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    Default Habbox Donations Thread! [Last Updated: 21.05.12]]

    We thank everyone who has donated credits/furniture to Habbox. This thread is used to see who has donated and what they have donated and also what to specific departments that they have donated to. If you would like to donate anything then please contact: Inseriousity. You can contact him by leaving him a PM on the forum or finding him on Habbo.

    Note: If you are not on the list and have donated towards Habbox then please do contact the person you donated to. If you have donated towards a specific department and you are just under "Habbox" then feel free to let us know so we can add in the corrections.

    Bare in mind this thread is new and there will be people missing from the list, updates will be made on a frequent basis to ensure it is up to date with the latest donations.

    Donations to Habbox will be used primarily for large scale events & promotions, to giveaways ran by habbox and to the making of official Habbox rooms. Please contact Inseriousity. if you are interested in helping out, as we rely entirely on donations to create rooms, hold giveaways and run events.

    Competitions Department
    Donations to the competitions department will be used as prizes in Habbox competitions, and in events ran by the competitions department.
    • Saurav - 50 Credits & Room full of furni. (Image 1)
    • Saurav - 100 Credits, 15 HC Sofas & Room full of furni. (Image 1, Image 2)
    • Wiizzz - 1000 Credits & Image 1, Image 2, Image 3), 250 Credits
    • Catzsy - 100 Credits
    • Yuxin - Gondola, Britney Microphone, Ice Cream Machine and Greek Pillar & 10 credits (Image 1)
    • hazthe****222 and MusicalDreams (joint donation) - 5 Banzai Random Teleporters & Image 1
    • Skizzling - Bunch of furni (Image 1), 17 Credits
    • Purplejassie - 20 Credits
    • -Fire-Girl- - 100 Credits
    • Bobsaysftw - A green Habbo roller
    • Pyroka - 1 Throne
    • Alex3213 - Massive selection of rares, miscs, norms.

      (Sorry, didnt know that that happened ) It was just flags and stuff I think

    • Davemateee - Selection of Furniture (Image 1)
    • Kfnx - 50 Credits, 50 Credits, 40 Credits
    • Jurv - 50 Credits

    Events Department
    Donations made to the events department will be used as prizes in events ran by the department, and into the making of games rooms etc.
    • lol-dude0 - Large selection of norms and seasonal rares (Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5)
    • Demala - Large selection of norms/rares/seasonals (Image 1, Image 2)
    • DarkEnemy - Selection or Norms/rares/10 credits (Image 1)
    • Jorjiar - Selection of furniture (Image 1)
    • Yuxin - Selection of furniture (Image1)
    • Rigr - Aloe Vera, Penguin Gift
    • ..:BAMItsNick::. - Selection of furniture (Image 1)
    • Skizzling - Selection of Furniture (Image 1) (Image 2)
    • lTraditional - 20 Diner rugs
    • McDonalds - Gold Bar
    • =Lizzy - 50 Credits
    • LervDerv - 10 Credits, 10 Credits, Lodge bar, 2 Lodge gates, HC Curtain.
    • admiralpicard - 2 Thrones, 1 Majestic Chair (Image 1)
    • Charlottay! - Huge selection of furniture (Image 1)
    • Publicised - 50 credits (Image 1)
    • Gibo46 - Collection of norms (Image 1 ;

    Forum Department
    Donations to the forum department will be used in events and competitions ran by the forum department. This includes quick quizzes and larger scale promotions on the forum.
    • Yuxin - 40 Credits
    • AidenFTW24 - 1Throne & 150 Credits (Image 1), 115 Credits
    • Jordesh - 150 Credits

    Helpdesk Department
    Donations to the Helpdesk department will be used as prizes in HxHD events, and in other promotions ran by this department.
    HabboxLive Department
    Donations made to HabboxLive will be used in funding prizes for radio competitions, gameshow events, giveaways etc.

    You can find Habboxlive donations on this page.
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