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  1. A small reminder to members who enter competitions
  2. Baving is no longer the Advice Group Leader
  3. New Interviewer Trialists
  4. Reporting problems with Habbox.com
  5. ---MAD--- is now a Rare Value Reporter
  6. Habbox Productions Trialists!
  7. Habboxlive Web/Graphic Designer Jobs - OPEN!
  8. Password expiry back to normal
  9. Gamz and Muhamamd Haris no longer
  10. Ostinato no longer a Radio DJ
  11. Server Busy Message
  12. Room Reviewer job applications are now open!
  13. Habbo Outsiders Competition Winner
  14. Mabealine changed her name to Aimseh
  15. :BrokenLoser changes names to Toes
  16. Mr and Mrs Habbo Competition Winners
  17. Embrace resigns from Habbox
  18. Dupion is no longer Habbox Staff.
  19. Competitions Decrease
  20. proxykillah resigns from Habbox
  21. Apologies from the Rare Value Department.
  22. Cally-Star! changes name to Calzeh
  23. Anflex now Advice Group Leader.
  24. ---MAD--- passes his competition staff trial
  25. 5 New Trialist Writers
  26. Gamz now called Dan.Gamble
  27. The Following are no longer Rare Value Reporters
  28. Radio DJ Application OPEN
  29. Rare Values list.
  30. Donating To Competitions
  31. Sameo no longer works for HabboxLive
  32. Tomlegend changes name to Dj-Tomlegend
  33. Welcome Back - Information Here
  34. Lucky dip (2) Competition winner
  35. Tin resignes as Help Desk Trialist
  36. Steven. resigns as HabboxTv Staff
  37. Habbox Help Desk New Layout!
  38. Lights, Camera, Action! competition winner
  39. Competition Finishing dates
  40. ---MAD--- is no longer HabboxLive..
  41. Just-one is now HabboxLive..
  42. Radio DJ Application OPEN
  43. Anflex resigns from Habbox
  44. [HxHD] Wacky Races!
  45. iNicks is back as a rare value reporter!
  46. Icy-Cool & lMattz are no longer..
  47. Logical. & Transitory are now Radio DJs
  48. BOGD4N is now HabboxLive Graphics Staff!
  49. Mini-Man is no Longer a DJ
  50. Habbo Spaces Competition Winner
  51. Contact E-mails
  52. Winners of the competitions tournament
  53. New Habbo Hotel France Trading Forum
  54. Trialist Moderator Results
  55. Examinations changed name to -Dannie
  56. Urges returns as a Forum Moderator
  57. Wacky Races [HxHD]
  58. Makebelieve.. has passed her trial as competition staff.
  59. Rarelime, trunks.15, Angel.Light and smiddy1234 return as Help Desk Staff
  60. Rarewolf has resigned as competition's staff
  61. Forum Administrators removed
  62. -Dannie is no longer HabboxLive Staff
  63. New forum website for games
  64. Aquae resigns as Competitions Manager
  65. 2hd. new Competitions Manager
  66. Regular Habbo Competition Winner
  67. Forum on new server
  68. nets resigns from habboxtv
  69. Concentric has resigned as a Forum Super Moderator
  70. Samdabling changes name to Ymo
  71. Dan.Gamble changes name to Move-Along
  72. Contact Us Emails
  73. Subscriptions Problem!
  74. Lynn changes name to .Lynn
  75. Barkseh and Ostinato Resign from HxP
  76. Icebox12 is now a Radio DJ
  77. UK News back
  78. Vote on our 200 donation to World Vision UK!
  79. Boject resigns from Habbox
  80. Valentines Love Competition Winners
  81. News Reporter Competition Winner
  82. Reputation Reminder
  83. No Longer Radio DJs
  84. JoeyK. now looks after members competitions
  85. Snoop-20 now a Forum Moderator.
  86. Forum should now be faster
  87. Saurav. resigns from Habbox
  88. Eckuii is now a Forum Super Moderator
  89. Ostinato resigns as a Forum Moderator
  90. nvrspk4 is now a Forum Super Moderator
  91. New Teen Life forum
  92. Rare Rampage Quest!
  93. Smiffla is no longer a forum moderator.
  94. Mneumonic changes name to Erosions.
  95. HobNobz changes name to Drontia
  96. Factors & YellowParasol are now Rare Value Reporters
  97. Rupsie and Wizzdom are now Head Rare Value Reporters
  98. Sunburn changes name to ThugDub
  99. therutlishboy new Assistant HabboxTv Manager
  100. .Lynn new Assistant Competitions Manager
  101. Habbox Help Desk Re-opening
  102. Forum PM System
  103. PM System is now fixed
  104. The following no longer work for HabboxLive..
  105. Janeh no longer works for Habbox
  106. Miller changes name to Brody
  107. -Dannie now helping with Quest Staff
  108. Quest Staff Applications Now Open!
  109. Evolution & -Dannie are now Rare Value Reporters
  110. Kwiksave Resigns as a Rare value reporter
  111. Surname new Events Manager
  112. Glitzen is no longer habbox productions staff
  113. Hiet is now an Events Organiser
  114. New Runescape sub-forum
  115. No longer "Advice Group"
  116. New Forum
  117. Just-One resigns from Habbox
  118. The following are no longer Forum Moderators:
  119. Forum Moderator Applications Open!
  120. New Rule Update
  121. 8Freak8 becomes also Site Manager
  122. A new Forum for poetry
  123. HabboxWealth 2006 - Launched
  124. Habbox Smilies
  125. Factors changes name to Cigaret
  126. Rupsie returns as a Rare Value Reporter
  127. Cigaret returns as a Head Rare Value Reporter
  128. -Dannie no longer works for Habbox
  129. Trialists who passed their Trial at the Help Desk
  130. -WhiteFlame- returns as Help Desk Staff.
  131. User Profile Updates
  132. Makebelieve.. has resigned as competition's staff.
  133. Stealth is on trial as competition's staff.
  134. Forum Moderator Applications now closed
  135. HabboxWealth Update
  136. 123Angus is now habbox productions staff
  137. Events Organisers applications open!
  138. re101 is now Head Of Quests
  139. Deal or No Deal?
  140. Habbo Dress Up Version 4.5 to be released soon!
  141. HabboxWealth Tonight
  142. HabboxWealth Aborted
  143. Habbox Bingo
  144. .Lynn Resigns as a Forum Moderator
  145. -:Undertaker:- is now a Rare Value Reporter
  146. ---MAD--- Resigns as a Rare Value reporter
  147. "Rare Rampage" Competition postponed.
  148. Mocha Races Tonight!
  149. Seacat becomes VIPs Manager
  150. Seacat is new Assistant Site Manager (News)
  151. New Quest staff
  152. Habbox Help Desk Applications OPEN!
  153. proxykillah returns as a Forum Moderator
  154. You be the stylist Competition Winner!
  155. Just-One is now Show Staff
  156. :newsie is now VIP Competitions Staff
  157. HabboxLive DJ Applcecations
  158. New Trialist Forum Moderators
  159. Organised is now a HabboxTv Webpage Designer
  160. Just-One returns as System Security Staff
  161. Wtuo now trialist script-writer at hxp
  162. Poster design competition winner!
  163. Room Reviewer job applications are now open!
  164. Welcome Back! - Read here
  165. Habbox Productions Applications OPEN!
  166. News Reporter Applications now open!
  167. Event Organisers applications closed
  168. Habbox Help Desk Quiz
  169. Welcome to the weirdness of April Fools
  170. Welcome to the weirdness of April Fools
  171. glitzen now called leopard
  172. Eckoh now called Many
  173. Jackolusss changes name to Mr.Comedian
  174. Code is no longer a Graphics Designer
  175. New HabboxLive DJs
  176. Kenneth is now a Graphics Designer
  177. Joshy: is now a Graphics Designer
  178. New Events Organisers
  179. Knock, Knock!
  180. Habbox Help Desk Applications CLOSED!
  181. Habbox Competition Donations
  182. Habbox Lottery
  184. YellowParasol and Ymo are now Trade Experts.
  186. Habbox Lottery Draw
  187. Habbox Lottery Winner
  188. News Reporter Applications
  189. Ryan// now called Ekibiogami
  190. ITSMEPRANK1 resigns
  191. Evolution resigns as a Rare Value Reporter
  192. New Team Members
  193. lMattz resigns from Habbox
  194. Habbox Help Desk Layout
  195. LewstherinII is on trial as a news reporter
  196. :Alpha returns [AGAIN!] as a Rare valuer
  197. smiddy1234 has resigned as quest staff.
  198. Stealth has passed his trial as competition's staff.
  199. micky.blue.eyes and LewsTherinII trial as competition staff.
  200. Aimseh resigns from Habbox
  201. Rare Values Room has returned!
  202. Want to win a throne?
  203. 2 New Trialist Reporters
  204. :newsie is now Head Reporter
  205. Pronounced is on trial as a news reporter
  206. Endurance Starting Now!
  207. Wizzdom has resigned from Quest Staff
  208. Crocopix Is Now A Trialist Pixel Artist
  210. Habbox Poinsetta Trap
  211. Forum Changes
  212. FourWorlds new Games Designer
  213. re101 now Show Staff
  214. .Lynn returns as Forum Moderator
  215. Mexel resigns as Habbox Show Staff
  216. Lozzo2 changes names to Lozzoling
  217. New Habbox Productions Trialists!
  218. Jack- is no longer Habbox Staff
  219. FourWorlds is now called .Track
  220. Meyaz is now an Events Organiser
  221. [HxHD] Deal Or No Deal?
  222. Derphan now Habbox Productions Staff!
  223. Habbox.com is changing hosting.
  224. Trialist Forum Moderator Results!
  225. jake191 now called AceDude
  226. [Reminder] Help Desk Applications Closed.
  227. Mr.Parasols is now also the Assistant Alterations Manager
  228. Godric.G resigns as a Writer Trialist
  229. Kitty-Gal and Ezzie. resign as Help Desk Staff
  230. littleredevil and liizziiee return as Help Desk Staff!
  231. Re-Call returns as Help Desk Tech Team Staff!
  232. New Trialists to Habbox Help Desk!
  233. Rupsie no longer works for Habbox
  234. Egg'Celent Events Week!
  235. Radio DJ Trial Results
  236. KwikSave returns as a Rare Value Reporter
  237. LewstherinII is no longer Habbox Staff
  238. More Easter Events!
  239. Lozzoling no longer works for Habbox
  240. The Easter Bunny Game! -Must See-
  241. smiddy1234 now Assistant Site Manager (Rare Values)
  242. Mit new Rare Values Manager
  243. ---MAD--- new Assistant Webpage Design Manager
  244. Habbox Easter Races / Prezzie Trap Starting In One Hour!
  245. Habbox Easter Bash
  246. TeenHelp.Org Comes to Habbox!
  247. Habbox Lottery
  248. Cigaret is now the Assistant Rare Values Manager.
  249. Habbox Themepark
  250. Encryptions new Games Designer
  251. Grinning is on trial as a news reporter
  252. Boro-Fan2K4 is no longer Habbox Staff
  253. Encryptions changes name to Encryptions!
  254. Infrontation and NintendoNews are no longer quest staff.
  255. Habbox Help Desk New Layout
  256. Easter VIP ENDS! (A bit late, oops)
  257. New Forum Skin!
  258. Craigex changes names to no-soz
  259. Quest staff applications open!
  260. cramop01234 is no longer a news reporter.
  261. New reporters
  262. Mit resigns as a Forum Moderator
  263. HabboxTv Re-Opening!
  264. News Reporter Applications
  265. New Rare Value Reporter Trialists
  266. Errata new Games Designer
  267. properclone changes to Assistant Site Manager
  268. Toes changes name to Dawnz0r
  269. The Weakest Link
  270. Ladders is now on trial as a news reporter
  271. Wright changes names to Gloomp
  272. Ymo and YellowParasol are now Head Rare Value Reporters
  273. Two new trading experts
  274. Themepark Applications close tomorrow
  275. Dude Where's My Car? Winner!
  276. Easter Surprise Winner!
  277. Themepark Applications Closed!
  278. HabboxLive v2
  279. Stealth no longer working for Habbox
  280. Dave,, is now called Unawakened
  281. Wizzdom resigns as Forum Moderator and Habbo Friends Moderator
  282. micky.blue.eyes has passed his trial as competitons staff!
  283. Forum Moderator Applications open
  284. Eckuii resigns as HabboxTv Manager
  285. Habbox Themepark Staff
  286. RVR Event Soon!
  287. RVR Event Finished
  288. Baving also VIPs Manager
  289. Moderator Applications Closed
  290. Ohzone changed to Mxrt
  291. Mr.Comedian new HabboxTv Manager
  292. mikemarks no longer moderator
  293. Moderator Trialists!
  294. HxTV Studios Quest
  295. Pipp changes name to Piipp
  296. The Following Are No Longer Rare Value Reporters
  297. The following are no longer Articles Staff
  298. New Gender Feature
  299. Habbox Productions department closes down
  300. Radio DJ Applications now closed

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