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Unlike Previous Hosts, I've looked at all the writing and content make sense and create a positive professional image to the company

Although i do reconise the site as a template, it has being set up properly , replacing all signs of 'yoursite.com' with the hugotonhosting logo and slogon

the company news continues this image of professional hosts and so far there is no evidence to say its a reseller but for once a dedicated host with servers.

Hosting Page:

the hosting page is quite simple, they don't go on about how they shoud choose you but instead give you the basic facts and each package sticks to my favourite rule that the Bandwidth is 10x the diskspace

when i sold hosting publicly (now only privately) i used to base my prices on hugoton because they are so cheap and good for the money,
for example 1 for 1gb diskspace 10gb bandwidth is pretty good, and even there most exspensive package of 5gb 50gb bandwidth is good stuff for budget hosting

what i think is a highlight of this page is they explain what 'Shared Hosting' Is

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting is "Normal" webhosting.

Shared hosting has the cheapest prices, and the smallest packages. Shared Hosting packages are for hosting ONE website only.

and it also gives a link to there resellers

Reseller Page

Understable that the reseller page looks like the shared hosting page, it includes what is reseller hosting, (handy for new people trying to get what they want) and once again , i'm not sure how cheap there resellers are concerned compared to the rest of the world, but 1gb diskspace reseller 3.50 .. does seem quite cheap altho i no on this forum you can get them of members for as little as 1 per gig

Free Reseller Assistance
Think having a reseller hosting account will be confusing? We will provide you one on one support to walk you through everything free of charge.

this to is quite good, new people to hosting who are stick really do need a good host in times of need

one problem is that many maybe put of the site if there looking for a reseller because there is no reseller tab,

Services Page

the services page is infact the shoutcast servers and resellers page,

once again i no how good there shoutcast are because i bought one.. 1 or 2 yrs ago for a month the prices are pretty good and tho i have heard from other members that they seem to just 'stop working' i have heard the same about webhosting but i am underable to find any evidence of Montiered Downtime

i have never seen a shoutcast reseller before although i have looked, theese seem very exspensive, most would probebly prefer to just buy there normal reseller and sell them off.

oh and at the bottomn of the page 'Domains'

7 for .com , .org , .net , .info , .biz , .us , .name this is still quite exspensive but in todays doman reseller world it might be the best they can do.

Support Page

Phone.. Email Skype MSN .. what more could ask for . Personal Emails Select Emails Department Emails, this seems pretty good . once i emailed them i got a reply at i think 11:30pm , so they really do put that extra effort forward

oh and in small writing

We only answer sensible emails and job applications sent to these emails will be be deleted. You only get a job on Hugoton hosting if we ask you.

Support for Designing/Maintaining your Website/Company is available at a additional fair of 1 a site or Page. This depends on how big the site is or how many pages you need fixing.

Free Hosting is not available through these accounts so please do not ask. Sometimes we have special offers, so keep coming back to the site and visiting the home page!

HugotonHosting.com Reserves The Right to Hold any offensive email or anything received via email to these addresses to be handed to the government/police force if needed.

so you better not annoy them, or want any website design!

and Finally, If you click on 'Servers'

it gives you the choice between Reseller Servers and Shoutcast Servers... how ... fun

Ah, And Good thing i read the news.. there is no link for it other then the news but ' Dedicated Servers'


i have no exsperience with 'Dedicated' Servers. but each appear to be a good offer with plenty of space and bandwidth , and quite cheaply, altho in the long term its easily just to go out buy yourself a server,


the site for looks gets 7/10
the site for content gets 10/10
the site for Offers gets 10/10

But, I have heard of uptime problems but also read that there getting a new server to 'Partition' clients to give better uptime and results so Uptime gets 8/10

Overall, I think they earn a 9/10 ,

23-04-2006, 12:13 PM
I know the owner of this company his name is ant. Ive also heard they used to have problems with shoutcast that the server used to crash but from what ive heard they now have a new server for shoutcast and webhosting. But they hardly use msn as i have there support account on my list and no 1 is normaly on that.

23-04-2006, 12:17 PM
my local hosts :)

23-04-2006, 04:49 PM
I know the owner of this company his name is ant. Ive also heard they used to have problems with shoutcast that the server used to crash but from what ive heard they now have a new server for shoutcast and webhosting. But they hardly use msn as i have there support account on my list and no 1 is normaly on that.

I am also the owner of the company. As far as support through msn, we have discontinued. We now have a number you can call, we have all our personal emails, we have skype, we have support links to chat with a support rep. in all the cpanels. So we give you a lot of other choices, i even give the clients my personal msn, so if in need they can contact me. As far as the uptime, yes we have had some trouble, we have since then corrected the issue. We do have a new server comming, so the laggyness you may have heard of will be corrected within this week. I do hope this cleared up everything. I do thank Lycan for taking the time to rate us.

Greg Jones
Owner of Hugoton Hosting

23-04-2006, 05:03 PM
woa i wasnt saying your service was bad i just said that ive heard u had a bad spell i used to have a shoutcast server with you was fine when i had it was a great service to

23-04-2006, 05:30 PM
Oh i no mate. Im not saying you was. I just wanted to clear it up.

Have a good one,

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