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    Default Bored? Things to Do... (Sticky)

    I really hope you enjoy this guide about things to do at Habbo Hotel. Took a while, and may I add, this was all created by me. I hope that this at least gives you a laugh or two.


    Things to Do on Habbo Hotel:


    *Change your mission to "Worker at Welcome Lounge" and go to the stated room. There is a little opening in this public room so that you can get behind the counter. Tons of new habbos will be here, and they will believe that you actually work there! You can also block the opening that you went through to get behind the counter and say "Workers only".

    *Send a Console message to all your friends and tell them to meet up in a Public Room (Hallway, Theatredome) wearing a specific outfit (Yellow Hat, Afro, Antlers, Bunny Ears). Bring a camera along to capture the moment.

    *Have an American Idol competition in the public room known as the Cinema. Invite friends and make sure that at least one is a Simon!

    *Go to a Hospital and ly down on the bed. When they ask "What's wrong?". Say "I think... I'm mental".

    *Go to the Habbo Lido and go diving, jump off the diving board and do a stick/pencil (aka - Do no tricks at all, just stand still as you fall) and when you land in the pool rate yourself a perfect 10.

    *Dress as best as you can, and enter a Guest Room. Go up to a person of the opposite gender and say "*makes out*" and make the suprised expression (aka. :o ) on your face.

    *Go up to a random person of the same gender in a Public Room, make a big scene, and shout. "You and me are over! I'm breakin' up with you! Good bye!"

    *Act like a dog or a cat throughout the day.

    *Go to a maze and block one of the easiest tranmissions. Don't be inactive, just say "I'm trying! I'm trying!". Eventually they'll call for help, but Hobbas don't come to mazes just to kick a blocker. (This reason is because: "To kik a blocker just because you can't get through a maze lightning fast). Eventually, leave the room.

    *Talk to any random some one "lyk diz".

    *Run up to someone and shout "I am your biggest fan!" and as an added bonus "Can I have your autograph?"

    *Shout at a Bot/Service Worker in a public room. It drives them nuts.

    *Go to a new habbo and ask them if they want credits/furni. Then give them all these steps (Step 1. Go to Rooftop Rumble and say Furni to Jem 10 times, and then visit Club Massiva..). They will eventually arrive at an empty guest room, where you will await them. You can choose to give them a 1-credit furni for all there hard work or just say "Oops! I forgot. This trick expired 7 months ago."

    *Act like a sweet-little-angel-baby throughout the day and try to get adopted. Then act an evil-demon to your parents.

    *Attend a wedding, and when its over walk up to the now-married bride/groom and say "Wanna go out with me?"

    *Go to Cunning Fox Gamehall, play someone at Tic-Tac-Toe. Cheat rapidly, and whenever you feel like it, press new game. They will try to add an X/O, and press new game again. Repeat. They'll eventually leave the table.


    *At a Habbo Wedding, make the couple split up. (Ex. "You're gonna mary that ugly guy?")
    - 4got-ma-name
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