View Full Version : Getting a new job in the police force then takin driving test, any help?

06-01-2005, 06:02 PM
[B]Heya, I'l be joining the Police Force (British) then I'l be taking a driving test.
I need some info from the OLDER more MATURE members of the boards to tell me what I may need to do to do the best in my driving test.

20-02-2005, 03:26 PM
Be nice to the examiner.. and dont let them forget to test you on your maintence questions. Mne nearly had me drive off without doing them. Uh.. Drive right? dont kill anyone.. I nearly hit a old lady on my first test.. well not really she walked out in front of me. and stood there. But I passed second time.. withe same examiner. Ah wel.. and try and calm your nerves.. and it helps not to look at the time.. because then you get more freaked about whens its gonna end rather than jus driving.
I realise this is old topic.. but Only us saw it..might be too late ah well.

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