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08-01-2006, 01:46 PM
I getting tired of this forum, I've been on here for about a year and a half, my begining was rough, as i had people shouting at me because of my bad quality of alts :rolleyes: Thank god i have got better! I'd like to thank crying-angel for her inspiring me to take up dolling. I've improved so much. Im currently taking a break from dolling, like abbs, But i have serious family problems, which needs to be sorted out, and i cant spend my time on a internet forum, while my family is having issues, plus im getting fat ^^ all that chocolate and those pringles from christmas are just sitting in my stomach waiting to be burned off! Lol! meh, Im getting addicted again, to this forum, to habbo, to the internet, it's just getting too much for me at the moment, I find myself crying in the middle of the night, for no reason. Infact the only reason i actually go on this forum, was to post alts, say hi to guys, and currently posting episodes, which everyone hates :'( have they any idea of what im going through, of how long it takes to make an episode, and they go and critizize me about the punctuation.. which gets me down, Im limiting my time on the computor, As like i said, i have personal problems, and im getting fatter and lazier. I'd like to thank Jane, for always being there for me, and abbs, and chloe and Jess. You guys are amazing, and i love you ;] I'll pop on msn every day, just to say hi, and i'll probably visit habbo, just to film Crystal tears, i dont know why i bother, but i guess i enjoy it, I enjoy making soaps, it's just me, whether some people think they are bad quality, bad spellings, commen and not unique is entirely up to them, and i respect their thoughts. I'd like to thank Patch! or however you spell it (sorry) for backing me up, and having nice things to say, I'd like to say thank-you habboxforum, but i think it's time to hit the rode, I'll probably be online soon, checking out the habboxtv forum, and the alts forum,I wont be posting though, and i might even be back. But right know, no, i might be next month IF the family issues settle down a little bit. Until then, goodbye <33

08-01-2006, 07:27 PM
Im staying, after some hard convinsing from a certain someone ^^ but after my VIP runs out, i will be leaving for a month. My parents need me, and my grandparents, so meh Im giving dolling a lttle rest, i'll be making crystal tears, and habbo fashions, but thats it

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