View Full Version : My Lates Updates

04-06-2005, 12:44 PM
Lates Updates:

Purple Para: 1Hc
Yellow Para: 1Hc
Green Para: 1Hc
Para Set: 3.1Hc

These Prices Are Gradually Beginning To Rise, After The Dramatic Drop, After The Release Of Parasols In The Catalog, Now People Have New Rares To Moan About And Say They Dont Like, I Belive Paras Will Gradually Go Up, And I Have Seen Them Being Traded For In Trade Rooms (I Agree With TUPAC)

Majestic: 4.3Hc
T.Sofa: 4.2 - 4.3Hc

These Have Also Changed Alot In The Past Day Or So, The Throne Sofa Has Been Wanted Higly These Past Few Days, But Its The Opposite For The Majestic, People Just Arn't TRading Them Anymore.

Keep Watch For My Next Update. :)


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