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    What are Community Rewards?

    Community Rewards is a new community reward scheme (Duh) which aims to bring the community together in an attempt to unlock some useful items and features that can be used to your advantage at Habbox.

    What do I need to do?

    What you need to do will vary each time a new community task pops up. This could range from collectively making X amount of posts in X amount of time, to getting X amount of favourites or re-tweets on one of our tweets. If you have any task ideas which you think would be fun then please do post them in the feedback forum.

    Whats in it for me?

    So far I have come up with just a few features and bonuses which could be potential prizes at some point. I would love to have a longer list of prizes, so again if you have any ideas then let me know.

    Potential prizes include:

    • Unlock Happy Hour for X amount of time
    • Increase Happy Hour token multiplier
    • Unlock a credit giveaway
    • Unlock new icon for usernames
    • Unlock VIP+ available as a prize for X amount of time
    • Unlock a new Forum Skin

    Anything else?

    If you have any questions or ideas for the scheme then please contact me.

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