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    Default [Articles] Submit Your Questions for xxMATTGxx

    Since going from General Manager to Co-Owner, xxMATTGxx has become a little harder to pin down (only metaphorically speaking, I hear lRhyss has had no trouble pinning him down in real life!) so I'm sure you've all got some burning questions you've been dying to ask him. Now's your chance!

    As part of the celebrations for Habbox's 12th Birthday, the Articles department is offering you the chance to submit your questions for xxMATTGxx to answer in an article which will be published at the beginning of July. If you'd like to ask some questions but are struggling to think of any, check out this thread for an interview with Immenseman to see the kind of questions he was asked.

    To submit your question(s), PM Empired before 23:59 BST on Sunday 28th June.

    -You may submit as many questions as you like
    -You do not have to submit them all at the same time
    -It's possible that some questions may not be used for any reason
    -Your questions do not have to be serious but please make sure they're appropriate enough to publish (or I get in trouble )
    -Your name will automatically be mentioned along with your question unless you specifically ask me in your PM to keep you anonymous
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