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17-08-2014, 10:01 PM

If you've never seen the Your Words competition before why on earth not?! then let me introduce it for you! Your Words is the monthly short story competition, giving you a chance to let your creativity and imagination go wild! With it being HxSS I thought I would give you an easy few requirements to include, all in the spirit of competition. For this competition write a short story of at least 250 words and using all of the features below.

Habbox Summer Spectacular
Blue team
Black team
Red team
Green team

Here are a few stories from the past to give you an idea of what i'm looking for!
One (http://www.habboxforum.com/showthread.php?t=796405&p=8109327#post8109327), two (http://www.habboxforum.com/showthread.php?t=784825&p=7988821#post7988821), three (http://www.habboxforum.com/showthread.php?t=784825&p=7988524#post7988524).

Post your answers below.

1st Place = 100 points
2nd Place = 75 points
3rd Place = 50 points
Click here (http://www.habboxforum.com/showthread.php?t=791966&p=8059610#post8059610) for more information about prizes

22-08-2014, 09:15 AM
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, all was peaceful between the 4 teams...that was until the Red team attacked. The
fierce red team would not stop for anyone or anything. Some say the red team are so fierce in battle they can explode a man just by grabbing his arms and making him do the macarena. The black team are the ones with no fear. Some say the black team can play five nights at freddy's in a pitch black room with surround sound and alone for 5 hours straight. Never have they backed out of a fight and they wont this Habbox summer spectacular. The blue team are the smartest ones. They may not be the strongest but their intellect means they can outwit and outsmart the opposing teams. The Green Team is the team with the best defence. If any of the other teams would break into their territory they could hold them off for years, they could potentially be a tough match for the reds. How long will this war go on for? no one knows. Well, apart from the people at habbox seeing they are running the event...you know.

mfw i have no idea what this summer spectacular is coz i havent been on for a year

22-08-2014, 06:09 PM
You come in from outside, sweat sticking your shirt to your back, welcoming the relief that only air conditioning can give. But blinking sweat out of your eyes, you realize, the intense means one thing. It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular! You make your way to the laptop and open it up, bringing up the homepage of habboxforum.com. You log in. You're a member of the black team.

As you read through the forum, you notice that there's a dead pixel on your screen. It's oddly blue and green and red all at the same time. You lean in to get a closer look of this odd new mixture of colors as one, to the point that your eye is almost up against the screen. You blink and your lashes brush the screen for just a moment. When you open your eyes, you realize that your room that was around you has gone. All that remains is the screen. Reversed. You've some how gone through your screen.

You look behind you and see that you're in a dark square room. With three other people in front of their own screens. One in a blue t shirt and sweats. Another in red. And the last in green. You look down at yourself. Black.

"What just happened?" says Blue. "I was just at home on my laptop and when I blinked, I was here."

"Same thing just happened to me," you respond. "I was just browsing through a forum when I noticed a dead pixel on my screen. I leaned in, blinked, wound up here."

Green looks to you and says, "I was on a forum, too."

"Habbox?" you say.

"Yeah," the other three reply.

"We're the colors of the HxSS teams. Do you think this has something to do with it?" asks Red.

You feel a tug at your hip and notice a gun holster has appeared. You glance up at the other three. Red is already drawing his gun, but Green is too fast as she whips hers out and shoots him twice in the arm and chest. Blue, ready for her, shoots Red in the head before she can turn to face him. Blue looks over to you and aims. You lunge to the side and land hard on your side, your gun pushing deeply into your thigh. You roll as you draw your weapon and see Blue charging towards you, two hands aiming his gun at your head. You leap up as a bullet marks the ground where you had been, and take your shot. The bullet lands between Blue's eyes and he drops.

You look up and notice that their screens have gone black. You walk back to yours, tears of pain, fear, and relief stinging your eyes, bringing your eyes up close to that dead pixel. You blink. As your eyes open, you feel your chair behind you, the warmness of the laptop on your legs. You feel safe. You look down to the dead pixel on your screen, but it's gone.

You continue to go through life questioning the reality of what happened. Did you just fall asleep? If so, how had you gotten that bruise from falling on your gun? Did three people die that day in that room with you? All you have are questions. No answers. Not one.

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