View Full Version : [Request] Articles Department Opened Jobs!

12-03-2006, 06:17 PM
Yes its that time again, Articles Staff Jobs are once again open!

All the following jobs are open. To get chosen for any you must have good grammar and spelling, where you can make the odd mistake, but not in every other sentence.
Article Writer
Site Reviewer
Room ReviewerIf you would like one of the above jobs please send me a PM with the following form:

Habbo Name:
Job(s) Wanted:
Past Expierence (If Any):
Preview Of Work: (Please only show a preview of 5 or 6 lines if an article or review. If an interview please show about 3-4 questions and answers).

All jobs will close 26th March

Taken from TheHabbos.com/forum (Annoucments)

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