View Full Version : SHOUTcast Resellers

10-07-2006, 02:50 PM
Due to the small amount of servers purchased from me over the previous few days, I can now afford to sell SHOUTcast Resellers. The resellers I am selling can each hold a minimum of 150 servers, however this amount raises depending on the package you order.

Unfortuntaly or Fortunately, the only method of Pay is via Habbo. This is no scam and I will go first (meaning I will create your reseller and allow you to experiment before you hand over the payment).

Packages and Prices
Small (150 servers) - 11 HCs
Medium (250 Servers) - 14 HCs
Large (350 Servers) - 16 HCs
Jumbo (600 Servers) - 23 HCs

If you wish to purchase a personalised server, with an amount total servers you wish, then please reply to this thread requesting so.

The resellers are controlled via Cast Control which is an online installment (which can be found at an anonymous URL) allowing you to create your clients their servers immediately and under your control.

Your clients will also be able to administrate their server(s) via Cast Control.

If you wish to purchase a reseller from me, then please reply to this thread immediately and I will discuss the matter with you. The resellers only take a matter of minutes to set up.


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