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  1. Themepark Opening!
  2. CortezHelsing no longer a Forum Moderator
  3. Graphic Artist .Track
  4. Sauravz0r changes name to Saurav.
  5. Happy Birthday Barkseh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Habbox TV Show Applications
  7. Seacat resigns from Habbox
  8. New Articles Department Trialists
  9. Lottery
  10. Lottery : Winner
  11. Quest staff applications are now closed!
  12. Baving new Forum Manager
  13. Bigbrother Contestants
  14. So You Think You Can Write Competition Winner
  15. A Strange-Occurance Winner
  16. Underwater Habbo Winner
  17. Looking Into A Mirror Winner
  18. New Help Desk Staff!
  19. Habbox Fridge Races
  20. xXfireblasterXx new Radio Technician
  21. Angel-Light new Assistant Help Desk Manager
  22. Grinning passed his trial as a news reporter
  23. Mrs.McCall is no longer Habbox TV Staff
  24. Toes resigns from Habbox
  25. Eckuii no longer an Events Organiser
  26. Rarewolf has returned as competition's staff!
  27. :Jin: resigns from Habbox
  28. Habbox Bigbrother Signature
  29. Habbox Musical Chairs
  30. Many resigns as an Events Organiser
  31. Barkseh is now Super Moderator
  32. The following are no longer graphic designers
  33. BrainPower
  34. Sygon. is now a Graphics Designer
  35. Ladders passed his trial as a news reporter
  36. Graphic designers applications open!
  37. Rare Value Trial Results
  38. Changes in the Rare Value Department
  39. CortezHelsing is no longer a Head RVR
  40. Exelglug resigns from Habbox
  41. Graphic Designers
  42. Leopard, Stephen-, and Move-Along are no longer Habbo Friends Moderators
  43. Evolution resigns from Habbox
  44. Forum being slow.
  45. Move-Along
  46. Hi
  47. Free Rep
  48. Baving resigns as Help desk Staff
  49. Unawakened resigns from Habbox
  50. Graphic Desingers
  51. 2 Housemates Evicted!
  52. Falling Furni Event
  53. Moderator Trialist Results
  54. Habbox Weekly Free Draw Dices Rolled at 7:15pm
  55. No winner on Weekly Free Draw
  56. Bigbrother Event, Races Today!
  57. Depression! and iNicks resign as RVR's
  58. Bigbrother Weekend Round-Up
  59. 16:00 UK time: Falling Furni
  60. New Quest Staff
  61. Radio DJ Applications Open
  62. Themepark Layout
  63. NO Falling Furni
  64. Themepark Trialist Results
  65. Jaames changes name to Pitch
  66. Eckuii is now a Forum Administrator
  67. BigBrother Voting Now Open!
  68. Demain is now an Events Organiser
  69. Rups returns as a Rare Value Reporter
  70. .Code changes name to Cumec
  71. .Track no longer Habbox Staff
  72. New HxTv Staff
  73. Ostinato returns as a moderator
  74. Encryptions! no longer works for Habbox
  75. Gloomp is no longer a news reporter
  76. ---MAD--- has resigned as Competition's staff
  77. Hiet resigns as Themepark Staff
  78. The Bleep Test!
  79. [HxHD] Habbox Help Desk Events Week!
  80. Habbox Draw Dices Rolled at 6:20pm
  81. It's a rollover!
  82. Bigbrother Eviction!
  83. [HxHD] Bingo - HxHD Events Week!
  84. Ladders is no longer a news reporter
  85. Erosions changes name to Xelame
  86. New Rare Value Reporter Trialist
  87. Articles Department Staff Updates
  88. PixelDoom is now on trial as a Room Reviewer
  89. HxHD Safety Quiz - [HxHD Events Week]
  90. Contact Us
  91. Hiet is no longer a Habbo Friends Moderator
  92. DJ-Tomlegend is now Assistant Webpage Designer Manager too
  93. [HxHD] Deal Or No Deal? [Events Week]
  94. HxHD Recommendations OPEN!
  95. Bigbrother Challenge
  96. Themepark Applications Open!
  97. [HxHD] Obsticle Course [Events Week]
  98. Bigbrother Voting Lines Open!
  99. [HxHD] Fridge Races!
  100. New Forum
  101. HxHD Events week - Put on Hold.
  102. 2 Housemates Evicted!
  103. Weekly Free Draw Dices to be rolled at 6PM
  104. Weekly Free Draw Winner!!!!
  105. Bigbrother 2006 Final Voting!
  106. Soyers resigns as Alterations Manager
  107. Surname changes to Assistant Site Manager (Community)
  108. Urges is no longer a moderator
  109. Crono resigns from Habbox
  110. Xzoid is on trial as competition's staff
  111. Say Cheese! Winner
  112. Habbo Desktop Icons Winner
  113. Aquae and laxativepolo return as Help Desk Super Staff
  114. Interviewer Job Applications are now open!
  115. Pitch resigns as a Rare Value Reporter
  116. Laxativepolo returns as an Interviewer
  117. Gloomp resigns as an Interviewer
  118. JackHb leaves Habbox
  119. Neversoft resigns as Themepark Staff
  120. Bigbrother Votes Paused Soon
  121. Another Housemate Evicted!
  122. EternalMasque changes name to Mxn
  123. [HxHD] New Layout
  124. World Cup VIP
  125. Help Desk Applications OPEN!
  126. :newsie changes name to Adzeh
  127. Eckuii new Assistant Forum Manager
  128. nvrspk4 new VIPs Manager
  129. crashb555 new Articles Manager
  130. Nets is now Forum Super Moderator
  131. Laxativepolo returns as a forum moderator
  132. Baving returns as Help Desk Super Staff
  133. Help Desk Applications CLOSED!
  134. Sygon. is no longer Habbox Staff
  135. Applications to become an Interviewer have now closed
  136. Stealth is no longer Habbox Staff
  137. Habbox Themepark Closed
  138. Bigbrother Final!
  139. Hiet is now Forum Super Moderator
  140. Applications to become a Writer are now open!
  141. Weekly Free Draw Dices Rolled at 8pm
  142. It's a rollover!
  143. -Ross has changed his name to GoldenMerc
  144. Bigbrother Voting Closes in 10 minutes!
  145. Bigbrother Winner!
  146. Hiet resigns as an Events Organiser
  147. New Interviewer Trialists
  148. :Jin: returns as Forum Technician
  149. D3stroyer no longer working for Habbox
  150. Blaster. no longer Habbox Staff
  151. Calzeh resigns as Help Desk Manager
  152. [Updates] Problems with activation emails.
  153. Persevare is on trial as a news reporter
  154. Yonder454 resigns as Webpage Design Manager
  155. Rule change concerning forum names
  156. no-soz no longer Forum Moderator
  157. Ziabotsu returns as Help Desk Staff
  158. A list of people that no Longer work for HxHD
  159. Curl Is Now A Trialist Pixel Artist
  160. Saurav. changes name to Error
  161. Cloud is no longer quest staff
  162. Cptn.kewl new Alterations Manager
  163. Scheduled Maintainence 06/06/06
  164. Habbo Romance Winner
  165. Find the Difference [2] Winner
  166. HabboxLive Down/DJ Applications!
  167. New Trial Radio DJs
  168. Superstar911 has passed his trial as a RVR
  169. nvrspk4 is now Events Manager
  170. Ymo is no longer Habbox Staff
  171. Applications to become a Writer are now closed
  172. Steven. is no longer a Forum Moderator
  173. Avatar Problem Patched
  174. GoldenMerc is no longer quest staff.
  175. Hey..
  176. Events Organizers Applications Open!
  177. Barkseh is now a Forum Administrator
  178. jam666 is no longer a Forum Moderator
  179. Habbox.com server problems
  180. It's a rollover!
  181. Scheduled Forum Maintenance 11:30
  182. Forum Open!
  183. Possible problems with Avatars and Attached Images
  184. Unpredictable Server Maintainence
  185. DJ-Tomlegend is Now HabboxLive Web Design Leader
  186. Seacat back as Forum Administrator!
  187. Graphic designer applications open!
  188. HabboxLive Applications (Change of Email)
  189. Joshy: Is now on trial as..
  190. DJ-Zero changes forum name to..
  191. lukeisok resigns as a Forum Moderator
  192. .x.Taurus.x. is now a News Reporter
  193. Bullying other members
  194. New Habbo Friends Moderators!
  195. Mr.Comedian resigns as HabboxTv Manager
  196. New debate started in the debates forum!
  197. Dices rolled at 8:30pm
  198. We have a winner!
  199. Events Organizer Applications Close Tomorrow
  200. New Habbox Live DJs!
  201. Ramon is now a Hx graphic designer
  202. Moderator Applications OPEN!
  203. Adzeh is now Head HabboxLive DJ
  204. Habbox Live Opening Night (PRIZES)
  205. Buy VIP by SMS
  206. Seacat now Assistant News Manager
  207. Elliot. is now on trial as a Room Reviewer
  208. Move-Along now Forum Moderator only
  209. Leewends72 now on trial as a News Reporter
  210. Events Organizer Applications Are Now CLOSED!
  211. Moderator Applications CLOSED!
  212. Habbox.com server problems
  213. Demain, NintendoNews, and Meyaz are no longer Events Organizers.
  214. New Events Organizers!
  215. Laxativepolo Resigns as an Events Organizer
  216. Mexel now show staff
  217. Relationships Forum
  218. Neversoft new Assistant Articles Manager
  219. Seacat new Assistant Site Manager (Forum)
  220. SkaterChu returns as a (trialist) News Reporter
  221. Sygon is no longer Habbox Staff
  222. Graphics designer applications close tommorow!
  223. AJAX enabled on forum.
  224. Roboevil Is Now On Trial As A Pixel Artist
  225. Habbox Bleep Test!
  226. Habbox Bleep Test! - Big success!
  227. DJ-Tomlegend has resigned as habboxLive We Design team leader.
  228. Buying VIP
  229. New rules for avatar and signature picture(s)
  230. Graphics designer applications CLOSED!
  231. HabboxLive opening delayed!
  232. Correctable is now a HabboxLive Radio DJ!
  233. 'The Riddle' winner!
  234. 'Construction to Habbo' winner!
  235. Super Market Sweep!
  236. Super Market Sweep - Huge success! [Poor now]
  237. SMS VIP
  238. mat64 no longer Habbox Staff
  239. Habbox Lottery tickets now on sale!
  240. New Vehicle/Transport Forum
  241. Lottery tickets on sale
  242. Surname resigns from Habbox
  243. Habbox Lottery rolls at 8pm
  244. smiddy1234 returns as a Forum Moderator
  245. Party-Pig is now competition's staff.
  246. It's a rollover!
  247. Brightening up the windows winner!
  248. Get Ready... for 3 NEW FLASH GAMES!
  249. cramop01234 resigns from Habbox
  250. Buying VIP by SMS temporarily disabled
  251. Diamondkid now Head HabboxLive DJ
  252. Brume and Rofo now on trial as News Reporters
  253. therutlishboy new HabboxTv Manager
  254. Forum Moderator Trialists
  255. The Following are no longer Forum Moderators:
  256. New Rare Value Reporter Trialist
  257. Hiet is now a normal Forum Moderator
  258. Wayne. is now a Forum Super Moderator
  259. Re101 is now Show Manager
  260. Last Return Winner!
  261. Hiet resigns as Habbox Staff
  262. Forum Moderators no longer need to use the same name as their Habbo Name
  263. Habbox Assault Course!
  264. Adam is now a Forum Moderator
  265. SMS VIP Problems
  266. Adam resigns as a graphics designer!
  267. Habbox Assault Course - BIG Success!
  268. Angel-Light resigns as Radio Manager
  269. Aquae returns to HabboxLive as a Trial Radio DJ
  270. Derphan has changed his Habbo/Habbox Forum Name to Oliver46
  271. Schadenfreude changes his/her Habbo/HabboxForum Name to Norco
  272. Show staff applications OPEN
  273. New graphics designers!
  274. Lottery tickets on sale!
  275. Aquae is now show staff
  276. Xelame resigns as Habbox Staff
  277. SMS VIP Reactivated
  278. Rofo is no longer Habbox Staff
  279. .x.Taurus.x. is now a Full Time Reporter
  280. www.HabboxLive.com re-opened!
  281. The Dragons Den!
  282. Show Staff applications CLOSED
  283. The Dragons Den was a great success :)
  284. Cake Trap!
  285. Cake Trap - Success
  286. Halting now a Habbox graphics designer
  287. Habbox Lottery
  288. Barkseh resigns as HxHD staff
  289. If you were a former HabboxRadio/HabboxLive DJ Please read this.
  290. Ymo is back as a Rare Values Reporter
  291. It's a rollover!
  292. HabboxLive would like to welcome..
  293. Lime Green name for (Assistant) Site Managers
  294. The Following are no longer Forum Moderators:
  295. DJ-Cookeh is now habboxLive Webmaster
  296. New Moderator System
  297. Glitzening & Purcelly return to HabboxLive
  298. Competition staff changes
  299. Interviewer Trialist Results.
  300. ..:SONNY:.. is now a Room Reviewer.

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