Many people say the Hotel was way better ages ago , and there were alot of things to do , well now people are saying the HabboHotel is getting boring , and more boring second by second. There are many things habbos can do but Habbos say that eventually they get bored. And habbo in many cases is becoming like the real world. Habbo When I joined three years ago , was such a quiet nice place, where everyone was nice and Innocent. Now it is becoming much like the real world today with many different types of people either making it better or worse.

When I say some people make it worse, Like the real world I am talking about people who scam , hack , script , and make scam sites. Looking into each of these separatly , starting with Scammers. Scammers are just people who do not have furni or need more furni than they already have. Now most scammers would be satisfied with one piece of furni , Now can habbo do anything about that. Would giving a new habbo one furni after joining perhaps decrease the number of scammers that try to scam others for their own good ? Habbo can do something but it is not as easy as we think it is. Maybe if more people took time to read the safe guides and all the guides made to stop scammers, there could be less scammers. But there are many things that can be done , and are not done to stop these people.

To hacking , On habbohotel , there is no such thing as hacking an account. But , there are people who send keyloggers onto your computer to infect it , and then they can hack your habbo , but they would have known your password already , from your downloading of a fake program. All websites that say they have Habbo downloads, or programs that unban you are scams and keyloggers do not fall for them. Another way to get a keylogger is through email , Many habbo make friends with other Habbos and then get their email in order to communicate on messenger. That is very dangerous . Even if you think they are your friends, they could be evil , they might send you any file , as a picture , or a story or anything , and with it , there could be a KEYLOGGER, avoid contact with emails.

SCRIPTING , is one of the most faught against deals on habbo. Scripters are people that can put furniture in walls , and rig dices and so on. Scripters even sometimes make furni , such as Mountain dew machines, or other scripted furni. Habbo are in many cases able to delete anything that is scripted , and get rid of it , and the scripters are in most cases banned. However, make sure you never deal with a scripter, it can be very very dangerous..

Now to the more positive and slightly negative things on Habbo. As I said ast first, many people seem to be complaining about there not being much to do on habbo , except for the occasional staff quests and games. Most of the people were used to going to casino's , race rooms and so on . And they do not notice that all of these ideas were created by them. YES THEM , Habbos. All these things were not there before habbos used their imagination to make them. You cant just go around and say habbo is now boring. DO SOMETHING LIKE YOU DID BEFOOORREEEE. Dont be a lazy bum hoping for someone to rescue you. Blaming the manager will not help you either, Jibbi was better Ione gave furni , Blah hhh Blaaahh . Help your self. Yes they do help sometimes, but they are too busy to keep you entertained 24/7. So you do your job , and they do their job behind the scenes.

Okay my hand died. bye