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22-04-2006, 01:28 PM
i'm currently reviewing loads of hosts, as i said in another post

and Nhosting was one recommended

Welcome to NhostingHere at Nhosting we're always updating our systems and service tohelp you with all your needs. Welcome to NhostingHere at Nhosting we're always updating our systems and service to help you with all your need a server come here!What dose Nhosting offer. If you look at what i've made bold, its first a repeat of the first sentence... then some random gibberish
We offer lots of servers we will list them Host, Resellers, Virtual, Dedicated,Teamspeak,Game servers Shoutcast servers These are all great servers, this too is unprofessional and almost gibberish... - Perhaps if written , we offer lots of options including hosting, resellers, virtual serversdedicated servers and shoutcast servers which are all high quality
If you would like to buy a packagea server please contact us don't be afraid were all ways here to help you, Your important to us, You treat us like a friend we will treat you as our friend.This seems to be the only bit that makes most sense.. although it appears to suck up to clients
you would asume that it would be a Business Relationship....

Our news
Nhosting has a better template now we're getting much better and we're now offering
website support we love to help with websites so now where supporting with them.
Special offers

More Offers will be added soon.
Thank you for visiting We Hope you buy a package on our Great service you won't
have any fuss Its Our service in your hands.

In bold it doesn't make much sense...

the packages are ... average.. with the bandwidth .. not as big as most sites might hope

We offer all sorts of servers for all your needs Your thinking what can I do on a server
well you can do all sorts of things like host a website sell space host websites and make your own money
Would you like a website hosted with no hassle at all then look no further we
have our all in proved servers here waiting for your time and effort to make
a website we don't mind what you put on there but please follow our Terms of Use. Before buying

the servers part... probebly should be packages... , when it says sell space it probebly should should mention resellers ... i'm not sure what proved servers mean, maybe they have a reseller or a dedicated server, although it looks like a reseller ,
and the last like i think should be ' please Stick to content approved by our terms and Conditions '


i can't say much abut the domains there all 9 - but i don't think they have a domain reseller but are infact using another site ... because 9 is almost 2 times what namecheap cost.. and namecheap themselves are almost overpriced

Contact Us

Just consists of 'Add Us On Msn' and Different Emails


phpbb forum with 'test forum' - what host has that kind of forum

Partners and Client Login are Just plain pages and/or the link to the /cpanel

each page is a fresh page, no iframes used or anything like it, and each is named 'Untitled-1'

the site would look ok if it was designed for all browser sizes and because of this there a huge weight spot to the right

Overall i rate this 2\10 or 3\10

- I'l be doing another Indepth of a Host site that was recommended to me soon :)

22-04-2006, 02:13 PM
lol someone called nick from nhosting add me to msn and he was sooo stupid.

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