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02-12-2006, 11:46 AM
Website: Click Here! (http://www.direct-hosts.net)
Payment Methods: Paypal
Web Hosting Packages: Click Here! (http://direct-hosts.net/site/hosting.html)
Shoutcast Hosting Packages: Click Here! (http://direct-hosts.net/site/shoutcast.html)
Web Reseller Packages: Click Here! (http://direct-hosts.net/site/resellerhosting.html)
Shoutcast Reseller Packages: Click Here! (http://direct-hosts.net/site/shoutcastresellers.html)
VPS Packages: Click Here! (http://direct-hosts.net/site/vpshosting.html)

I do not own/run the site, I am just getting sales for them.
Please contact me to arrange to purchase a package and I will give you all the owners contact details so you can purchase from them as some buy now links on the website are not working. Also if you are purchasing because of this, please tell him that I have told you to purchase from there. Thanks :)

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