View Full Version : Trialists who passed their trial in the help desk

06-11-2004, 11:20 AM
There are more help desk staff now in the team and the following people passed their 2 week help desk trials:- Coey02 :James Arcanum Simplesimon12 and PatrolWizard .

Congratulations to all of them and i hope they enjoy working at the help desk as staff. :)

Their has been alot of changes to the help desk recently, after the spooky halloween layout we have had another new one which will be with us till December before the xmas look! So get down there and check it out ;)

Recommendations are still carrying on in the help desk so if you want to see if you have been recommended then please do check the green sticker in the help desk. Interviews will be held next saturday for those who have 2 recommendations!

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