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    Default 'Strange, Creepy Man' beleived to be Madeleine's abductor photo-fit released

    Eye-Witness Accounts sketch out 'Creepy Man'

    A police artists impression of the man

    A POLICE artist has sketched out a photo-fit of a 'creepy man' beleived by police and private investigators to be the abductor of Madeleine McCann.

    The News Of The World released the sketch, saying that the drawing was made up from information provided by Gail Cooper, a holidaymaker who had been staying 600 yards away from the McCanns at the time of Madeleine's disapperance.

    Clarence Mitchell, the spokesman for the McCanns announced at a press conference earlier that the image had been passed onto the police and private investigators.

    He said before the news conference: "We urgently need to know who this man is and where he is. For Madeleine's sake, we urge anyone with any information about him to come forward right away."

    During the news conference, he announced that a 12-year old girl was helping investigators during the investigation, but refused to go into detail because of her age. He said that the girl told investigators that she had seen the man.

    He said that investigators must find out who this man, and asked anybody with information to come forward to capture, or even eliminate the man from their investigations if he is not part of the disapperance.

    Gary Thompson, the associate editor of The News Of The World, said to Sky News "The important questions are: who is he? Whereabouts is he? We will be urging readers with information to contact the authorities as a matter of urgency." He then added "The real significance is that the sketch has been shown to Jane Tanner, a member of the so-called Tapas Group. You may remember she says she saw a man carrying a child. We understand that Jane Tanner has confirmed the likeness."

    Gail spotted the man 3 times.

    Gail Cooper who gave the information to the FBI-trained police artist made a statement to the police after the disapperance of Madeleine.

    Images copyright to the News Of The World.

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    already posted.

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    aha, i saw this in one of the papers i was delivering earlier

    he looks so scary

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