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16-05-2005, 06:23 PM
Petal Patch = I;ve been selling alot of these over the past few days and have traded for a very varied price from around 2 cs to about 3 cs, anything between that is a brilliant price eg. habbox's at 2.5 cs :)

Para Set(With orange) = I don't understand why everyone hates paras so much, i think there great :), but its not what i think that matters. So i recently traded the full set for 12 cs which i thought was good since they were released in catalogue. I also sold set without orange for 3.5(petal and hc sofa) which i also thought was good :) obviously.. i would price the full set for around 10.5 cs to 11

Throne Sofa = I've also recently sold a few of these wonderfull sofas :) for 4 cs and a few norms adding up to about 0.4 which = 4.4 :) i've seen people trading these for atleast 4 cs to 4.8(highest) so my estimate would be 4.3 cs

Nordic Table = I know many people will not agree with me but my personall price for these would be 1.5 cs, Why? because they are priced at the same as 1 cs which you get when you first join HC this is stupid as they take months to get and costs a bomb. Also i've seen them trade in trade rooms for prices around 1 cs to 1.2 so i think they are slowely rising in price.

Snowglobe = :o how on Earth could these rares stoop so low that they are under the mocha at 0.4, once a super rare and one of the best they are fantastic or rather once were :S. But no now they are pretty boring because like almost every other rare they came out in the catalogue :l nice!!. But hang on, i would keep them until X-mas 2006 because i'm sure they will shoot up thats why i have invested in 1 of my own :). Only one because rite now they are a waste of money =).

Ok Woah!! I've written loads. SO bye for now and hope you like my values
Ps... Rare values reporters put in a good word for me.
••Over And Out••

17-05-2005, 04:20 PM
You have some nice values and a nice reason but the rules say you can only post values that need to be changed, the petal already was 2.5cs. ;)

It doesn't meen that the value needs to go up if it takes longer before you get an item like the nordic. Because, like the mocha, you only need a few nordics to make a good room, while you need tons of hc sofas to make a room look good, so people don't offer much for the nordic. ;)

But keep it up, and maybe one day you become one.
Good luck.

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