View Full Version : Updated Rare Values

05-05-2005, 09:32 PM
The birdbaths i have been finding are being traded more throughout habbo. I have been seeing the green one being traded for 2.5 - 2 Hcs and the White bird bath being traded from 3-4 hcs. Just thought id post up the values that i have found and see if anyone has been seeing them being traded for higher values all through habbo.

now petals have been seen recently in the catalouge but many people loooooove them. Ive seen people trading them for 2 hcs some for 3. I was on the Rare trades forum and found about 6 or 7 people ask if they could get a petal for 2 hcs. Then in habbo rare trades ive been seeing them go for 2.5-3 hcs. So an easy resolution for this would be to place them at around 2.5-3 Hcs :D

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