View Full Version : Christmas!

  1. [Christmas] Something is coming......
  2. What advent calendar do you have this year?
  3. Do you do Secret Santa?
  4. Habboxmas
  5. Habbox Puzzle Tournament 2018
  6. favourite christmas songs?
  7. [DEV] New site and forum skin!
  8. Favourite Christmas movie?
  9. Post a photo of your Christmas tree!
  11. When do you sent cards?
  12. Advent Calender or "Choco surprise"?
  13. Habbox Christmas Karaoke - Come Apply!
  15. Volunteering over Christmas
  16. Mistletoe
  17. What you having for your Christmas Meal?
  18. What do you call your Christmas Meal?
  19. Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays
  20. The most hated gift
  21. Christmassify a username!!!
  22. Habbox's 12 Days of Christmas ~ 78 amazing prizes up for grabs!
  23. [Christmas] Now! That's What I Call Habboxmas!
  24. Now! That's What I Call Habboxmas - Recruitment Event
  25. [HxHD] Now! That's what I call Habboxmas!
  26. [Habboxmas] We Three Kings
  27. The greatest gift you have ever given/received
  28. Christmas and snow?
  29. [Content Design] Now! That's What I Call Habboxmas
  30. Wanting To Post Before Christmas?
  31. [HabboXMAS] Last Christmas
  32. Favorite reindeer
  33. Believing Santa Claus
  34. Worst Christmas gift?
  35. How many people do you celebrate with
  36. [Articles & Room Builders] Now! That's What I Call Habboxmas
  37. [Competitions] Now that's what I call Habboxmas!
  38. Mistletoe tradition
  39. [VOTING] Christmas Karaoke Voting Time!
  40. VOTING IS OPEN! Christmas Karaoke!
  41. Who will you miss most this Christmas?
  42. [Events] Now! That's what I call Habboxmas
  43. Merry Christmas!
  44. How many gifts you received
  45. What Did You Get?

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