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  1. Norway shooter may face 21 years in prison: Is this justice?
  2. Hip Hop on trial
  3. Family is more important than romance.
  4. What Do You Think Of Haters..??
  5. Should the death penalty be re-introduced in the United Kingdom?
  6. Should We Still Have A Queen?
  7. Are you Worried About Global Warming?
  8. [Debate] Living a life without..?
  9. Do you think Prison Nursery Should Be Banned..?
  10. What do you think of Plastic Surgery
  11. Are people born gay or is it a free choice?
  12. Who determines what is deemed a 'swear word'? [ENDS 12/08/2012]
  13. Anonymous
  14. Fur Coats - Yes or no?
  15. Gun Control: Should civilians be in possession of guns? [ENDS 09/09/2012]
  16. [DEBATE] Music Swearing
  17. Religion - Good or Bad?
  18. Racist or common sense?
  19. Do people take Habbo too seriously?
  20. Homophobic & Racist
  21. Obama vs. Romney: Who will win? [ENDS 07/11/2012]
  22. Death by choice: Should it be allowed? [ENDS 11/11/2012]
  23. Should cosmetic surgery be banned? [ENDS 02/12/2012]
  24. People shouldn't have children if they can't afford them...
  25. Is it ever right to kill animals? [ENDS 12/12/12]
  26. A good or bad thing to do?
  27. Should governments do more to protect internet privacy? [ENDS 19/12/2012]
  28. Should people with Dyslexia (or anybody for that matter) get extra time in exams?
  29. Is University worth it?
  30. Does feminism have its place in modern cultures anymore?
  31. Opinions on this state benefits news story?
  32. Gun Control: Should civilians be allowed to possess firearms? [ENDS 30/12/2012]
  33. Family Guy OR American Dad?
  34. 17 year old porn - is it the sites or your responsibility?
  35. Knife Crime Punishment - What do you think?
  36. Is there such a thing as objective morality?
  37. are cats superior to dogs
  38. The elderly are a burden on society
  39. Is Cloning an Immoral and Dangerous form of science or the next step in Humanity's Ev
  40. The most evil in history?
  41. Is Hunter Moore (Is Anyone Up) a good or bad person?
  42. The west ought to supply weapons to the anti-government forces in Syria. Discuss.
  43. Are the Tories finished as a political force and are they doomed in 2015?
  44. Imagine you wake up and find yourself as Prime Minister..
  45. Have Sulake ran Habbo into the ground?
  46. The Legacy of Margaret Thatcher
  47. Are mens or straight groups wrong?
  48. Should prisoners have the right to education in prison?
  49. What is the purpose of society, and what ought it be?
  50. Transgender woman wants to fight in women's MMA
  51. Drama on Virtual Games
  52. What is your view on cannabis?
  53. Does education need strict teachers or friendly teachers?
  54. Can terrorism be justified? and if so, to what extent?
  55. Are men and women really 'equal'?
  56. Should companies be allowed to market to children?
  57. Right or wrong?
  58. Do you think you can "fall out of true love".
  59. Should the state take DNA samples of newborns?
  60. How should global poverty be tackled? (if at all)
  61. What should the Royal baby be named and why?
  62. if you see somthing
  63. Are we being told everything by the government?
  64. At what age are you accountable for your actions
  65. Justifying Unhappiness
  66. Homosexuality in Private Schools
  67. Does Andy Murray deserve a knighthood?
  68. Should teenage mothers have their benefits removed and/or restricted?
  69. Do looks count for more than music nowadays in the music industry?
  70. Are western men becoming less masculine? and if so, does this matter?
  71. Royal Baby Media Exposure
  72. Should school uniform be banned?
  73. Martin Luther King.
  74. Is the return of Sharon Osbourne to the X Factor enough to freshen up the show?
  75. What would be the best outcome regarding the Syrian Civil War?
  76. Is Russia's President Putin someone western nations should look up to?
  77. Is it right to judge a woman by her choice of clothing?
  78. Is it right to judge people because of how they type on different things?
  79. Should Yelena Isinbayeva be dropped as Olympic ambassador for homophobic comments?
  80. Should the government prevent the naming of the accused until proven guilty?
  81. Internet Privacy for Teens
  82. Importance of Government Funding towards Sport.
  83. Should the Crystal Palace be rebuilt?
  84. Is facial hair on men attractive?
  85. Is comitting suicide a selfish act?
  86. Is Elderly Abuse Right or Wrong?
  87. Gender-based abortions: right or wrong?
  88. Should the United Kingdom be dissolved in the event of Scottish independence?
  89. Should methanol cigarettes be banned?
  90. What can (or should) be done regarding the rise in HIV among gay men?
  91. What is the right response to Islamic extremism in Britain?
  92. Which wars, if any, should Britain have been involved with in the 20th century?
  93. Cyber bullies to be put into prison
  94. Charles at 65: Will Prince Charles make a good King?
  95. Remembrance Day: Are the lessons of World Wars I & II still relevant?
  96. Halfway through: Are the Coalition doing a good or bad job?
  97. The New Elite: Are celebrities treated specially when it comes to the law?
  98. Popping the cherry: Is virginity something to be proud of or ashamed of?
  99. Relationships: Does age difference matter?
  100. Christmas: Has it become too commercialised?
  101. South Africa: Did the end goals of apartheid have some truth to them?
  102. Immigration: Should the borders be opened on Jan 1st 2014 to Romania and Bulgaria?
  103. Capitalising on Human Organs
  104. Stem Cell Research on Embryos: For or Against?
  105. Abuse: Parents smacking children.
  106. Should young children have their ears peirced?
  107. Are Habbo Mutes Justified?
  108. Should "Nick" Be Charged for being a Simpsons Google?
  109. Some problems more important than others
  110. Can a boy hit a girl?
  111. Should Parents Monitor Children's Online Communications?
  112. Should Prostitution Be Legal?
  113. Should Prisoners be Allowed to Vote?
  114. Corrie, the Croppers and The Right to Die?
  115. Football and being gay: in 2014, is it right for players to hide their sexuality?
  116. Should nations and humanity in general strive to colonise Mars?
  117. Should the RMS Titanic be raised?
  118. Is Habbo Mutes Getting More Common?
  119. Scotland: Should it become its own country?
  120. Should junk food/drink be banned for children?
  121. Should Criminals be able to Profit from Interviews
  122. should first class on trains be scrapped?
  123. Are you for or against school uniform
  124. Do you agree with the idea of carrier bags being 5p in 2015
  125. Is it ok to exploit our environment for economic gain?
  126. Which Religion is the best!
  127. Is the internet trustworthy nowadays?
  128. V7: Should Habbox users abandon hope?
  129. Gay marriage in Britain: Does this open the door to other forms of marriage?
  130. Israel-Palestine: What is the solution?
  131. Should an independent Kingdom of Scotland be allowed to share the Pound Sterling?
  132. Religion and Schools: Should they be together?
  133. Do you feel sympathy for pedophiles?
  134. Should people be drug tested before getting welfare payments?
  135. Are we decedents from Primates?
  136. Capitalism: Failed System?
  137. Twitter trolling, should it be punishable?
  138. Should prisoners be allowed to vote?
  139. Printed books vs. ebooks
  140. Should minors under 18 be on reality tv shows?
  141. Google + 's end
  142. 9/11 Giftshop.
  143. Should it be legal to smash a car window to save an aniamal?
  144. Fracking: Gasland or Cleaner Energy
  145. Prince Charles on Putin.
  146. UKIP
  147. Is fish meat?
  148. How much time should you get for murder?
  149. Guns in the USA vs. childhood stuff
  150. Madeleine McCann, who's to blame?
  151. Iraq: Should America, Britain and other western powers intervene?
  152. Should Queen Elizabeth II abdicate if and when she is unable to perform her duties?
  153. Devolution: Should an English parliament be created?
  154. 'Fizzy drinks tax' - Is Government out of control when it comes to influencing food?
  155. Is Apple still an innovative company?
  156. Youth Unemployment: What is the solution?
  157. The Russian Bear: What, if anything, should be done to tame it?
  158. Should websites be allowed to conduct experiments?
  159. Is the Television finished?
  160. Should the media be allowed to name accused paedophiles before they're proven guilty?
  161. If Scotland leaves the United Kingdom, an independent England?
  162. The Union Flag and Scottish independence
  163. Ice Bucket Challenge: Has vanity taken over a good cause?
  164. Should celebrities get involved with political campaigns?
  165. The Death Penalty: Right or Wrong?
  166. Abortion: Right or Wrong? And what limits?
  167. [Article] Do you think gender equality has, or ever will exist?
  168. Surrogate Parents
  169. Should a person who is suffering from a terminal illness be able to end their life?
  170. What should be done to criminals after they are found guilty?
  171. should addicts be given free/inexpensive needles?
  172. The internet - good or bad?
  173. Prostituion
  174. Are men being villainized on social media?
  175. Bus Priority - Wheelchairs or Prams?
  176. Tattoos - For or Against?
  177. Is sexual child abuse in danger of being normalised unintentionally?
  178. Sinterklaas And Zwarte Piet - Racism?
  179. Do you think you choose your sexual orientation?
  180. Should English Police carry firearms?
  181. Organ Donation - Yes or No?
  182. Should abortion techniques be taught alongside sex education/abortion itself?
  183. Is it ethical to bring back extinct species of animal or plant?
  184. Bring back Borstal?
  185. Tax payers money being wasted in pubs / casinos / other
  186. Should three-person babies be allowed to go ahead?
  187. Are 3-parent babies morally right?
  188. Should the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, take part in the TV Debates?
  189. Should Top Gears' Jeremy Clarkson be saved or sacked?
  190. Freedom of the Press
  191. Should more emphasis in education be placed on classic rather than modern subjects?
  192. Should compulsory voting be introduced?
  193. Should term limits be introduced for public office?
  194. Hunting
  195. Some Holocaust Revisionist Videos
  196. Can LGBT people be homophobic?
  197. Should gay marriage be subject to state or national referendums?
  198. What should HM Government negotiate from Brussels and is reform of the EU possible?
  199. Does rape culture exist or is it a feminist fantasy?
  200. Debunking: Anne Frank Died in Bergen Belsen
  201. Can you really believe its not butter?
  202. Do you believe Western Globalisation is an unstoppable force?
  203. Serious Auschwitz Questions
  204. Is it worth going to university anymore for the average joe?
  205. Hey Anne Frank Death Believers: You've Got a Problem
  206. Is life still worth living after contracting a terminal disease?
  207. Are paedophiles who don't act on their feelings still in the wrong?
  208. Auschwitz: Major Witness Flaw
  209. Eugenics - Ethical or Evil?
  210. Are school summer holidays too long? - WIN HXSS POINTS!
  211. Should anorexics be force-fed?
  212. Circumcision
  213. Is E-Sports a genuine career choice?
  214. Posting students grades publicly - motivating or humiliating?
  215. Do you think Artificial Intelligence is/will be a threat?
  216. Should bullies be held responsible?
  217. Gendered Prisons? [Win VIP]
  218. Should people with HIV tell their employers?
  219. Is animal testing on medicine Just as wrong as cosmetics?
  220. Breastfeeding in public
  221. Valentine's Day - Romantic or Revolting?
  222. Too old for Habbo(x)?
  223. If you could commit a murder, would you?
  224. What is your definition of successful?
  225. Lying - Good or Bad?
  226. The Trolley problem? Would you Kill one to save 5?
  227. Would making all parents attend parenting classes make a difference? - ends 13th May
  228. The National Living Wage - ends 19th May
  229. Should Capital Punishment be reintroduced back into the UK for Murder & Terrorism?
  230. Who will get to the final of Big Brother: Under Attack (2016)?
  231. Alt Right vs Social Justice Warriors
  232. Are depressed people "more intelligent"
  233. dating preferences and race
  234. Dating Apps
  235. Fossil fuel v alternative energy
  236. Celebrity Big Brother 2017 Predict Your Winner
  237. Should artists be allowed to lip-sync?
  238. Are disadvantaged people given too much advantage?
  239. Free Movement between Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand
  240. Featured Debates - WIN CREDITS!
  241. is it right to have your babies ears pierced?
  242. The should the next doctor who lead be female debate (and forced equality in media)
  243. Surrogate Mothers
  244. Should the US Be Involved with Russia?
  245. Positive and Reverse Discrimination
  246. Should all individuals without work be allowed to draw welfare?
  247. Should the internet be censored/regulated?
  248. Should the employer be liable for an injury on the job?
  249. Is it worth investing money to explore space?
  250. Are self-driving vehicles a good idea?
  251. Should concealing a gun/knife in public be legal?
  252. Is it fair for online companies to sell your information?
  253. Every child should have a mobile phone. (Junior)
  254. spam
  255. 21 Should be the legal driving age around the world - ENDS 10 APRIL, 2017
  256. [CLOSED] Euthanasia, The consent of taking your own life - ENDS 15TH APRIL, 2017
  257. Member's Debate: Does Biblical Jesus Reflect Historical Jesus? - Ends 16th April
  258. Is Torture an acceptable tool in the interrogation of terrorists? ENDS- 26th of April
  259. Civil Liberties vs. Security - Ends 30th of April
  260. Deforestation: Are we just over-exaggerating? - Ends 1st of May
  261. is It Just Me Or Is Medical Treatment and Care At The Hospital delcining?
  262. Public Sector Pay Cap? Lift or not?
  263. Theresa May as Prime Minister
  264. Should HM Government reintroduce National Service?
  265. Debates...
  266. Is the Media Industry Dying (04/08/17)
  267. Is Television beneficial for the growth of a child's education? - ENDS 08/30/2017
  268. North Korea: The battle for human rights - ENDS 03/09/17
  269. Curriculum
  270. Vaccinations should be compulsary for children.
  271. Should students grade teachers?
  273. Learner drivers allowed on motorways after law change
  274. Organ Donation
  275. What kind of independent country should we be after Brexit?
  276. Young people should begin working a part-time job - Ends 23rd March
  277. Was Habbo better when there was a Hotel Manager?
  278. Is social media detrimental to our social circles?
  279. How much of an impact have Fansites actually had on Habbo?

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