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    Default [READ] Safety Announcement

    It's that time of year again where there is evil people out there who are trying to gain your information by advertising a "fake" version of one of the Habbox websites. When you are wanting to visit our fansite you should only ever go to the domain names that are mentioned below. Any other domain names are not owned or controlled by Habbox and we cannot be held responsibility what happens if you visit these "fake" websites.

    Please be cautious of any links you go to that you see advertising on Habbo, Skype or any other services.

    Quote Originally Posted by xxMATTGxx View Post
    Just a general reminder as there seems to be a few dodgy websites going around with Habbox in the name. Our official domains are the following:

    If you seen other people advertising links that have the word "Habbox" in them and also claim it is owned by Habbox and isn't on this list then do not click on them. They are not the property of Habbox and we cannot be held responsible for what is on the dodgy sites.

    If you do come across any website that is posing to be part of Habbox then please do contact xxMATTGxx on Be careful what you click on and keep your accounts safe!
    Thanks for reading and stay safe!
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    12/03/2017 - Left Habbox - Will visit now and again.

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