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09-04-2006, 01:30 AM
On my previous account i carried out a series of reports which consisted of values taken by myself, but from popular casinos only, the method developed into some great reports sometimes which led me to a trial as rare values reporter on my previous account, anyway hope you enjoy the values!
Please Note (ONLY One Casino Is Observed Each Day).
Nisus Super Rare Trades & Casino Owner - Nisus
http://www.habbox.com/images/Furni/Rares/SilverElephantST.gifSilver Nelly - 4.5hc - Seen 1 Time(s).
http://www.habbox.com/images/Furni/Rares/ThroneST.gifThrone - 24hc - Seen 2 Times.
http://www.habbox.com/images/Furni/Rares/PetalPatchST.gifPetal Patch - 3.5hc - Seen 1 Time(s).
http://www.habbox.com/images/Furni/Rares/HCThroneSofaST.gifThrone Sofa - 4.5hc - Seen 1 Time(s).
http://www.habbox.com/images/Furni/Rares/BonniesPillowST.pngBonnie Pillow - 1.5hc - Seen 3 Times.
http://www.habbox.com/images/Furni/Rares/HCMochamasterST.gifMochamaster - 0.6 - Seen 1 Time(s)
Ok so there we have it, the values shown above were taken from Nisus Super Rare Trades And Casino, Please check back to this section regularly for more casino rare value reports.

09-04-2006, 09:08 AM
Thanks for your report although i am curious and would rather like to know who your first account was? We do not need know about your 'casino method' all we look at is your values and we couldn't care less what casino you looked in. Anyway your values for the furni are ok. I would not state them as spot on accurate but they are alright values.


09-04-2006, 07:07 PM
Thanks For The Report'e !

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