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I log in correctly but when the page reloads I am logged back out.

This is commonly caused by a cookie error, to reinstall your cookie you may have to delete all your cookies relating to Habbox Forum to ensure that your firewall and/or browser allows HabboxForum.com to store cookies on your PC. Once you have done that make sure you click the 'Remember Me' box upon logging in.

I can't seem to edit my posts within the 15 min period or rep people.

The forum integrates AJAX into its pages, AJAX is a way by pages can load information without reloading the page.

The problem you are receiving is likely associated with firewall / browser restrictions that prevent JavaScript (not Java) from running on habboxforum.com. You will need to enable habboxforum.com to run JavaScript coding sometimes this is fixed by adding our domain as a "trusted site".

None of the above helped me / my problem isn't listed here!

If none of the above helped or your problem isn't listed here then you can created a support thread in the Support Forum

Please add as much detail as you can include, your browser, your username, your firewall and operating system.

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