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27-04-2006, 07:35 PM

excuse the size, i have a extended desktop and it keeps messing up my print screens

Right my Review Of Lava-Hosting

The Template is of a Lower standard altho it is Displayed Properly
Logo and Cpanel Titles, Spelling/Grammer is Beter then most sites


The news page is an unregistered Cutenews, something i hate, makes the site look very unprofessional and looks like its run by 13 yr olds

site uses iframes (first i've seen to do it in a while)

the style continues onto the webhosting page

500mb for 1 - i'm not sure of the current conversion rate i'm guessing its about 60p ?? , which is Unstandably great

the transfer rate with this package is alright, the rest of the packages have almost rubbish bandwidth

the largest Package is 15gb (maybe this isn't a reseller as first thought), altho with bandwdith of 20gb, its not much i would exspect atleast 150gb or even 30gb

Order System is Ihost (last time i checked it wasn't compatable with resellers)
least itmeans there paying out and hopefully its not ripped

Support is Msn and normal emails, no phone number or skype contact

Downloads??? what hosting site has downloads...

oh theres no downloads at the momment

terms of service , this should be a fun read - looks copied

YAY finally a Professional Cpanel Login Script

Um well thats it

Final Rating

Site Deisgn 4/10
Packages 8/10
Customer service 6/10

Overall 7/10

Good Luck to the Site :)

30-04-2006, 11:45 AM
Thanks but we ahve an update :)

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