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27-04-2006, 08:11 PM

First Of All, I was told the site is still underconstruction and i'll remember it in my review

First of all i want to go through the template and note the problems altho i relise most are probebly to do with it still being under construction

- Site Title - Surpreme Templates 2 , LOL
- Surpreme templates buttons,

Anyway on with the hosting review


Hamill-Hosting was created in December 2005 to host sites for personal use and for friends. I then decided to sell websites on to customers and provide them with great support. We have great uptime which has improved a lot since we first opened.
I then should be replaced with We then. also woudn't it be better to say

Hamill-Hosting was created in December 2005 to hosting sites privatly . we then decided to sell hosting publicly offer great prices and unbelievable support. We have great uptime which Promises to keep our site ontop of the market.

Company Page

In mid-April 2006 James and Dan decided that there was no need for two owners for such a small company, although they still remain friends Hamill-Hosting is just owned by James Hamill. James still wants to make the company the best he can and he hopes that it can keep growing in the future.

Is that really needed? do we really care about a break up in the partnership



um, theres no sign up's but i was informed this was because of the setup

the prices arn't the cheapist but if there support and uptime is as promised this could be an ok site to be with for a short period of time

Shared Hosting

500mb - 3.5gb bandwidth , Yearly Price 2????? - now were talking low prices!!

this is very compeitive, it elimates the sign of a reseller

15gb with 45gb bandwidth - 4 a month - if theese prices are true then this is a very cheap site


the domains arn't the cheapist and i always prefer to get domains from a Interpendent company - it means its Isolated with a proper cp


offers Skype
and Phone

10/10 - wow!

but shoudn't this be in the contactus section instead of the send script/??

how confusing

Ok Final Ratings

Site Design - 3/10
Site content - 5/10
Hosting Offers 9/10 (shoutcast isn't that good)
Support - 10/10

Final 7/10

Well Done :)

28-04-2006, 06:32 PM
that template you can get free from zymic cant you?

28-04-2006, 06:52 PM
that template you can get free from zymic cant you?

Yes, It's a supreme designs one, thats why I have the link at the bottom of the page, and the buttons.

Btw, thanks for the great review, I'll take your notes into consideration and maybe edit them shortly.

Also, yes the title ' Supreme woteva' and the buttons are going to be removed, i just wanted the site up as soon as I could, because of how long its been down.

Thanks for the marks and you give other ideas of what to use, which is good of you :)

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