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12-08-2006, 01:11 PM
sorry havent posted 1 lately lol but this is another full report!loloh joy my hands are gonna hurt again


*petal patch floor (x28) = 5.3t - seen(2) - I have noticed there has been quite alot of people buying petal patches but i dont think there are many people selling a whole floor!
*Throne = 25 cs - seen(4) - The Throne value has changed quite alot over the last couple of weeks there has been alot of people rushing to buy them I have seen offers from 25 - 29cs but 25cs seems to be most frequent.
*Green pillow = 17.5cs - seen(4) - I have noticed the Green pillow decrease in price quite alot i have seen lots of people selling them for 18cs but I think the most people are willing to pay is 17.5.
*Grey bird bath = 13cs - seen(3) - The Grey birdbath is quite hard to come by i have seen more people buying than selling them.
*Bronze nelly = 9cs - seen(6) - The bronze nelly has increased quite alot over the last year I remember when they were 4cs lol but anyway i have seen thease mostly selling at 9cs.
*The Green Bird bath = 10cs - seen(6) - I have 2 of thease myself and have found it increasingly hard to sell them for the price currently listed on habbox.
*silver nelly = 10.5 cs - seen(3) - Thease are selling at 10 - 10.5 cs but i have seen them mostly at 10.5.
*The full para set = 10.8cs - seen(1) - There has been a big rush for thease suprise suprise cough summer lol.
*The half para set = 6cs - seen(4) - do i have to say anything else apart from its the summer and people are trying to buy shelter!
*Orange para = 5cs - seen(5) - what else can i say people like the colour orange.
*petal patch = 5cs - seen(17) - Thease are realy going up everyone wants 1!
*holiday romance = 3cs - seen(2) - Thease are definetly going down i hate to say that becoz i have 3 of them but its true.
*hammock = 3.5 seen(8) - well its seems that people want all the summer furni but hammock is still going down.
*aloe = 3cs - seen(6) - i didnt think thease would go down but there is definetly not enough people wanting them.
*blue amber = 3 - seen(4) - the amber lamps have slowly but steadily decreasing in price.
*majestic chair = 3cs - seen(9) - people still want majestic chairs i dont know what it is about them but they make your room look nice.
*black monolith = 3cs - seen(2) - I think the reason this is so popular is becoz its an animated door! what else can i say?
*red amber = 2 - seen(6) - I think the ambers are going down but i dont think the red amber will go bellow 2 cs.
*the t sofa = 2cs - seen(11) - The t sofa still looks neat but its decreasing in price when im trading i try to avoid habbo club furni as there is an endless suply and there are always more and more coming in every month.
*the red dragon = 2cs - seen(6) - Havent seen this alot lately but i think from just looking at people buying and selling them that this is the going rate.
*russian somovar = 2.5cs - seen(5) - I like thease becoz they are diferent.
*yellow para = 2cs - seen(4) - i think thease are going to go up this is a great investment for the summer especially if you sell them to people who are collecting the whole set.
*green dragon = 1.5cs - seen(3) - some guy offered me one for a cs i dont think even if you tride for 9 hours straight to sell this for 2 cs you could.
*purple para = 1.8 - seen(7) - as i asaid the paras are a good investment.
*green para = 1.8 - seen(6) - look up ^^^^^^^^
*holo girl = 1.5 - seen(3) - dont think thease are moving
*holo boy = 1.5 - seen(4) thease are quite fun but still i dont think they are moving any time soon.
*white pillow = 1.5 - seen(7) - thease are going up
*red pillow = 1.5 - seen(4) - thease are slightly more rare than the white pillow thease are also going up.
*linking imps = 1.2 - seen(6) - thease are selling for 1 club sofa pure.
*blue dragon = 1.1 - seen(3) - not quite a cs but not far of
*alien artifact = 1.1 - seen(4) - good fun thing for a room you will probably get 1 cs for it
*cola = 1.3 - seen(2) - more and more people are wanting them.
*purple pillow = 1.1 - you would be hard pushed to get a cs for this.
*cs = 70 rd - seen(19) - the only stable rare it is not moving anywere.
*study desk = 1cs - seen(2) - people like thease becoz they are an easy way to get a cheap typo.
*christmas greatings = 1cs - seen(0) - I like thease they are quite nice and are good for your room i think they are worth more.
*white screen = 1cs - seen(2) - always nice to have give your room a nice orientle feel i think they r worth 0.9 but hey
*the marque = 1cs - seen(2) - i love thease they r great.
*greek pillar = 1cs - seen(3) - thease are good for stacking.
*festival fan = 1cs - seen(2) - i think thease are worth 0.8 but apparently not
*super love fan = 1cs - seen(3) - dont think they are worth 1 cs but what can you do?
*yellow pillar = 1cs - seen(4) - I like thease but they arnt worth 1 cs
*rosewood screen = 1cs - seen(5) - i like thease they give your room an oriental feel.
*terricota pillar = 1cs - seen(2) - i think thease are more likely to be worth 0.8cs but hey.
*ice cream machine = 0.8cs - seen(3) - i dont like thease so much
*snow globe = 0.5cs - thease havent moved much and they are cool so hey.
*nordic table = 0.5cs - thease are cool
*oil lamp = 0.5cs - seen(3) - thease are realy cool and they are not going to go bellow 0.5cs
*mocha = 0.5cs - seen(9) - thease are very common and not many people want them so i think they are on there way down.
*speaker = 0.5cs - seen(3) - thease are on there way up
*dicemaster = 0.5cs - seen(3) - thease are definetly on there way up
*disco sign = 0.5cs - seen(2) - dont think thease are going up they are only worth 0.5
*chinease sofa = 0.3cs - seen(10) - thease are on their way down.
*tubmaster = 0.5 - seen (4) - thease are going up becoz they went down lol
*dont kno much about the bear rugs havent seen any
*hc plasto set = 0.3cs - seen(2) - crap
*calig poster = 0.3cs - seen(17) - going down definetly
*1 imp = 0.25 - seen(0) - you cant see thease becoz they get snapped up by scammers
*hc table =2rd - seen(7) - crap
*hc table = 4rd seen(6) - crap


12-08-2006, 01:32 PM
Long report there well done. PLease dont report values that are already on habbox. thanks

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