70. Mystery Star Guest (4 ) Winner
  71. Throne Gambler (4) Winner
  72. Sampson123 is no longer an interviewer
  73. "Ask the Habbo Friends Moderators" Forum!
  74. Shabbs is now Head News Reporter!
  75. Coolmandan6 and A4AOwen resign as News Reporters.
  76. Crashb555 resigns as a room reviewer
  77. HabzGuru resigns as HabboxTV Staff
  78. G-Week Competition Winners
  79. Habbox Discovery Competition Winner
  80. Trialists who passed their trials at the Help Desk.
  81. Crashb555 is now a room reviewer (again)
  82. Mr.parasols is now a pixel artist
  83. SkaterChu is now on trial as a US Reporter!
  84. :Craigeh Is Now Known As Craig™
  85. ignitionhost is no longer a Webpage Designer
  86. Exelglug, Lukeisok, Prevxpro and Sabra are no longer Game Designers.
  87. Craig™ changes name to :Craigeh
  88. New Writer Trialists.
  89. CortezHelsing New Rare Value Reporter Trialist
  90. Summer Sizzler Competition Winners
  91. bball.time99 new Temp Head Rare Value Reporter
  92. aldo121 resigns as Rare Value Reporter
  93. YellowParasol on Rare Value Reporter Trial
  94. Welcome back to HabboxForum. Information included.
  95. New Trialists at the Help Desk!
  96. Sabra is now the Head Interviewer
  97. Sporting Habbo Competition Winners
  98. Habbox Help Desk Updates
  99. New Interviewer Trialists
  100. The Help Desk is now OPEN!
  101. Mentor is new Webpage Design Manager
  102. Smiffla is no longer a pixel artist
  103. :Nick On Rare Value Reporter Trial
  104. Rupsie On Rare Value Reporter Trial
  105. Flubberz No Longer Working for HabboxTV
  106. Safety Steps July Competition Winner
  107. Room With A View July Competition Winner
  108. Roller-adam steps down from being a director
  109. Rare HabboxTV Job Opening!
  110. Topsites!
  111. SHlP no longer Habbox Staff
  112. Mit Is New Head Rare Value Reporter
  113. micky.blue.eyes is no longer Head Rare Value Reporter
  114. YellowParasol Has Passed His Rare Value Reporter Trial
  115. bball.time99 and JobMufc are now perm Head Rare Value Reporters
  116. jake?? is now on trial as a News Reporter!
  117. New custom avatars available
  118. Forum Moderator trialists who have passed their trials
  119. Hayley.Girl new Assistant Help Desk Manager
  120. The final week of Habbox Help Desk Big Brother!
  121. Tunnel of Light Competition Winners
  122. Roboevil latest games designer!
  123. Want to become a Games Designer? -=FIND OUT HOW HERE=-
  124. Roller-Adam, Rupsie and Freestyle are the latest Game Designers
  125. TooClose Leaves job as HxTv Manager
  126. Shadowrock! Latest Games Designer
  127. Habbo Memories Competition Winners
  128. Writer Trialist Results
  129. rupise leaves habboxtv
  130. laxitivepolo leaves habboxtv
  131. Freestyler is now called Carlino13 he is also on trial as an interviewer
  132. Crashb555 is now the Head Room Reviewer
  133. EvilDarkWing changes name to Externals
  134. Trialists who passed their trial's at the Help Desk!
  135. New Trialist Room Reviewers
  136. Alot of Staff Have Left HabboxTv or No Longer work for us
  137. Infrontation is now HabboxTv Manager
  138. :jin: is now head webmaster for HabboxTv
  139. !xx!kyle!xx! is no longer a pixel artist
  140. Roller-Adam no longer Habbox Staff
  141. Roboevil no longer working for Habbox
  142. Rare Values Staff Changes
  143. Rareoid no longer a Habbo Friends Moderator.
  144. Externals is now HabboxTv's new assistant manager
  145. nvrspk4 is now on trial as a Room Reviewer
  146. Rolling Riddler Competition Winners
  147. HabboxTv is going for a Re-launch
  148. New Forum Super Moderators and Administrator
  149. Photographed resigns as an Interviewer
  150. Butcher11 is no longer a forum moderator
  151. Lerf has come back as a director
  152. Tuolit changes name to :Plug
  153. Habbox Help Desk Big Brother Awards Ceremony
  154. jake?? has ended his trial as a News Reporter
  155. Icebox12 and nvrspk4 are now the Head Habbo Friends Moderators!
  156. Habbox Help Desk Big Brother WINNER and SECOND PLACE!
  157. Interview Trialists Results!
  158. Forum Changes - Read Here
  159. Externals is no longer a room reviewer trialist
  160. Ded.man.livin is now called :newsie
  161. Pixel Artists can now post in the elite alterations forums
  162. crashb555 is no longer a trading expert!
  163. Spectate is now a forum moderator!
  164. Tribute Competition Winners
  165. kobi626 promoted to head director
  166. Mizki new Forum Super Moderator
  167. exelglug returns as games designer!
  168. Mentor resigns as Webpage Design Manager
  169. JobMufc Is No Longer Head Rare Value Reporter
  170. Apply for a job as a pixel artist
  171. 2hd. is now Competitions Staff
  172. TheUnspoken Is On a Rare Value Trial
  173. Heterodox On Rare Value Trial
  174. RedStratoCas is no longer a pixel artist
  175. crashb555 and Sabra now Assistant Articles Manager
  176. !Frozen! on Rare Value Reporter Trial
  177. Cramop01234 is no longer HabboxTV Staff
  178. Just Clowning Competitions Winners
  179. Jack's Hunger Competition Winners
  180. HabboxTV Re-Written Competition Winner
  181. Properganda is now called Propergander and is also a trialist pixel artist
  182. Throne Gambler (5) Competition Winner
  183. Cypher- is the new Newsletter Editor
  184. Rep Power added
  185. Two new categories added
  186. FollowTheRules is now called CursedHeart
  187. Mneumonic and Tyche pass their mod trial
  188. New Webpage Design Team members
  189. Spectate gets job as Assistant Help Desk Manager
  190. Wanna JOB at Habbox Help Desk?
  191. Duck Desire Competition Winners
  192. Six New Trialist Pixel Artists
  193. 2 new Graphics Designers
  194. !Frozen! no longer works for Habbox
  195. Bean is now on trial as a News Reporter!
  196. Shadowrock! is new Trading Expert!
  197. Postcount recalculated
  198. RedStratocas resigns as Games Designer.
  199. lauralol is no longer Help Desk Staff
  200. 2hd. resigns as council ideas montior
  201. Bubble Burst Competition Winners
  202. Super Habbo Competition Winners
  203. Shabbs is now the Assistant News Manager
  204. Room-With-A-View Winner for August
  205. Applications CLOSED for a job at the Help Desk
  206. 1st Habbox Weekly Free Lotto
  207. :Alpha is no longer Rare Value Reporter
  208. NekkLe Is No Longer A Rare Value Reporter
  209. Heterodox Has Passed His RVR Trial
  210. TheUnSpoken Hasnt Passed His Rare Value Trial
  211. 1st Habbox Lotto Winner
  212. simeon1011 on Rare Value Reporter Trial
  213. Mizki resigns as Forum Super Moderator
  214. Camy new Graphics Designer
  215. HabboxTv Re-opend
  216. Mexel is now on trial as a News Reporter!
  217. Habbo Friends staff changes
  218. Bean quits his Trial as a News Reporter!
  219. Fancy Dress Habbo Competition Winners
  220. Habbox Mini Games Version 2 Coming Soon!
  221. Mneumonic is no longer a forum moderator
  222. 2nd Habbox Weekly Free Lotto
  223. Its A Rollover - No winner for 2nd Habbox Weekly Free Lotto
  224. simeon1011 Passes his Rare Value Reporter Trial
  225. 2 New Rare Value Trialists!
  226. :Alpha is a Rare Value Reporter
  227. New "Gay / Lesbian Talk" Forum
  228. NEW Trialists at the Help Desk!
  229. Habbox Mini Games Version 2 has been release! PLAY IT NOW!
  230. Favourite Things Competition Winners
  231. Mexel no longer works for Habbox.
  232. Nvrspk4 resigns as a room reviewer
  233. *New Profile Fields Added*
  234. Holodice Races!
  235. djmint is now a HabboxTv director!
  236. Gebuz90 is now a trialist pixel artist
  237. Sabra is no longer the Asst. Articles Manager
  238. LaxativePolo is the new Asst. Articles Manager
  239. Event Postponed
  240. These people no longer work at HabboxTv
  241. Propergander has resigned from his pixel artist trial
  242. Carlino13 is no longer an Interviewer Trialist
  243. Lol
  244. gebuz90 is now Competitions Staff
  245. Roboevil is now a pixel artist again
  246. Global is now Habboxtv's new assistant manager
  247. Want to become a News Reporter?
  248. Room Reviewer Job Applications are now open!
  249. News Department Events Week!
  250. 3rd Habbox Weekly Free Lotto - Dice Being Rolled
  251. Its Another Rollover - No winner for 3rd Habbox Weekly Free Lotto
  252. JackHb resigns as Habbox Helpdesk staff.
  253. Information On Reputation Points (FAQ's)
  254. Abundance is now on trial as a News Reporter!
  255. Meet the News Reporters.
  256. Laxativepolo and samdabling both passed Rare Value Trial
  257. Friction is now a trialist pixel artist
  258. News Department Events Week Competition
  259. News Reporter applications now closed!
  260. Carlino13 is now called Carlsta
  261. Habbox Help Desk Pressie Trap!
  262. Meet the Habbox News Reporters!
  263. Screaming Screens Competition Winners
  264. Habbox Newsflash Competition Winners
  265. Three New Trialist Reporters!
  266. Habbox Falling Furni Begins at 7pm!
  267. Friction is no longer on trial as a pixel artist
  268. Habbox News Recruitment Drop-in opens at 6:30pm!
  269. Kroziun is no longer Help Desk Staff
  270. Petal Power Competition Winners
  271. Mystery Star Guest (6) Competition Winner
  272. Global resigns as Asssitant HxTv manager
  273. Habbox Races begin at 5pm!
  274. Tomdarkness2 is hired as a Habbox Tv Web Designer
  275. Externals and !xx!kyle!xx! resign as Help Desk Staff
  276. Externals resigns from all his jobs at Habbox
  277. Chanced is now a HabboxTv assistant manager
  278. Room Reviewer Job Applications are now closed
  279. Habbox News Party begins at 6:30pm
  280. 4th Habbox Weekly Free Lotto is about to begin
  281. Its Another Rollover - No winner for 4th Habbox Weekly Free Lotto
  282. 2 New Rare Value Reporter Trialists
  283. DJ-3000 resigns as Forum Manager
  284. JackHb new VIPs Manager
  285. Tyche resigns as Help Desk Staff
  286. There are 5 New Room Reviewer Trialists
  287. Swindont And DiamondKid Both Pass there Room Reviewer Trial
  288. Rupsie Resigns as an Interviewer
  289. Trialists who passed their trial's at the Help Desk!
  290. Spectate is now a forum super moderator
  291. Trialists who have passed their moderator trials
  292. Habbo Supremo Competition Winners
  293. Sabra no longer working for habbox
  294. Interviewer Applications Are Now Open!
  295. ---MAD--- Resigns as a News Reporter.
  296. Holodice Races
  297. Yayse resigns from Habbo Friends Moderator
  298. Some staff no longer work at the Help Desk
  299. Rupsie Resigns as a Rare Value Reporter
  300. Jovv resigns as HabboxTv manager

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