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  1. Jason's Journey Competition Winners
  2. Tranqua is no longer Habbox Helpdesk Staff
  3. Boject is now a Rare Value Trialist!
  4. nvrspk4 is now Habbo Friends Manager
  5. RoboEvil's Bar Competition Winners
  6. Interview applications are now closed!
  7. New Interview Trialists
  8. PatrolWizard And Snapshot Are No Longer Habbo Friends Moderators
  9. Properclone Avatar Competition Winners
  10. Michael-W and -x-Kerrianne-x- have passed their moderator trial!
  11. Shadowrock! = Shadowrock!! - xEngima = мϊкэ
  12. Abundance passed his trial as a News Reporter!
  13. 5th Habbox Weekly Free Lotto is about to begin!
  14. 5th Habbox Weekly Free Lotto Winner
  15. :.Bex.: , -50, and Urges Are Now Habbo Friends Moderators!
  16. Rare Value Trialists Results
  17. Habbox Forum Editorial
  18. Throne Gambler (6) Competition Winner!
  19. How to make a good post
  20. New events organisers
  21. Eckuii is now the new HxTv manager
  22. Global Is Now Head Habbo Friends Moderator!
  23. yonder454 is back as a Webpage Designer
  24. !xx!kyle!xx! changes name to Mr.Kylee
  25. Kristian.k10 Resigns as a Trialist Interviewer
  26. Habbox Play TONIGHT
  27. Room-With-A-View Competition Winner For September
  28. TooClose no longer works for Habbox
  29. Surname and Stephen- are no longer News Reporter Trialists.
  30. Swindont and laxativepolo are Habbox Productions Managers
  31. :newsie is now a Full Time News Reporter!
  32. Tick Tock Competition Winners
  33. Mozilla Firefox 1.0.7 now works properly on the forum
  34. Habbox Productions Job Applications are now open!
  35. Habbox Help Desk Prezzie Trap!
  36. Boject is now a full time Rare Value Reporter
  37. Habbox Productions Applications are now closed!
  38. Habbox Production Trialists!
  39. DiamondKid is no longer a trialist interviewer
  40. HxTv Jobs Open!
  41. Room Reviewer Trial Results!
  42. Falling Mats
  43. 6th Habbox Weekly Free Lotto
  44. Habbox Forum Shoutbox Added :O
  45. 6th Habbox Weekly Free Lotto
  46. Skibs. is no longer on trial as a pixel artist
  47. Foxmoth and !:Joe:! are now permanent pixel artists
  48. Habbox Help Desk - CLOSED for a Few Days!
  49. 2 New Rare Value Trialists!
  50. New Habbo Friends Moderators
  51. Ghosts Galore Competition Winner
  52. Cypher- is now Assistant Competitions Manager
  53. 6th Habbox Weekly Free Lotto Winner
  54. JobMufc is now on trial as a News Reporter.
  55. Aquae is no longer Competitions Staff
  56. Rupsie on Rare Value Reporter Trial
  57. JobMufc is no longer on trial as a News Reporter.
  58. 'Falling Mats' event finished
  59. .x.!Anita!.x. leaves as Forum Manager
  60. Spectate new Forum Manager
  61. New Battle Ball Forum
  62. Habbox Games Tomorrow!
  63. The Opening of the Help Desk
  64. Forum Moderator Applications Now Open
  65. Help Desk Halloween HORROR
  66. VIP Feature (Slight Change)
  67. Snowboarding resigns as a room reviewer
  68. Habbox Games About To Start!
  69. Habbox Games Over
  70. Forum Moderator Applications Now Closed
  71. Three New Rare Value Trialists!
  72. 4 Rare Value Reporters no longer work for us.
  73. klock no longer works for Habbox
  74. Surname resigns as Habbox Production Staff
  75. Mr.Kylee leaves as Forum Super Moderator
  76. Janeh resigns as Forum Moderator
  77. Shadowrock!! changed to Shadowrock!
  78. Corey777 resigns from Habbox
  79. Question Time Competition Winners
  80. Aquae is Competitions Staff again :)
  81. Interviewer Trial Results
  83. New Forum Moderator Trialists
  85. 7th Habbox Weekly Free Lotto - Room open now!
  86. 7th Habbox Weekly Free Lotto - No Winner
  87. Aquae resigns as Forum Moderator Trialist
  88. Ranks Change
  89. Seacat , snapshot and Concentric new Forum Super Moderators
  90. ---MAD--- Returns as a (Full Time) Reporter!
  91. Habbox TV.com is now open again :)
  92. The Habboween Ghost game has been released!
  93. 8Freak8 is now general Assistant Site Manager
  94. Soyers is back
  95. Help Desk Halloween Events
  96. Rare Value Trialists Results.
  97. 2 New Rare Value Trialists.
  98. Habbox Speed-Dating Event!
  99. Global no longer HxP
  100. Habbox Speed-Dating Event Round Up!
  101. Mystery Star Guest (7) Competition Winner
  102. HabboxTv Halloween face lift
  103. -Ellz no longer works for Habbox
  104. :Jin: resigns from HabboxTv and Michael-W is the new HabboxTv Webmaster.
  105. Find The Pumpkin - Starts NOW!
  106. Rare Value Trialist Results!
  107. yonder454 new Webpage Design Manager
  108. School Break Competition Winners
  109. Animated Avatars are Enabled
  110. Habbox Speed-Dating!
  111. Halloween Spirit Competition Winners
  112. Mr.Comedian changed to Jackolusss
  113. iShuttle no longer works for Habbox
  114. Rug Run
  115. 8th Habbox Weekly Free Lotto - Room open now!
  116. Rug Run finished!
  117. 8th Habbox Weekly Free Lotto - No Winner
  118. Wanna be in the Habbox Clan?
  119. Have you played Habbo Dress Up Version 4 yet?
  120. HotelHealth and .xkookehx. have passed their RVR Trial
  121. .:OGGY:. and Azza resign as HabboxTv Staff
  122. Job Openings At HabboxTv!
  123. Habbox Productions Job Openings
  124. 2 Trialist Webpage Designers and 1 New Graphic Designer for HabboxTv
  125. Habbox Production Applications Ended
  126. Featuring V8 Competition Winners
  127. New Habbox Production Trialists
  128. Habbox Monkey Mayhem Event. (20:00 BST)
  129. Hayley.Girl is no longer Assistant Help Desk Manager
  130. Abundance is no longer a News Reporter.
  131. Bean is back on trial as a News Reporter.
  132. HotelHealth no longer works for Habbox
  133. New forum "Fashion / Clothes"
  134. DJ-3000 no longer working for Habbox
  135. SkaterChu is now called Bog
  136. The Big Chair Competition Winners
  137. Rarelime resigns from Habbox
  138. 9th Habbox Weekly Free Lotto - Room open now!
  139. 9th Habbox Weekly Free Lotto - No WINNER
  140. You can now see 10 latest rep comments in the UserCp
  141. !.x6x.Fliss.x9x.! resigns from Habbox
  142. Auronthebest resigns from Habbox
  143. New HabboxLive Radio department!!
  144. bi!!y no longer working on HabboxTv
  145. Paid Subscriptions Page - Changed
  146. HabboxLive's first group of djs
  147. Discuss Competitions New Forum
  148. Forum Moderator Trialists Results
  149. Surname resign Rare Value Reporter job
  150. Habbox Live is now open! Habbox Internet Radio ;)
  151. Haemogloben no longer Forum Moderator
  152. Bean changes his name to Leko.
  153. Habboween party at 4PM!
  154. Missing Pixel Competition Winners
  155. Habbox Lottery now selling tickets!
  156. :Jin: now a Radio Technician
  157. Kroziun resigns from Habbox
  158. Habboxlive Currently Down
  159. Sammied is no long HxP Staff
  160. Draw of Habbox Lottery #1 at 7pm
  161. The Habbox Ball!
  162. Spectate new Habbox Help Desk Manager and Owner
  163. Habboxlive back up
  164. Laxativepolo leaves Habbox
  165. MissAlice leaves Habbox
  166. Aquae new Competitions Manager
  167. 8Freak8 leaves Habbox
  168. .:Bluewave:. Has Resigned As A Habbo Friends Moderator
  169. Pinxx Has Failed her Habbox Production Trial
  170. Habbox Help Desk is Now Open!
  171. Winner Of October's Room-With-A-View
  172. Soyers is now Assistant Alterations Manager
  173. Winners of It's Curtains For Sure
  174. 2hd. Resigns as a News Reporter.
  175. Allegedly is now on trial as a News Reporter!
  176. 2hd. resigns as a Forum Moderator
  177. 10th Habbox Weekly Free Lotto
  178. 10th Weekly Free Lotto - No Winner
  179. GommeInc no longer Habbox staff
  180. Shadowrock! resigns
  181. Michael-W quits as HabboxTv staff
  182. Re-Call resigns Habbox
  183. Seacat now Forum Administrator
  184. .x.!Anita!.x. resigns from Habbox
  185. Default skin returns
  186. Winners Of Hat Trick Competition
  187. Janeh is no longer competition staff
  188. FRISC0 is no longer Habbox Staff.
  189. Silent-Wishes is now competition staff
  190. chilloutrich now Habbox Productions Manager
  191. Forum Moderator Job Applications Now Open
  192. New Competition Staff
  193. The following people are no longer working for [HxHD]
  194. :.Bex.: no longer works at Habbox
  195. Habboxlive will be up soon
  196. Ostinato is now a News Reporter!
  197. HobNobz leaves Habbox Productions
  198. The following are no longer Rare value reporters.
  199. New Trialists in the Rare Values Department
  200. Wootzeh resigns from Habbox
  201. Trialists that Failed/Passed trials at Habbox Productions.
  202. Soyers no longer Forum Super Moderator
  203. pva-matt no longer working for Habbox
  204. Ferccia resigns from Habbox
  205. Coey02 resigns as Help Desk Staff
  206. Habboxlive back up!
  207. Cortezhelsing no longer working for Habbox
  208. xxx6lizzie9xxx and Dive no longer Help Desk Staff
  209. blue:dragon no longer habboxlive DJ
  210. Ostinato resigns as a News Reporter.
  211. Winner Of Usergroup Images
  212. Winners Of Missionless
  213. Leko fails his trial as a News Reporter.
  214. Seacat is now Assistant VIP's Manager
  215. foxmoth resigns as Forum Moderator
  216. Crazy Races
  217. Wizard of Oz Preview and More!
  218. Crazy Races Finished
  219. 11th Habbox Weekly Free Lotto - Room Opened
  220. 11th Habbox Weekly Free Lotto - Winner
  221. We are all masters competition winners
  222. Allegedly resigns as a Trialist News Reporter.
  223. Habboxlive web/graphics designers
  224. Apply to be a News Reporter!
  225. Habboxlive web/graphic designers on trial
  226. Swindont resigns as a Room Reviewer
  227. Sorry for the down time but we are back.
  228. -50 is a trialist Habboxlive Web Designer
  229. Hayley.girl is now a Head DJ
  230. kaiora, icy-cool and partie2 are now djs
  231. koft on Rare Value Reporter Trial
  232. Aquae changes name to Pixelie
  233. planner no longer a radio dj
  234. News Reporter Applications closed & New Trialists!
  235. Forum Moderator Job Applications Now Closed
  236. 2 New Webpage Designers for HabboxTv
  237. TeenHelp.org - SubForum
  238. Owen now trialist habboxlive webdesigner
  239. NEW VIP FEATURES - Buy Reputation Points
  240. XxX6Lizzie9XxX Now on trial with habbox productions!
  241. Winner Of Mystery Star Guest 8
  242. Staceh is no longer a News Reporter Trialist
  243. "Rep Back" have you got it?
  244. Habbox Weekly Free Lotto - Is about to start
  245. 12th Habbox Weekly Free Lotto - No Winner
  246. Habbox Quiz Night!
  247. :Nick! now on trial as a habboxlive graphics designer
  248. Xiuz is now on Trial as a News Reporter!
  249. 2 New SubForums in the Runescape Forum
  250. Embraces resigns from habboxlive web designer trial
  251. Winners Of One Wish
  252. HabboxTv Quiz!
  253. Habbox Fridge Races
  254. Two smilies removed
  255. Jackolusss no longer works for Habbox
  256. New Runescape subforum
  257. Rare Value Trialist Results!
  258. New Trialist Actors for Habbox Productions!
  259. Bog is no longer Habbox Staff.
  260. Sygon is now a Trialist Habboxlive web designer.
  261. :Mattz changes his name to lMattz
  262. Chocolate is now called Kwiksave.
  263. Changes with Competition Staff
  264. :Murdoch: is no longer Habbox Productions Assistant Manager
  265. Jethex changed name to Nisus
  266. -50 New HabboxTv Headwebmaster.
  267. syrupymonkey is no longer a HxL DJ
  268. T0X!C-uk and lukeisok no longer Forum Moderators
  269. New habboxlive Djs are...
  270. Pixelie changed names back to Aquae
  271. -Mad-Monkey- resigns from Habbox
  272. hayley.girl is now known as Angel-Light
  273. Free Hit Counter
  274. Web Designers No Longer Work For Habbox...
  275. DJ-Kevin now trialist habboxlive webdesigner
  276. aquae steps down from assistant HxL manager
  277. koft did not pass his trial as a rare value reporter.
  278. HabboxTv Jobs Open!
  279. Cramop01234 is no longer a Trialist News Reporter.
  280. angel-light is now assistant radio manager
  281. Kobi626, Lerf and theruthlishboy resign.
  282. 2hd. Returns as a News Reporter!
  283. The following people no longer work for the articles department.
  284. iNicks resigns from Habbox Productions.
  285. 13th Habbox weekly Free Lotto
  286. :James resigns from Habbox
  287. RareWolf is no longer competition staff
  288. 13th Weekly Free Lotto - Doors Open
  289. Silent-Wishes changes name to JaneXD
  290. :Murdoch: Has Resigned From Habbox Production
  291. Sparkles Competition Winners
  292. Secret Identity Winners
  293. tomdarkness2 no longer working for habbox
  294. Webpage Design Applications Open
  295. Habbox Competition Tournament!
  296. Graphics Designer Job Openings!
  297. Charlie-1990. has resigned from Habbox
  298. Welcome new additions to HabboxLive Team
  299. Barrande no longer works with Habbox
  300. Cortezhelsing now helps with member competitions

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