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11-06-2010, 04:09 PM
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Firstly, we would like to welcome all our international users from far and wide. Habbox news is a multi-award winning department that brings you the latest and greatest news from both the Habbo and entertainment worlds. We have been renowned for going beyond borders, bringing you news that may not have been seen before and opinions of our talented team of news reporters. We aim to provide news articles that indulge the readers into issues related to Habbo and the entertainment world.

As the merge has come upon us, there have been a few changes to the news as our regular readers may have noticed;

- The 'Habbo International News' section has been re-named to 'Habbo News' and will now solely cater for news on the merged hotel. This section will contain a number of front page articles, however, only news that we feel is important will be posted on the Habbox homepage as well. This would mean that you would only be getting quality articles that stand of significance in the hotel.

- The 'Entertainment and Technology News' section has been re-named to 'Entertainment News'. This is due to the scrapping of technology news, which proved to be unpopular and a liability towards the department. Real life news will be solely focused on entertainment and emphasis will be put on quality. Such an example, may be found in a recent Lady GaGa article (http://www.habbox.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=76715:ent-lady-gagas-alejandro-premieres&catid=126:entertainment-news&Itemid=500210), which delves into an in depth analysis of the music video to the hit 'Alejandro'.

- News will also now publish articles, which expand on how the merge will directly affect you, such as changes in rare values and the overall benefit it is to you as players (if there is any!).

Habbox news will in the next few weeks be moving into the merge stronger than ever before, with a record breaking team we will provide analysis on news that will make your senses tingle. Some things that may be in the lineup for you are news articles that can cause debate over some controversial issues within Habbo, Big Brother coverage, World Cup news and a number of interesting articles regarding the merge, that include a number of factors directly affecting YOU. The means of news will also cross boundaries by the use of interactive flash videos and via the means of radio through a weekly 'News @ Live' show broadcast on Sundays at 3 PM BST.

Over the next few weeks there will be even more developed ideas implemented to make it a truly pleasurable reading experience. Remember to visit www.habbox.com and leave some of your comments within the news articles, start a debate and who knows, you may be reading news before the Habbo press even get to it (if they even do!)

Happy Reading,

Assistant News Manager

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