View Full Version : [Request] OFFICIAL FANSITE Dj Jobs!

26-02-2006, 05:56 AM
Yes thats right TheHabbos.Com now have a Radio!

The new radio will be set up and opened to the Public when the new Version of the website is Released. This gives me just enough time to get some Habbos to become Djs for TheHabbos.Com

You must have the following ;
[X] Microphone
[X] Winamp OR Sam
[X] Over 500 Songs
[X] A Good attitude

Please Note: You must be able to dj at least twice a week

If you think you have what it takes to become a official Dj at TheHabbos.Com read on!...
You must record a clip of your Voice no longer then a Minute with the following:
[X] Your Dj Name
[X] Your Habbo Name
[X] A 'Fake' Request
[X] Music (In any form, start or end of a song is allowed!)

To record your voice you may use a simple program Windows has which is viewable by clicking "Start > All Prgrams > Accessories > Entertainment > Sound Recorder"
Send all sound clips to [email protected]

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