View Full Version : Value's

24-06-2005, 09:59 AM
Here Are What I Think The Values Should Be.

Throne : 19.4 Hcs : This is because i have seen many people accept this, and havent seen many people offer more that 19.5 Hcs.
Paraset (Orange Included) : 8.2 Hcs : People are not offering as much now, partly because of the drop in the Orange Para's Value. Also, I predict that this may drop to about 8 Hcs soon.
Majestic : 4.5 - 4.7 Hcs : I have seen many people offer 4.5 for Majestics and a lot of these offers are accepted. However, some people want slightly more, and they get offers of around 4.7 (usually throne sofa + 0.5 rare).
Orange Para : 4.5 Hcs :There isn't a high demand for these at the moment, and they are going for around 4.5 Hcs.
Throne Sofa : 4 - 4.2 Hcs : Most offers are only 4 Hcs, however very few are accepted, as most people want around 4.2 Hcs for their Throne Sofa.
Grey Bird Bath : 3.6 - 4 Hcs : I have seen a lot of people accept 3.6 Hcs for their Grey Bird Bath, but i have also seen many people offer 4 Hcs. Therefore im not too sure on a value.
Petal Patch : 2.8 - 3.2 Hcs : I have seen quite a few people trade their Petal Patches for under 3 Hcs, however i have also seen a lot be traded for over 3 Hc. This is a grey area, as there is a wide range of offers being accepted, making it hard to estimate the value.
Green Bird Bath : 2.5 - 3 Hcs : There is a high demand for these at the moment, and could go for more than their current value. People have been offering a lot for Green Bird Baths, and i think they will continue to offer this.

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