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24-03-2015, 09:19 PM

Hey guys! I am now looking for one person to fill the role of Head DJ for team Charlie. As you know, a head DJ role is one step up from Senior and requires extensive dedication and knowledge/ability on how to run a team. Here's a brief outline of the role;

Must be able to send PMs (warnings, cautions, feedback) on time.
Must be dedicated and firm in the running of a team.
Must be able to host at least two events per month as well as a Team Bonding.
Must be able to DJ a minimum of three per week.
Must be active in both the forum and on client.
Must be friendly, though able to be strict when it comes to issues.
Must be easy to work with.
Must be from the EU.

If you feel that you can be all of these things, send a PM to Ripieno with the title 'Head DJ Application answering the following questions:

DJ Name:
What can you offer that no-one else can?
What would you consider your strengths and weaknesses?
Can you be active on the forum every day?
Give an idea of an event you'd like to see at HabboxLive:
What would you like to change at HabboxLive? (this could be a rule change, a team change or anything you think would help the department):
Tell me your own personal meaning of 'Dedication':

You don't need to be currently in the department to apply for this role, but it would be extremely helpful if you had some knowledge of how to DJ so that you're not being taught from scratch. I'm looking forwards to see what you have to offer!

Apps close on the 31st March at 11:59PM and the successful applicant will be contacted shortly after.

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