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29-09-2007, 10:25 AM
Hello, I would just like to make sure you guys know the truth about vibrantstream.com.

I know someone who bought one of there "dedicated servers", there lowest package which is $42, with cPanel/whm, I know first of all the sounds very fishy since cPanel/whm licenses cost about $48 themselves. Anyway, he bought it, got the details. I then asked for the IP etc, and it traced back to Knownhost, as some of you might know, they are a VPS provider, I then checked the cPanel license. And guess what? A cPanel VPS license.

Ok well at least he has got a bit of what he has paid for right?

Wrong, he paid for there lowest package which has 40gb of diskpace, 1000gb of bandwidth. What about the other specs you say? Ram? Processor? well thats not listed on there site.

But checking the disk space on his so called "dedicated server" shows 10gb diskspace, which is either VPS Ltx or VPS Lca. Costing them $30 making a $12 profit. So even though its a VPS, he is getting the wrong specifications as well.

You can believe what you want, I have recieved this information from someone I know. And as you can see they don't even have the full specification on there site.

A few days ago someone emailed them (a friend of mine) asking how they are so cheap, they said they are virtulized systems. I didn't think much of it till now. They claim its a dedicated server on there website, when its not. That is false advertising, and is against the law.

Then noticing something else, vibrantstream has stolen the layout of GBServers Ltd (gbservers.co.uk).

So lets recap, false advertising, stealing layouts, and what about there other services?

Have YOU had or have hosting with vibrantstream? What do you think? Are you actually getting the service you paid for!

29-09-2007, 11:14 AM
Vibrant Steam - I know a few people who had the exact same problems!

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