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  1. Habbox Hosting Version 1 Now Released!
  2. New Staff and Jobs Still Open.
  3. Barkseh and dj-cookeh are now group leaders
  4. .:OGGY:. leaves as Rare Values Manager & smiddy1234 takes over.
  5. CortezHelsing resigns as Members Competition staff
  6. Competitions Tournament
  7. News Trial Results!
  8. Mat64 now Head Actor at Habbox Productions
  9. Graphic Designers Jobs Still Open.
  10. Ultra Upgrade Competition Winners
  11. New Leaving Forum
  12. Webpage Designer Applications *Open Still*
  13. Habs times Competition Winners
  14. Cypher- now only competition staff
  15. AndieJohanny leaves as Alterations Manager and Soyers takes over
  16. Habbox Lotto - Begins in 1 hour - Search Aquae
  17. Habbox Christmas Quiz
  18. Habbox Graphics Designer Applications Closed!
  19. Carlsta resigns as games designer!
  20. Habbo Airlines Competition Winners
  21. Christmas Quiz - Finished
  22. .xkookehx. resigns as a rare value reporter.
  23. doraemonkiller no longer assistant site manager (rare values)
  24. Mit is now assistant rare values manager
  25. Head Of Departments and Jobs Still Open! (HabboxTv)
  26. New Graphics Designers!
  27. Pet Patrol Competition Winners
  28. Tournament Team Applications Are Open Until Thursday
  29. Webpage Design Applications Close At 9PM GMT
  30. Xiuz passed his trial as a News Reporter
  31. Cortezhelsing + iNicks are now Head Rare Value Reporters
  32. Webpage Design Applications Now Closed
  33. New Webpage Designers
  34. No longer HXL web/graphic designers
  35. Pixel Artist Applications now closed
  36. Throne Gamber (7) Competition winner
  37. Written Memories Competition Winners
  38. Zlixi is now on trial as a Writer
  39. -50 is now on trial as a News Reporter
  40. Chanced no longer Assistant Habbox TV Manager
  41. Feel The Burn Competition Winners
  42. Room-With-A-View Competition Winner
  43. Habbox Productions Xmas Show!
  44. peter517 is now on trial as a Rare Value Reporter.
  45. The following no longer work as Rare Value Reporters.
  46. YellowParasol Passes trial with Habbox Productions!
  47. angel-light resigns as assistant radio manager
  48. Habbox Weekly Free Lotto - Doors Open
  49. barkseh and dj-cookeh are now assistant radio managers
  50. Habbo Reality Competition Winners
  51. Exelglug has become Habbox Games Design Assistant Manager
  52. Habbolebrities Competition Winners
  54. Postcount problems
  55. Google Ads added to bottom of forum
  56. Debates Forum Now *OPEN*
  57. Jam666 No longer Radio DJ
  58. Seacat is now the Assistant Forum Manager
  59. New "Pets Forum" under the Outside Habbo category
  60. New Standard Christmas Avatars
  61. -50 changed his name to Steven.
  62. DJ Applications Now Open
  63. Kristian.K10 no longer owner of HabboxLive
  64. Snapshot changes his name to Ezzie.
  65. ---MAD--- gets job as Webpage Designer
  66. nvrpsk4 resigns as a Writer
  67. peter517 is no longer a rare value trialist.
  68. Carlsta is now on trial as a Writer
  69. Forum Moderator Applications
  70. :Eternal, -xMaceyx- & [email protected] are now..
  71. 16th Habbox Weekly Free Lotto - Starting soon
  72. Cypher- Resigns as Competitions Staff
  73. Catchetat is now on trial as a News Reporter!
  74. Radio DJ Applications are now closed..
  75. Habbox Events Week Opening Party!
  76. jonny-mu is now on trial as a Rare Value Reporter
  77. Habbox Quest - Help Find Rudolph!
  78. Winners Of Larry's Lunchbox Competition
  79. Advice Group // Health & Tips Forum
  80. The following are on trial as Rare value reporters
  81. Habbox Event - LapLandings!
  82. Carlsta and Cictric are now..
  83. MagicalNerd changes name to Sven
  84. Crashb555 & Ezzie. are no longer Super Moderators
  85. Crying-Angel is no longer a Forum Moderator.
  86. Reindeer Racing!
  87. Ezzie. is now a Forum Moderator.
  88. Baving is now a Forum Super Moderator.
  89. Luko no longer HabboxLive DJ
  90. Global is now a Forum Super Moderator.
  91. Swindont is no longer a Forum Moderator
  92. Steven. resigns as hxl web designer
  93. Find The GingerBread House!
  94. Mr-Sniper-05 HabboxTv Script Writer and Director.
  95. JoeComins now hxl web designer
  96. Habbox Christmas Giveaway NOW!!!!
  98. Christmas Races
  99. Winner of Find the Gingerbread House!
  100. Steven. failed his trial as a news reporter.
  101. crashb555 returns as a Forum Moderator
  102. Habbox Poll(s)
  103. Habbox Races NOW!
  104. Reindeer Races beginning NOW!
  105. Barkseh now on trial with Habbox Productions!
  106. Kaiora no longer Radio DJ
  107. Sygon resigns as hxl webdesigner
  108. Winners Of Home Sweet Home Competition
  109. Gebuz90 No Longer Competition Staff
  110. Woot my own sub forum:p:)
  111. Chilloutrich now a radio dj
  112. Icebox12 now hxl web designer
  113. ---MAD--- resigns as a News Reporter.
  114. Carlsta changes from Writer to Room Reviewer
  115. New Forum Moderator Trialists!
  116. Habbox Weekly Free Lotto
  117. :Newsie and Raremandan now hxl web designers!
  118. Tim no longer Competition Staff
  119. Rarewolf returns as Competition Staff
  121. 2hd. is now Assistant Competitions Manager!
  122. Christmas Advent competition winners
  124. Merry Christmas from Habbox Productions!
  125. Merry Christmas
  126. Raremandan Resigns as Webpage Designer
  127. Global resigns from Habbox
  128. Christmas V.I.P No Longer Available
  129. Mabealine is now a Radio DJ
  130. Zlixi no longer Radio DJ
  131. The following have all passed their rare value reporter trials
  132. Interviewer Jobs Open
  133. Urges is no longer a Forum Moderator
  134. Eamonns no longer Habbox Staff
  135. DJ Trials Have Ended
  136. New Rare Value Reporter Trialists
  137. trunks.15 and partie2 are no longer Forum Moderators
  138. Wizzdom is on trial as a Rare Value Reporter
  139. Xiuz is no longer Habbox Staff
  140. -S-G- is now a Forum Super Moderator
  141. Clocks1 is now a Radio DJ
  142. jonny-mu changes name to holo-jonny
  143. Re101 Gets A Trial As Competition Staff
  144. JaneXD no longer competition staff
  145. Competition Staff Applications Open
  146. Spectate stops as Forum Manager
  147. Seacat new Forum Manager
  148. Seacat changes to Assistant News Manager
  149. Shabbs new News Manager
  150. Anflex Resigns as a News Reporter
  151. Steven. Is Now Head Habbo Friends Moderator!
  152. Joshy changed his name and becomes a HabboxTv Pixel Artist.
  153. Apply to become a Forum Moderator!
  154. Hiet is on trial as a news reporter.
  155. KCMac is on trial as a news reporter
  156. partie2 no longer Habbox staff
  157. Concentric new Assistant Forum Manager
  158. The Last Habbox Weekly Free Lotto - Doors Open
  159. The Last Habbox Weekly Free Lotto Winner!
  160. doraemonkiller is now a Forum Moderator
  161. JaneXD resigns as a Forum Moderator
  162. Lynn is now a Forum Moderator
  163. Cptn.kewl is now a Forum Moderator
  164. Urges returns as a Forum Moderator
  165. Happy New Year!
  166. Happy New Year
  167. Competitions staff applications are now closed.
  168. Forum Moderator Applications Closed
  169. Habbox Forum is officially the largest & most popular Habbo Hotel Forum
  170. Becs..
  171. Dj_dude007 is on trial as a news reporter.
  172. DJ Applications now open!
  173. mat64 is back as a Room Reviewer
  174. Rupsie Resigns
  175. A message from Habbox Productions
  176. angel-light is now assistant radio manager
  177. Catchetat Passed his trial as a News Reporter.
  178. Joshy: Evolution and Leveling are now Forum Moderators.
  179. A New Forum
  180. Habboxlive Web Design & Graphic Design Apps - OPEN!
  181. Rare Value Trialists Results.
  182. Leveling changes name to LevelingProject
  183. Clocks1 changes names to Glitzen
  184. Unconfirmed users deleted
  185. RSHIMMERS24 no longer working for HabboxLive
  186. Habboxlive Web Design & Graphic Design Apps - STILL OPEN!
  187. Narnia Alteration Competition Winners
  188. Forum & Server Limitations
  189. :newsie passes as hxl web designer!
  190. Icebox12 no longer working for Habbox
  191. gebuz90 resigns as Pixel Artist
  192. -ZahrinA.M- resigns as a trialist Moderator
  193. Roboevil resignes as Pixel Artist
  194. LevelingProject is no longer a Forum Moderator
  195. New Years Resolution Competition Winners
  196. Interviewer Job Applications update
  197. Habboxlive Web Design & Graphic Design Apps - Final Day!
  198. Atticus Changes His Name To TealArms
  199. -S-G- changes his name to Saurav.
  200. New Spam Forum
  201. Cptn.kewl now Assistant Alterations Manager
  202. Smiddy1234 resigns as HxHD staff.
  203. smiddy1234 resigns as a Forum Moderator
  204. Nvrspk4 No Longer Competition Staff
  206. 12 Days Of Christmas Competition Winners
  207. Habboxlive Web Design & Graphic Design Apps - Extended
  208. Habbo Me Competition winners
  209. bball.time99 changes his name to Factors
  210. Jovv no longer working for Habbox
  211. Spectate and Cypher- resign from Habbox Help Desk
  212. Cally-Star! and Eckuii new Help Desk Managers!
  213. Cypher- changes names to proxykillah
  214. Habboxlive Web Design & Graphic Design Apps - Now Closed
  215. Imaginary Friends Competition Winners
  216. My Christmas Wish List Competition Winners
  217. Radio DJ Applications are now open! (All Time Zones)
  218. The following no longer Hxl web/graphic designers
  219. The following are now Hxl web/graphic designers
  220. New Habbox Help Desk
  221. Glitzen is no longer competition staff
  222. -x-Kerrianne-x- no longer a Forum Moderator
  223. Welcome Back!
  224. iNicks resigns from Habbox
  225. Cictric no longer Radio DJ
  226. DJ-Cookeh resigns from Habbox & leaves Habbo
  227. Lukeisok is no longer a Radio DJ
  228. Asking for or giving out Msn 8/Windows Live Invites is NOT allowed
  229. Are you on the old or new server?
  230. Raremandan no longer HabboxTv Staff.
  231. Forums re-ordered and one new Forum
  232. Forum Moderator Trial Results
  233. YellowParasol is now a Head Rare Values Reporter
  234. :-Mystical.Dave- is no longer a news reporter
  235. Spectate now normal staff member
  236. Love Letter Competition Winner
  237. Zlixi resigns from Habbox
  238. Lucky Dip Competition Winner
  239. Interviewer Job Applications are closed
  240. Reputation Rules Reminder
  241. TealArms no longer working for Habbox
  242. Snowboarding And Urges Are No Longer Habbo Friends Moderators.
  243. Concentric changes job to Forum Administrator
  244. Baving new Assistant Forum Manager
  245. 8Freak8 back as Assistant Site Manager
  246. RewardHits
  247. Urges no longer working for Habbox
  248. Free Habbo Credits compeition Winner
  249. Makebelieve.. now competition staff trialist
  250. Forum Moderator Applications Update
  251. Dj_dude007 passed his trial as a news reporter
  252. Hiet passed his trial as a news reporter
  253. Habbox Help Desk applications CLOSED!
  254. New Radio DJs
  255. A Piece Of Your Mind Competition Winners
  256. JoeComins resigns from Habbox
  257. Saurav. resigns as a Rare Value Reporter
  258. Habbox Production Auditions
  259. Habbox Production Auditions Finished
  260. Forum Back, Please Change Your Password!!!
  261. Discuss Anything and Discuss Anything (Outside Habbo(x)) merged.
  262. V.I.P Gone?
  263. Tim gets a name change to NintendoNews
  264. Mr-Sniper-05 Changes name to joe:-,
  265. Barkseh has resigned as a news reporter
  266. Rachel-100 No longer competition staff
  267. HabboxLive Would Like To Welcome..
  268. Habbox Productions Auditions #2
  269. Habbox Productions Auditions now closed.
  270. Forum Moderator Trialists!
  271. Machine Creation Competition Winner
  272. Welcome mats competition winner
  273. New Competition Staff Member
  274. New Habbo Friends Moderators!
  275. Surname resigns as a Forum Moderator
  276. Pixel Artists Can Now Enter Alteration / Animation Competitions
  277. FAQ (Reputation Points Information) Update
  278. Re101 has passed his trial as competition staff
  279. Just-One new System Security Staff
  280. TwoWorlds no longer works for Habbox
  281. New Standard Avatars
  282. joe:-, no longer works for Habbox
  283. aquae no longer a radio dj
  284. :Jin: resigns as Articles Manager
  285. JackHb new Articles Manager
  286. Mexel is now Show Staff!
  287. Again we have to ask to change your pass.
  288. :soph is no longer a Room Reviewer
  289. New Trialists to Habbox Help Desk!
  290. Jinxii ; Stephen- ; Rupsie ; Chilloutrich are no longer Articles Staff
  291. Carlsta and DiamondKid are no longer Room Reviewers
  292. Max's smilies removed
  293. Faceparty
  294. Crashb555 resigns as Help Desk Staff
  295. Staff No Longer Working For Habbox Design Team
  296. bi!!y changes from Radio Manager to Assistant Site Manager (Radio)
  297. Angel-Light and Barkseh new Radio Managers
  298. The following no longer work for HabboxLive
  299. Examinations is no longer a Forum Moderator
  300. Winners Of In Control competition

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