Official Habbox Rooms are rooms on that support Habbox and its sites in some way. This is not only a benefit to us, but to the room owner as, in exchange, not only do they gain the ability to work closely with Habbox in projects and large-scale events, but they also get advertisement on both site and Client in a variety of ways.

For this, we ask for them to advertise Habbox in any way they wish. Usually this can be done via Wired, Stickies, Bots etc. Your room will also be linked to the Habbox Hallway, where users can freely access your rooms. If you have a room on that you would like to become an Official Habbox Room, feel free to PM me with a picture of your room.

What type of rooms are we looking for?

● Game rooms, e.g. mazes, auto-games
● Hang-out rooms, including boosters.
● Trade rooms, e.g. auctions
● Agencies

The above are just examples. If you feel that your room would be suitable, feel free to apply with that!

What's in it for you?

As an Official Habbox Room you will receive:

● Advertisement on the Habbox sites such as HabboxWiki,, HabboxForum etc.
● A screenshot of your room and a description on the official HabboxForum thread.
● Advertisement on our sites such as and on a rotation cycle.
● Have a teleport to your room linking to the new 'Habbox Hallway'
● Involvement in official Habbox quests and events

How do you submit a room?

To be in with a chance of being an official room you need to PM Absently on the forum, in this PM you will be required to include a screenshot of the room, your Habbo name and a link to the room.

We look forward to all applications and good luck in getting chosen!