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Why are some usernames in a different font colour?

habbox staffYou may notice that some usernames are a different colour at HabboxForum, this sometimes denotes a staff rank although users can have their name in a Donator or VIP colour. Donator can be bought by clicking here, VIP can only be won in competitions. Here is a list of the colours:
  • Habbox Administrators
  • Habbox (Assistant) General Managers
  • Forum Super Moderators
  • Forum Moderators
  • Habbox Department Managers
  • All Habbox Staff
  • Official Sulake Staff
  • Habbox Christmas Charity VIP
  • Habbox VIP or Donator
  • Habbox VIP or Donator
  • Habbox VIP or Donator
  • Habbox VIP
  • Habbox VIP
  • Habbox VIP or Donator
  • Habbox VIP or Donator
  • Habbox VIP or Donator
  • Habbox God
  • Registered Users
There will be different colours around too, these are usually our limited edition VIP and Donators, if a user is VIP or Donator they will usually have a userbar to say this.

Promotion System (User Ranks)

What is the promotion system?
On the 25th of May 2010 we saw a new user ranking system introduced on the forum called the "Promotion System". This system is much more advanced than the previous system where users advance to new usergroups and gain a few extra features for their account.

What is the purpose of the Promotion System?
The purpose of this system is so that users posts more frequently on the forum but also break the forum rules less so that they don't lose their account due to banning and having to start from the bottom of the promotion system again.

The Ranks & Features

  • Gold
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Platinum
  • Habbox God
New ranks will be added when more users advance through them. It takes about an hour for your account to advance to the next level once you have the requirements. Each new rank gives you some new account features for you to enjoy. Below we show that those features are:

Features Gold Ruby Sapphire Emerald Platinum Habbox God
PM Storage 200 300 400 500 600 600
Mass PM 4 Recipients 5 Recipients 6 Recipients 8 Recipients 10 Recipients 10 Recipients
Avatar Size (Pixels) 120 x 120 130 x 130 140 x 140 150 x 150 150 x 150 150 x 150
Profile Picture Size (Pixels) 100x100 120 x 120 130 x 130 140 x 140 150 x 150 150 x 150
Signature Picture Size (Pixels) 700 x 150 700 x 150 700 x 150 700 x 150 700 x 200 700 x 300
Appear Offline (Invisible) No No No No Yes Yes
Can see who issued reputation No No No No No Yes
Bonus reputation points 0 Points 10 Points 15 Points 20 Points 25 Points 30 Points
Gold Coloured Name No No No No No Yes
Custom User Titles (HTML) No No No No No Yes

The Stars
For each rank, you have to go through 4 stars before advancing to the next rank. Obviously it gets harder to gain more stars as you advance through the groups to keep it challenging for older members with lots of posts. Here are the stars in order:

  • Gold
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Platinum
Here are the requirements for each star in each group:
  • Gold: To be in this userrank you must have between 0 and 1000 posts. For each extra star you need 250 posts.
  • Ruby: To be in this user rank you must have between 1001 and 2500 posts. For each extra star you would need 375 posts.
  • Sapphire: To be in this user rank you must have between 2501 and 5000 posts. For each extra star you would need 625 posts.
  • Emerald: To be in this userrank you must have between 5001 and 10000 posts. For each extra star you would need 1250 posts.
  • Platinum: To be in this userrank you must have between 10,001 and 20,000 posts. For each extra star you would need 2500 posts.
  • Habbox God: To be in this userrank you must have over 20,001 posts OR have your account registered for 10 years AND have 5,000+ posts (click here for more information). For each extra star you would need 10,000 posts.

Note: Please note that if your account is not 10 years old and you have 20,000+ posts, you will still be placed in Habbox God

Bonus Reputation Points
As well as gaining extra stars and features with the promotion system, we also like to reward you with bonus reputation points for the posts that you make. For example, for every 2500 posts you make as a platinum member, you gain 25 reputation points added to your total! This system is entirely automated, so if you notice your total increase for seemingly no reason, this is why.

How do I change my usertitle?


To change your usertitle you must be a Habbox VIP or Donator.

Donators can change their usertitles by going to their User Control Panel and then Edit Profile (or click here).

VIP's can request their usertitle to have HTML in it - you can do this by clicking here if you are VIP.

Normal members without VIP or Donator will have a post-based usertitle (see Promotions System).

Please note staff members must have their job clear in their usertitle at all times

Public & Joinable Groups


Habbox Forum has one joinable usergroup for it's Ex-Staff Members.

This group is exclusively available to (ex-)staff members who meet the following criteria:

  • Have worked for Habbox in a managerial role for 1 year (with no breaks) OR have contributed something outstanding to Habbox.
  • have resigned from your role (not been fired).
  • Request must be on the same account used when a manager.
  • Must have recieved 0 infractions within 3 weeks of your resignation.
  • Must not have an active infraction at time of request.
  • Maintain appropriate behaviour around HabboxForum whilst a member of the group.
To join this group go to User Control Panel, then Permission Groups and request membership.

Your request must first be approved by one of the group leaders, either xxMATTGxx or lawrawrrr. Joining this group gives you an exclusive "Habbox Merit" userbar and access to an Ex-Staff sub-forum.

As of the 3rd of September 2014, members that have been on the forum for 10 years or more are able to request to join the Habbox God usergroup.

This usergroup is only avaliable to the members who meet the following criteria:

  • Have 20,000+ Posts
  • OR
  • Have been on the forum for 10 years or more.
  • Must have 5,000+ posts.
To join this usergroup go to User Control Panel, then Permission Groups and request membership.

Your request to join the group will be reviewed by a Forum Admininistrator. Once you join this usergroup you will given the following perks:

  • 150x150 Avatars
  • 700x300 Signatures
  • 150x150 Profile Pictures
  • Appear Offline (Invisible)
  • Can see who issued reputation
  • Gold Coloured Name (Sparkles)
  • 200 tokens & 50 rep upon joining
  • Ability to see the V.I.P forum & have HTML user titles

How can I change my forum name?

username change

VIP Members
If you are a VIP member, then you may change your name on the forum to anything that takes your fancy - simply click here and read the instructions.

You can also purchase a name change in the shop for 1,500 tokens.

There are a few conditions you must look over before choosing a name:

  • Changing your name to something within the rules, that has not already been registered is allowed.
  • Changing your name to something that clashes with a member who has 100 posts or less and has not been online for 4 years OR who has less than 10 posts and has not been online for 2 years is allowed
  • Changing your name to something that clashes with a member who has more than 100 posts and has been online in the past 4 years OR who has less than 10 posts and has not been online for 2 years is not allowed.

All name changes are at the discretion of the Features Manager and General Management who can, and will in some cases, refuse without any disclosed reason if necessary.

To find out how to get Habbox VIP - click here

To find out how to get tokens - click here

Normal Members and Donators
If you are a normal member or a Donator, then you may only change your name to your Habbo name. To do this you must send a Private Message to Chris and then send him a Friend Request on Habbo.com, this will help you to provide proof that you are the owner of the account.


Reputation is something that enables other members to see what other people have rated you. How well a member is rated is shown with green or red blocks. A new member starts with 50 reputation points.

Reputation is split into 2 different categories: Positive and Negative.

People give out positive reputation for such things as:

  • Funny threads or posts
  • Good room designs
  • Good ideas
  • Good graphics / alterations
  • Helpful posts
This is known as +Rep, when someone +Reps you it will give you as many reputation points as their rep power holds. For example, if someone has 10 rep power, you will receive 10 reputation points.
When you view your rep comments, +Rep is displayed as a Green block positive reputation image.

When you do something bad you will most likely receive -Rep. You may receive a -Rep for the following reasons:

  • Pointless Posting
  • Being rude
  • Breaking the forum rules
-Rep is displayed as a Red block negative reputation image.

When you receive a -Rep, it takes half of the persons reputation power from your total reputation points. For example, if someone had 10 rep power, you would lose 5 reputation points if they gave you a -Rep.

Sometimes negative reputation can be unfair, if you feel this is the case then you can report it in this forum.

Giving Reputation
Giving reputation is quite simple, you simply click the star-like figure at the bottom of someone's post (this varies between skins), you can then select either "I Approve" or "I Disapprove" - you must then leave your comment, which is basically what you think about the post. Then click submit!

Viewing Reputation
You can see your reputation level by clicking on User CP. Only VIP users can see who issued them reputation, but all normal users can still see reputation comments. Remember Green blocks positive reputation image add to your reputation, Red Blocks negative reputation image deduct from it.

Reputation Power
Reputation Power (Rep Power) is that amount of points that you can take or give to someone's reputation. Your rep power increases by 1 point for every:

  • 2500 posts
  • 400 Reputation points
  • 365 days (1 year) registered on the forum.

Disable Reputation
In your User Control Panel you are able to disable other members from viewing your reputation level (note: even when disabled Administrators can still view!). To disable your reputation you can do the following:

  1. Click here to go to your account options
  2. Select "Hide Reputation" from the top option.
  3. Click submit down the bottom and bingo, your reputation level is no longer displayed!
You can tell when a member has disabled their reputation, as it will be displayed as a Grey Block disabled reputation image.
Note: Disabling your reputation does not mean people cannot +Rep or -Rep you. It simply means they are unable to see the level which you are at.

What are those green blocks under my profile information?
Those blocks show the amount of reputation you have. There are 4 different coloured reputation blocks.

  • dark green reputation block This is a dark green reputation block, you get these for the first 500 reputation points.
  • light green reputation block This is a light green reputation block, you get these for every 200 points above 500 points you go.
  • disabled reputation block This means the user has disabled their reputation.
  • red reputation block This is a red reputation block, this user has received many bad reps and has no rep power.
Note: You cannot rep the same person more than once until 7 days passes since you last repped them.
Note: Only 5 dark and 6 light green blocks will ever appear under your profile information. However you can still receive reputation.

Reputation Ranks

In addition to coloured blocks, Reputation is also seperated into various ranks based upon how many points you currently have. Here is a list of them, along with their point values:

  • User is a disaster ~ -100
  • User can only hope to improve ~ -50
  • User has a little shameless behaviour in the past ~ -10
  • User is an unknown quantity at this point ~ 0
  • User is on a distinguished road ~ 55
  • User will become famous soon enough ~ 75
  • User has a spectacular aura about ~ 100
  • User is a jewel in the rough ~ 125
  • User is just really nice ~ 150
  • User is a glorious beacon of light ~ 175
  • User is a name known to all ~ 200
  • User is a splendid one to behold ~ 300
  • User has much to be proud of ~ 400
  • User has a brilliant future ~ 500
  • User has reputation beyond repute ~ 600
  • User has much dedication towards Habbox ~ 700
  • User is becoming a star ~ 800
  • User is becoming a name that is recognised ~ 900
  • User is a great example to all ~ 1000
  • User has surpassed expectations ~ 1250
  • User is someone to look up to ~ 2000
  • User is ranked above most ~ 3000
  • User is pwning the rest ~ 4000
  • User is on the way to fame ~ 5000
  • User is one to admire ~ 6000
  • User is loved by all ~ 7000
  • User is totally 1337 ~ 8000
  • User is Habbox Royalty ~ 9000
  • User is well on the path to becoming a legend ~ 10,000
  • User has almost made it to legendary status ~ 15,000
  • User is a HabboxForum Legend! ~ 17,500
  • User is worshipped like a God/Goddess ~ 20,000


As Habbox cannot sell VIP all year round (only at Christmas) the other times we offer you a reward for donating. You only have to donate as little as 1 to get yourself some extra features.

Rewards given to Donators

  • A coloured username: Black, Pink, Dodger Blue, Orange, Purple, Teal
  • Ability to customise your usertitle*
  • An avatar of 150 pixels by 150 pixels
  • A signature maximum sizelimit of 700 pixels by 300 pixels (W x H)
  • A profile picture of 250 pixels x 250 pixels

To find out more about donating, click here

*no HTML permitted for donator usertitles

Limited Edition Donator

Once a month, for three days we will release a Limited Edition donator, these will usually have fancy javascript effects such as glowing text. Prices for this kind of donator will be slightly higher than normal donator, however this is because the rewards are limited edition and will only be available for 3 days each month!

Habbox VIP


How do I become a VIP?
There are two ways to become a VIP at HabboxForum. The most popular way is to win it! Habbox gives out around 30 months of VIP per month, so you're in with a good chance of winning. Keep an eye out for Forum Competitions, Events, HabboxLive Shows and other big events which may give you the chance to win VIP.

You may also buy our special Christmas edition VIP in season, and all proceeds from that go to charity.

Benefits of being a Habbox VIP

  • Access to an exclusive VIP Forum
  • A coloured name of your choice from the selection
  • A custom user title
  • To be able to change your Forum user name
  • An avatar of 150 pixels by 150 pixels
  • A signature maximum sizelimit of 700 pixels by 300 pixels (W x H)
  • A profile picture of 250 pixels x 250 pixels
  • A PM storage capacity of 800 messages
  • Ability to see who gave you reputation
  • Option to make yourself invisible
  • Be able to close your own threads

You can win forum VIP in some of the following ways:

  • Winning Member of the Month or newcomer of the month.
  • Winning forum competitions, check here for more information on that.
  • Winning weekly events which offer VIP as a prize, check here for more information!
  • Being top contributor in an official Habbox Debate! Check here for information on that.
  • Making 100 posts in a week which is posted each week in Habbox Announcements. Click here for more information.
  • Not only can you win VIP from weekly events, you can win VIP from major events such as Habbox Summer Spectacular, Back 2 School and Habbox Easter Extravaganza etc.
Amongst many other ways!

Limited Edition VIP

Every few months the Forum Management will release a Limited Edition VIP that will generally be on sale for 1 whole week. Limited Edition VIP are usually suggested by the community and put in a poll where members of the community are able to vote for their favourite colour. Wether the Limited Edition VIP is used in a major event or just as a theme for the month is up to the forum managements discretion

Habbox Tokens

What are Habbox Tokens?

Habbox Tokens are a currency used by the forum to purchase virtual items. Habbox Tokens have no monetary value and cannot be purchased or transferred.

How can I earn the tokens?

Habbox Tokens are earned by doing a number of things around the forum and by winning specific competitions or events. Any competitions or events offering tokens will be clearly stated. The current list is in the spoiler below.
  • Posting around the forum - Earns 5 Tokens
  • Creating Threads - Earns 10 Tokens
  • Donating to the site - Earns 50 Tokens (Per month of donator, please contact lawrawrrr (General Manager) for this)
  • Winning certain events - 50 Tokens
  • Referring someone to the site - 100 Tokens (Please contact Chris (Forum Manager) for this, with the username)

How can I lose Habbox Tokens?

Tokens can be removed from your account for a number of reasons (and at times without notice). Below is a short list including a few reasons why Tokens may be removed from your account.
  • Editing Posts - Loses 5 Tokens
  • Editing Threads - Loses 10 Tokens
  • Entering certain arcade games/jackpots (only if specified) - amount as stated
  • Revieving Forum Infractions - Loses 20 Tokens

What can I use them for?

Habbox Tokens can be used to purchase items on the forum. Here is a list of what you can purchase.
  • Name Change - 1500 Tokens
  • 2 Weeks of VIP - 2000 Tokens
  • 3 Months Donator - 5500 Tokens
  • 3 Months VIP - 7000 Tokens
  • 5 Habbo Credits (If in stock) - 1000 Tokens
  • 10 Habbo Credits (If in stock) - 1500 Tokens
  • 20 Habbo Credits (If in stock) - 2500 Tokens
  • 50 Habbo Credits (If in stock) - 5000 Tokens
  • Forum Name Icons - 500 or 1000 Tokens

Habbox has the right to remove tokens, disable the system or revoke any purchased items at any moment in time without warning.

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