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  1. New Smilies Added!
  2. Avatar size upped, also people who couldnt post ava now can
  3. List of Ranks.
  4. MissAlice now Competitions Manager
  5. properclone got job as News Manager
  6. Jacko2kn3 has quit habbox
  7. New Animations Artists
  8. y=x and Tordex no longer Trading Experts
  9. properclone is now the Category Moderator for the graphics section
  10. Shrubs is no longer a Forum Moderator
  11. Forum Rules Update
  12. Shoutbox
  13. A Rule for the Shoutbox
  14. Zagus is a new trial .ca reporter
  15. 8Freak8 Is on trial as a news reporter
  16. Andrew-Kevin is on trial as a news reporter
  17. Skootles is on trial as a news reporter
  18. Zagus has failed his trial
  19. -NZ- has quit as Trading Expert
  20. [email protected] new Rare Values Manager
  21. Bear-Max is on trial as a news reporter
  22. Skootles is no longer a trial .co.uk reporter
  23. code for smileys changed
  24. zotar's trial has finished as a forum moderator
  25. 2 new permanent moderators
  26. Rico26 is no longer a moderator
  27. Cool-dude03 only working as Animations Artist now
  28. New Job Openings for Trading Expert
  29. martin.wood is no longer a moderator
  30. =Aussie-Devil= is no longer a moderator
  31. An update to the rules has been added
  32. Hobba Project has been updated
  33. 3 trial moderators no longer work for habbox
  34. concentric is now a permanent moderator
  35. geertjuhhh is now a permanent moderator
  36. Butcher11 is now a permanent moderator
  37. :G.M.T: is now a permanent moderator
  38. Reissislovey has resigned as Help desk staff and trial moderator
  39. Bear-Max is no longer working for habbox
  40. Arcanum is on trial as a news reporter
  41. 8Freak8 has passed his trial
  42. London-Max is on trial as a news reporter
  43. EvilBrandon wins the Room-With-A-View (re-started) competition
  44. Wierdnerd is no longer a moderator
  45. [email protected] is no longer a moderator
  46. @K has passed his trial as a moderator
  47. Andrew-Kevin has passed his trial as a moderator
  48. Jacko2kn3 has passed his trial as a moderator trial yet again :P
  49. Happypunk101 has passed his trial as a moderator
  50. rico26 and Zantetsu are no longer moderators
  51. Our moderator Andrew-Kevin is now called A-K
  52. Jack20012002 is now the category moderator of the trading forums.
  53. 2 Reporters fail their trial
  54. London-Max passed his trial as a news reporter
  55. Changes to lay out
  56. New Trading Experts at Habbox!
  57. These Moderator trialists have passed their trials
  58. .x.!Anita!.x. is now the Assistant Forum Manager
  59. London-Max name change
  60. HappyMoo4You quits as Trading Expert
  61. yonder ---> yonder454
  62. News Reporter Job Openings
  64. New Help Desk Manager!
  65. A-K is no longer a reporter
  66. These trialists passed their trial at helpdesk
  67. iForce is on trial as a news reporter
  68. Graphics section UPDATE!!
  69. A-K is no longer a moderator
  70. Best Habbox Slogans
  71. New Help Desk Trialists!
  72. You can now apply to be a dj
  73. Latest Trading Experts at Habbox!
  74. Iforce is no longer a reporter
  75. skootles is on trial as a reporter AGAIN!
  76. Two Trading Experts quit
  77. Enter updated Rare Values forum has been moved to vip area
  78. serapth is no longer a moderator
  79. Alot of Forum changes
  80. Jacko2kn3 is now the Category Manager of the Habbo hotel Category
  81. ColdShoT has passed his moderator trial
  82. The Forum Rules have been updated
  83. jd25 new Habbox Staff Photographer
  84. Stance has failed his moderator trial
  85. Arcanum has passed his mod trial
  86. Rye1088 is the new Category Manager of the "Not Habbo Related" forums
  87. Mr..Mitch is no longer a moderator
  88. -legoman- is now a perm moderator
  89. Competition Winner
  90. Forum Rules and Terms and Conditions ***update***
  92. Has Habbox Help Desk done a runner?
  93. Our moderator Dry.Tearz is now called :Illusion
  94. We don't make Habbo. We make it better.
  95. DJ-3000 new Radio Manager
  96. pinkie-1954 will no longer work for hxhd
  97. New Help Desk Staff
  98. Did you send in a DJ application?
  99. skootles has passed his trial
  100. >MAX< no longer reporting
  101. New Habbox Help Desk Trialists!
  102. [HxHD] Quest Now Open!
  103. >Max< back as Reporter / Writer
  104. MU5IC no longer works at the help desk
  105. Winner of Habbox Quest
  106. Chanced taking over from bi!!y
  107. *New* Help Desk Safety Teams!
  108. doraemonkiller new Trading Expert
  109. Jacko2kn3 no longer Competitions Helper
  110. Mizki no longer working for Habbox
  111. lauralol new Competitions Assistant
  112. Skitgraves got job as Pixel Artist
  113. Habbox Flash & Habbox Island
  114. eMiz aka Mizki has returned as a dj
  115. eMiz aka Mizki is back as help desk staff
  116. Latest Trading Experts at Habbox
  117. WanderingWiz no longer working for Habbox
  118. Skitgraves no longer Pixel Artist
  119. @K is no longer a moderator.
  120. happypunk101 is no longer a moderator.
  121. Lauralol has passed her moderator trial
  122. .x.!Anita!.x. is now a category manager aswell as assistant forum manager
  123. [HxHD] Staff poff name change
  124. wierdnerd changes name to DJ-WIERDO
  125. Jacko2kn3 has resigned from habbox.
  126. Rodja is no longer a super moderator for habbox
  127. New Help Desk Staff!
  128. ullie quit Habbo(x)
  129. S-C-r-o-w-e Fired From Habpics
  130. New trial reporter
  131. thewaterflame and prekko no longer Pixel Artist
  132. Room-With-A-View Winner
  133. Ohh passed his moderator trial
  134. Tag-Huer no longer Trading Expert
  135. geglash is on trial as a .com reporter
  136. [email protected]@ got job as Pixel Artist
  137. Imaginary Alterations Winner
  138. Lauralol has resigned from Habbox
  139. Concentric is now Category Manager for the habbo category
  140. bigbutsound becomes first Habbox Show Manager
  141. Habbox changing provider
  142. BoRDi no longer working at the help desk
  143. gamz changes name to excentric
  144. DJ-3000 is now a forum administator
  145. .x.!Anita!.x. is now a Forum Administator
  146. Safety Steps Winner!
  147. Chanced new Moderator
  148. Habbox Show Selected Staff
  149. New Trialists at the help desk
  150. Habbox Logo Winner
  151. Competition Assistant
  152. 8Freak8 new Webpage Design Manager
  153. Spectate now Assistant Help Desk Manager
  154. Arcanum promoted to Head Writer
  155. Y0WI no longer working for HabPics
  156. Small update in Forum Rules
  157. finkstrate no longer Trading Expert
  158. [HxHD] Quest Winner
  159. [HxHD] Help Desk Fallin' Furni!
  160. New permenant moderators
  161. Rare up for grabs on Habbox Radio
  162. 4 New DJ's
  163. Job Openings for Radio DJ !!!
  164. Shabbs passed his trial
  166. New Webpage Design Staff
  167. Stage Fright Winner
  168. Latest Trading Experts
  169. 8Freak8 is no longer a reporter.
  170. Tell Me A Story Winner
  171. doraemonkiller is now Assistant Rare Values Manager
  172. Skootles now comments moderator
  173. Geglash no longer a reporter
  174. Jostle no longer working at the help desk
  175. New Official Habbox Donation Room For Habbox Radio
  176. jovv now Head DJ
  177. Pink.Milkshake changes name to ,J
  178. There are some new ask a hobba questions
  179. bigbutsound no longer Habbox Show Manager
  180. No Help Desk Safety Team Events this week.
  181. eMiz aka Mizki now Assistant Radio Manager
  182. Habboxradio site down
  183. Radio DJ Applications finished.
  184. habboxradio site back up!!
  185. Janeh joins the team
  186. Ash.Wind and SpeilEgg no longer trialists at Help Desk
  187. New Staff at habbox help desk
  188. Poll Page on Habbox
  189. Temporary link to habbox radio
  190. New Radio DJ's from DJ Applications
  191. Rare Watch updated!
  192. Habbox Show with suprise Hobba :o
  193. yonder454 changes from Trading Expert to Webpage Designer
  194. Chanced and .--xXx--. HabPics Head Managers
  195. :ul new Trading Expert for Super Rares
  196. Dextro no longer working at the help desk
  197. Hoodman1 no longer working at the help desk
  198. Job Openings for Writer !!!
  199. Even more trading experts mwhahahahaha !!
  200. Winner
  201. eMiz is now a Forum Administrator
  202. No more jobs available as Habbox Trading Experts
  203. Habbox Show Tonight 9pm - [HxHD]
  204. SnewsBulletin no longer working at the help desk
  205. Barnsley is no longer working at Habbox as a Trading Expert
  206. Jrh2002's Birthday!
  207. Habboxradio Party tonight - with comps!
  208. properclone is now a forum administrator.
  209. Rico26 is no longer a moderator
  210. Habbox Server Change
  211. 3 New Help Desk Staff
  212. Spectate now Help Desk Manager
  213. Password to the [HxHD] Kick Wars Event
  214. Habbox Show Saturday at 9 hosted by mazel
  215. New Trialists at the help desk
  216. New Habbox VIP Calendar
  217. habbox show hosted by mazel
  218. properclone new Assistant Site Manager
  219. www.habbox.com still down
  220. There is NO Habbox Show tonight
  221. Da-Weasel Is No longer HabPics Staff.
  222. A bounty of New Writers!
  223. Habbo Hero Winner
  224. Habbox Radio is now back for most of us
  225. Tips & Tricks
  226. New comments moderators
  227. Bus Ride Winners
  228. MonkieZombie Resigns
  229. Habbox Halloween Party and Show at 7 pm
  230. Kirk failed his moderator trial
  231. Simonac55 passed his moderator trial
  232. EvilBrandon passed his moderator trial
  233. New .co.uk trial reporter
  234. There are now some new ask a hobba questions.
  235. Safety Steps Winner
  236. Room-With-A-View Winner!
  237. Corbyn No Longer HabPics staff!
  238. Rye1088 has resigned from his Category managers job
  239. The following trading experts are no longer working at habbox.
  240. Specie is working now working at Habbox as a Super Trading Expert
  241. !x!Pete!x! has resigned from her Writer Trial
  242. Trialists who passed their trial in the help desk
  243. .BloodRayne. changes name to xSaffronx
  244. Habbox Show at 6 pm by Moonglowgirl
  245. DJ-WIERDO resigns as Articles Manager
  246. Habboxradio Saturday breakfast shows
  247. ,J no longer working at the Help Desk
  248. Pumpkin Poet Winner!
  249. Habbox Quest [2] Winner!
  250. New Habbox Members Competitions
  251. 8Marcus8 will no longer be working for Habbox
  253. Concentric now a head dj for habboxradio
  254. !x!Pete!x! no longer working at habbox
  255. Writer Trialists Results... did they pass?
  256. Habbox radio on this weeks habbo newsie !!
  257. HabPics Banner Competition Has Been Extended!
  258. Special Guest Habbox Show tonight 8:30pm
  259. The FAB bigbutsound becomes Assistant Radio Manager! HELL YEAH!
  260. The 1st Habbox Members Competition
  261. Cutenews on help desk page!
  262. [HxHD] TeleportTastic!
  263. New .co.uk trial reporter
  264. Newsletter's trial.
  265. New Trialists at the help desk
  266. Halloween Style Winners
  267. New graphic rule
  268. Concentric no longer Category Manager
  269. Arcanum new Articles Manager
  270. AndieJohanny new Alterations Manager
  271. Halloween Style Update
  272. .x.!Anita!.x. no longer Category Manager
  273. Soyers passed her moderator trial
  274. lukeisok passed his moderator trial
  275. children in need with habbox radio
  276. Ohh is no longer a moderator
  277. New xMas Smilies!
  278. C0C0as no longer a reporter
  279. Webpage Designer changes
  280. New free avatars
  281. Job openings for Translators!!
  282. Habbox Show at 10 pm !!!
  283. Chanced from Head Manager to Producer for HabPics
  284. More New Smilies!
  285. I'm In Charge - Competition Winner
  286. New cautioned member rank
  287. Did you get your Habbox newsletter? :)
  288. Happy Birthday MissAlice!
  289. Four DJ's leave habboxradio
  290. Zantetsu is no longer a pixel artist for Habbox
  291. The Reputation points are now fixed
  292. [HxHD] Wobble Squabble [2]
  293. Trading Experts will be called Rare Values Reporter
  294. Help Desk Updates
  295. Santa with habbox radio
  296. Habbox Christmas Forum Banner Winner
  297. Changes to Webpage Design Team
  298. Graphics category rules update
  299. HabPics Banner Winner
  300. Cool-Dude03 on trial as a reporter!

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