View Full Version : Green Birdbaths (Down) + More Values

22-06-2006, 12:11 PM
http://www.habbox.com/images/Furni/Rares/BirdBathGreenST.gif7.0 - Down - I have not seen the green birdbath sell for 8.0 once yet. Green birdbaths are steady at 7.0 and have decreased by 0.5. They DONT sell at 8.0 at all. Seen 6 times!

http://www.habbox.com/images/Furni/Rares/FestiveFanST.png1.0 - Down - Red fans just about sell for 1.0. It's a very disliked rare which is why it should decrease. Seen 3 times.

http://www.habbox.com/images/Furni/Rares/SUPERLOVEFanST.PNG1.0 - Down - Pink Fans are also unpopular and are lucky to be traded for 1.0. Seen twice.

http://www.habbox.com/images/Furni/Rares/AloeVeraST.gif3.5 - Down - I haven't seen Aloe Veras traded for 4.0 once either. This is the maximum I have seen them traded for. Seen 4 times.

http://www.habbox.com/images/Furni/Rares/TerrocottaPillarST.gif0.9 - Down - This value needs to be updated. They do not sell for 1.5 anymore and dont even sell for 1.0. Seen 4 times.

http://www.habbox.com/images/Furni/Rares/BonniesPillowST.png0.8 - Down - Purple Pillows just do not sell for 1 hc. Maybe they will in a few months time but at the moment, people are sick of seeing them as they were out in the catalogue recently. This IS NOT 1 HC. Seen countless times.

http://www.habbox.com/images/Furni/Rares/ElfGreenDragonLampST.png1.0 - Down - They do not sell at 1.5. Everyone is happy to buy and sell at the price of 1.0. Seen 5 times.

http://www.habbox.com/images/Furni/Rares/HCImperialTeleportSetST.gif1.5 - Down - The imps don't sell at 2.0 anymore. Just recently they have been selling at the price of 1.5 because more and coming out due to those who joined habbo club.

I think Habbox over-rates these rares, especially the green birdbath at the moment. I feel people who say they see it sell for 8.0 are trying to increase the value when it don't really sell at the price.


22-06-2006, 03:13 PM
good report well done

green bird bath there seems to be an argument between the price of this as some1 posted pic of it being sold at 9hc and others report it low oh i dunno wat to think lol

but anyway well done


22-06-2006, 03:36 PM
Hey thanks for the report! Id maybe you should do a little more research into the Imps but other than that great report and nicely accurate well done!

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