Icon Name / Description
Member of the Month Member of the Month
For being one of Habbox Forum's members of the month.
Habbox Dedication Award Habbox Dedication Award
Awarded by General Management for dedication to Habbox
Forum Updates Award Forum Updates Award
For having your idea used in Forum Updates!
Debates Top Contributor Debates Top Contributor
For that special person who's made a big impact in this months Debate topic
Elite Rooms Elite Rooms
Awarded for having your room moved to the 'Elite Rooms' forum.
Elite Alterations Elite Alterations
Awarded for having your Alteration moved to the 'Elite Alterations' forum.
Newcomer of the Month Newcomer of the Month
Awarded for being chosen as Habbox Forum's newcomer of the month.
Player of the Month Player of the Month
Awarded by the Events Department to one Habbo per month who stands out as being active, helpful and considerate.
Values Expert Values Expert
For reporting quality values in the 'Rare Values Suggestions' forum
Habbox Wiki Top Contributor Habbox Wiki Top Contributor
For writing excellent content on the Wiki!
Cool Room of the Month Cool Room of the Month
For winning cool room of the month.
Articles Reader of the Month Articles Reader of the Month
Awarded for active participation within Habbox Articles
Posting Statistics Award Posting Statistics Award
Awarded for making 100 posts in the weekly posting statistics.
Habbox Alteration Archive Habbox Alteration Archive
Awarded for having your alts showcased on the Habbox Alteration Archive.
Request Award
Habbox Guest Articles Scheme Habbox Guest Articles Scheme
For having an article featured on Habbox.com!

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