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31-08-2005, 12:21 PM
This was taken from my sister who was in secondary school from,
September 2000 - May 2005


Year 7 : This is a brand new start for lots of children, lots of kids moving up to a brand new, larger school. You can start fresh, act different, get lots more new friends. So what if the year 8's push you around, they're just a bunch of noobs xD.. Lots more lessons, I had 14 subjects! Moving around classes but the teachers make you feel so welcome.. dont worry about year 7, but what I say, enjoy it while it lasts!

Year 8 : You finished your first year at your new school and return for a new year, year 8 in my words is personally a doss year. Maybe the odd exam but you have nothing to look forward to. Year 8 you can sit and just chill for a year, in my views year 8 was one of the best years. Enjoy year 8 while it lasts though, year 9 it starts!

Year 9 : " Dont you want to do well in your SATS? ".. That's what alot of teachers will be saying to you this year, ugh! the word of SATS makes me shiver! Year 9 started very cool but then we had to practise for the SATS and made my skin crawl when we took them!.. I actullay done well in the SATS but then I got naughty.. >:)

Year 10 : Key stage 4! Choose your own subjects!.. ugh.. COURSEWORK, When I started year 10 in 2003, it was a nightmare.. COURSEWORK FOR CHILDCARE.. COURSEWORK FOR I.C.T, THE WHOLE DAMN THING COURSEWORK!.. Coursework was horrid, you have deadlines what are met for the next day, I started turning naughty in year 10 and smoked alot :D

Year 11 : The final year of high school, alot of people are sick of school at this point and just want to leave, year 11 is one of the important years.. GCSE'S!.. We had to prepare from September 2004 to get these right.. I took my GCSE'S in June and I have not recieved my results yet as I didnt go to get them, THROUGH THE POST!

Enjoy high school, Good luck to the people who start this year!

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31-08-2005, 12:28 PM
Im going into year 8 xD

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