View Full Version : The Habbox Launch Show - Tonight 8pm

11-07-2008, 04:47 PM

OK, after it was announced I was manager I promised some fantastic shows and boy am I going to deliver. Yes, tonight at 8pm - 8.45pm I am going to bring you rare-grabbing competitions, the hottest debate around and some suprises that are sure to knock you off your pixel perch.

So, be sure to get your pixel backsides down to DudeDanny123 's queue room at 7:45 where there will be some fantastic competitions from the staff whilst you queue up! There's something you don't get at Alton Towers.

See you there ;)


If you want a guaranteed seat for the show, all you have to do is apply by sending a PM to Mrs.McCall . Only 4 people per show can have a FastPass, so its first come first serve. As a FastPass holder, you will skip the queue and have access to the staff area, and be let in before anyone else! Thus giving you a garunteed seat. If you are accepted for a FastPass you will get a reply, and the time you must turn up. If you dont turn up after a certain time, you will be banned from getting another FastPass. Its a priveledge, not to be wasted!

Habbox Name:
Habbo Name:
Date of Show:
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Although the FastPass service is free, donations are accepted warmly, big or small. Donations go towards prizes and building new talkshow Studios, or improving our current ones.

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