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  1. New Forum Skin!
  2. New Staff at Habbox Help Desk
  3. New show staff members
  4. PixelDoom is no longer a Room Reviewer.
  5. Brume is no longer a news reporter
  6. Catzsy and -Ben are now on trial as Room Reviewers.
  7. crashb555 Resigns as a Habbo Friends Moderator
  8. iCrag is now on trial as an Events Organizer
  9. !:Joe:! Is No Longer A Pixel Artist
  10. Habbox Bingo at 4:30pm!
  11. Habbox Bingo - Big success!
  12. laxativepolo and crashb555 resign as Help Desk Staff
  13. Throne Frolic Tickets On Sale
  14. The Great Habbo Summer Quiz
  15. Halting no longer Habbox Staff
  16. HabboxLive DJ Applications
  17. New forum!
  18. Throne Frolic and Habbox Lottery tickets on sale
  19. Monolith Minefield!
  20. Diamondkid resigns from HxHD
  21. Monolith Minefield was a great success!
  22. -Ben changes name to Fuddle
  23. Laxativepolo changes name to Krypsis
  24. Barkseh new Assistant VIPs Manager
  25. -Illusions No longer HxHD staff
  26. 2hd. is now a HabboxLive Guest DJ
  27. Craig is no longer a Forum Moderator
  28. Oliver46 is no longer a Radio DJ
  29. Shopping Winner
  30. The Great Habbo Summer Quiz
  31. Decrimination is no longer Habbox Staff
  32. Catchetat is no longer a news reporter
  33. 10 MINUTES AWAY! = )
  34. The Habbo Quiz, GREAT SUCCESS!
  35. Two New Rare Value Reporter Trialists
  36. The-Kooks400 passes his trial as a RVR
  37. World Cup VIP No longer Avaliable
  38. Sephiroth changes name to 'Mewt'
  39. -<josh>- is now on trial at HabboxLive
  40. HabboxLive DJ Applications
  41. Foxmoth Is Now A Trialist Pixel Artist
  42. Free lotto winner!
  43. Habbox.com is closed for maintenance
  44. HabboxLive, Welcome & Goodbye!!
  45. Baving is now Radio Technician
  46. New Help Desk Staff
  47. crashb555 resigns as a Forum Moderator
  48. ---MAD--- returns as a RVR
  49. Habbox.com Down
  50. Rep Problems
  51. MattUH is no longer a Radio DJ
  52. 30 000th member registers at HabboxForum!
  53. Server time changed
  54. Habbox Live would like to welcome mizzy_c
  55. Habbox Prezzie Trap About To Start!
  56. HabboxLive would like to welcome
  57. Habbox Prezzie Trap - Big Success!
  58. Habbox Lottery Tickets Available
  59. .Lynn resigns as a Forum Moderator
  60. :Jin: has a name change to Jin
  61. Vicks! is no longer Habbox Staff
  62. Habbox Races at 6pm!
  63. Habbox Races - Big success!
  64. Zoltar returns to habboxLive as a Radio DJ
  65. Habbox Show Tonight !
  66. Galaxay is no longer HxHD Staff
  67. Crocopix Is Now A Pixel Artist
  68. Barkseh returns as Help Desk Staff
  69. Adam resigns as a Forum Moderator
  70. Catzsy and Fuddles room reviewer trial results.
  71. HxHD Events Tonight
  72. Wootzeh is no longer Habbox Staff
  73. Trade Expert Changes
  74. ---MAD--- is now a Forum Moderator
  75. Ollz14 is no longer a Writer
  76. Applications to become a Writer are now open!
  77. Free Lotto
  78. Saund is now show staff
  79. Poker Face!
  80. Stealth No longer works for HabboxLive
  81. Poker Face! Was a HUGE success
  82. Habbox V.I.P features thread replaced & Quote boxes in Internet Explorer fixed
  83. Ollz14 no longer a habbox graphic designer
  84. Joshy: and -mad-monkey- no longer habbox graphic designers
  85. Graphic Designer Job Applications - Open!
  86. Habbox Lottery Tickets Available
  87. Gemma is no longer Help Desk Staff
  88. Events Organizer Trial Results
  89. New graphic designers
  90. New Counter Strike Forum
  91. Forum Moderator Trial Results
  92. Peas resigns as show staff
  93. Galaxay is no longer a Trial Radio DJ
  94. Invite me winner!
  95. -Ross is no longer Competitions Staff.
  96. The-Kooks400 is now called AC-400
  97. Weather
  98. Staff Changes
  99. The Following Are No Longer Rare Value Reporters
  100. Habbox Paintball!
  101. Habbox Paintball - Big success!
  102. Dots-hosting is now a habbox graphic designer
  103. New graphic designers & Job apps closed
  104. Grinning is no longer a news reporter
  105. Tubmaster Tumble!
  106. Habbox Lottery Tickets
  107. Habbox Lottery
  108. It's a rollover!
  109. New Competition Staff
  110. lPulse changes forum name to :Kosmickitten
  111. Bored!
  112. Adzeh resigns as a Writer
  113. New HxHD layout
  114. Help Desk Applications OPEN!
  115. :Tattle changes user name to loganpls
  116. Wizzdom is now a graphic designer
  117. 1337-Spiduh changes user name to Bear.x33
  118. Habbox Help Desk Applications CLOSED!
  119. RVR Trialist Results
  120. Caption the moment winner!
  121. Mexel & Dannyp24 are now Radio DJs
  122. The Following are no longer HxHD staff
  123. Swindont and Niketotal resign as HxHD Staff
  124. The following people are now HxHD Staff!
  125. New Events Organizer Trialists!
  126. Persevare changes name to Nixt
  127. .x.Taurus.x. changes names to Ellis.
  128. Foxmoth Leaves The Pixel Art Team
  129. The following are no longer HxHD staff:
  130. Search FUDDLE for Habbox Knock 'Em Off!
  131. Bossu changes to FatherOfGod
  132. Correctable Resigns as Radio DJ
  133. DJ-Tomlegend now Webpage Designer
  134. ---MAD--- is now Webpage Design Manager
  135. Shabbs is now Assistant News Manager
  136. Adzeh is now News Manager
  137. Habbox.com Maintance
  138. Habbox Knock 'Em Off - Great success!
  139. Good at Making Radio Jingles? Read on ;)
  140. Angel-Light now Help Desk Manager also
  141. Angel-Light now Help Desk Manager also
  142. Habbox.com back up
  143. Roboevil Leaves The Pixel Art Team
  144. Headwire is now on trial as a news reporter!
  145. Connar is no longer a Radio DJ
  146. Troubling resigns as an interviewer.
  147. MarcuZ changes name to Cheep.
  148. It's a rollover!
  149. DJ Applications 1 Week Only!
  150. Leewends72 no longer a Habbox News Reporter
  151. Baving is now Assistant Radio Manager
  152. ---MAD--- resigns as a Rare Values Reporter
  153. Wacky Races at 19:00 BST
  154. Wacky Races was a Fantastic Success
  155. Vibe now on trial as a News Reporter
  156. Beat The Dragon Rescheduled [8PM]
  157. HabboxLive would like to welcome Roboevil
  158. Beat The Dragon Was Excellent!
  159. HabboxLive Link
  160. Re-Call is now a forum moderator
  161. News Reporter Applications Now Open!
  162. DJ Trial Results
  163. Friday night with Barkseh & Baving
  164. Writer Applications
  165. Capture the Carrot! at 20:00 BST
  166. HabboxLive on forum!
  167. Capture the Carrot was a big Success!
  168. The Weakest Link! Tonight 20:00 BST
  169. Jinxey is now on trial as a News Reporter
  170. New Radio Trials
  171. Opus chanes to ActiveVision
  172. The Weakest Link Was Great!
  173. Wizzdom now only Head Rare Value Reporter
  174. Mqx resigns from Habbox
  175. Chiloutrich resigns as a Radio DJ
  176. iCrag is now forum moderator
  177. ,Alexx. is now a HabboxLive graphic designer
  178. HabboxLive Graphic Designers needed
  179. properclone resigns as Assistant Site Manager
  180. Baving becomes Assistant Site Manager
  181. FiveStar & Oracle are now Hxl Graphics Staff
  182. Search ..:SONNY:.. @ 1 PM Today!
  183. crashb555 changes name to Joshuar-
  184. Radio DJ Trials (Last Bunch)
  185. Krypsis and .:.:jjm261:.:. resign as interviewers.
  186. Rups changes name to JT-Fan
  187. Cymar is no longer Habbox Staff
  188. Oracle: is no longer Habbox Staff
  189. Just-One is no longer show staff
  190. Present Trap today at 16:00
  191. EternalMasque resigns from HxHD
  192. New HxTv site and New staff hired for hxtv
  193. vBulletin 3.6.0 released on Habbox Forum.
  194. Catch the kicker at 8pm
  195. :Jamie is now a forum moderator
  196. Catch the kicker was a great success!
  197. Mexel is now Show Staff
  198. Pear resigns from Habbox
  199. Habbox.us closes, the USA Forum stays
  200. Mexel and PostgreSQL are now forum moderators
  201. New Ask A HabboX Forum!
  202. HabboxLive Drop In!
  203. HabboxLive Drop In Now OPEN!
  204. Habbox Bridge of DOOM!
  205. Bridge of Doom - Massive Success!
  206. PostgreSQL changes name to Davetaylor
  207. Mexel will be manager of Canada Forum
  208. Lol at adam.
  209. Joshy: changes to Orphadox
  210. The following are no longer habbox graphic designers
  211. Habbox Canada Is Now Open
  212. Win Throne at HabboxLive V3 opening at 5pm!
  213. Majesticdragon resigns as a Rare Values Reporter.
  214. Headwire passes trial as a News Reporter
  215. HabboxLive V3 now up!
  216. HabboxLive: Trial Results
  217. Want to become a Radio DJ?
  218. .-.eXtra.-. resigns as habbox graphic designer
  219. Welcome Back!
  220. lDeclan is no longer Habbox Staff
  221. Stealth is now a forum moderator
  222. A4AOwen is now Forum Super Moderator
  223. Vibe passes his trial as a News Reporter
  224. New FAQ's section added.
  225. Rule Change!
  226. Infraction Rule
  227. Changes in the News Department
  228. Jinxey passes trial as a News Reporter
  229. Russian Roulette!
  230. HabboxLive says goodbye too..
  231. Information on DJ Applications
  232. Russian Roulette was a huge success :)
  233. J1mi on trial as a Rare Values Reporter.
  234. Mail Server now back online.
  235. DJ Application Results!
  236. New Writer Trialists
  237. Does Habbox.com load?
  238. Barkseh resigns as Help desk Staff
  239. NOW is Habbox.com loading?!
  240. Condas no longer works for Habbox
  241. Habbox should be back for everybody soon
  242. Baving resigns as VIPs Manager
  243. Forum Server Problems
  244. Bridge Of Doom [Tonight 7PM]
  245. Barkseh becomes VIPs Manager
  246. DJ-Tomlegend is new Site Technician
  247. Competition Winners
  248. DaveTaylor is no longer a Forum Moderator
  249. Icrag resigns as Help Desk Staff
  250. Aquae resigns as a forum moderator
  251. Nets changes name to joshua
  252. Bridge of Doom was great!
  253. -Illusions is no longer Habbox Staff
  254. smiddy1234 resigns as a forum moderator
  255. fitcovboy new Rare Values Reporter
  256. Is Habbox.com working?
  257. Moderator Applications OPEN!
  258. Springmoons Safety Show!
  259. Welcome Back!
  260. joshua has resigned as a super moderator
  261. A4AOwen becomes Assistant Forum Manager
  262. Catzsy is now a forum super moderator
  263. Forum Moderator applications are now closed!
  264. Holo-jonny Resigns as a Rare Value Reporter
  265. AdamCookie! is no longer Habbox Staff
  266. frozenillusion resigns as habbox graphic designer
  267. Roadd resigns as a Trialist News Reporter
  268. HabboxTV script writer changes
  269. Apply to be a HabboxTV script advisor.
  270. Aquae resigns as show staff
  271. Forum Moderator Trialists!
  272. Joshuar- returns as a Forum Moderator!
  273. Barkseh resigns from Habbox
  274. Delays with VIPs
  275. Jin is new Forum Technical Manager
  276. DJ-Tomlegend also Forum Technician
  277. Neversoft resigns as a Forum Moderator!
  278. SteveBrown03 returns as a Forum Moderator!
  279. Auction Night!
  280. Baving leaves as Assistant Radio Manager
  281. Juggle resigns as a Room Reviewer.
  282. :Jamie is now a Forum Super Moderator
  283. problems with "buying VIP for a friend"
  284. Baving resigns as Forum Manager
  285. New Trialist News Reporters
  286. Lottery Tickets Available
  287. Another Rollover!
  288. Dice Battles at 8pm
  289. Meyaz resigns from HxHD
  290. Dice Battles Great Success
  291. Wayne. is now Assistant VIPs Manager
  292. Habbox Canada
  293. fitcovboy gets job as Webpage Designer (Rare Watch)
  294. Forum Backup Installed
  295. Error changes his name to ksoz
  296. iCrag changes his name to kkz,
  297. Stealth changes his name to Brandon!
  298. Infraction Updates!
  299. April resigns from Habbox
  300. Show Tonight!

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