It has come to our attention that a number of forum members are having issues surrounding user accounts and the creation of new accounts (without their knowledge) when using the app Tapatalk. Habboxforum prohibits the use of multiple forum accounts and will often result in the oldest/less active account being issued with a permanent ban. Within the past few months a number of users have had additional forum accounts created based on their Tapatalk information (such as email) even though they already have a separate pre-existing account with us. This has resulted in a number of accounts being incorrectly banned and users being totally unaware of the problem.

If you believe a secondary account has been created by mistake and is a result of Tapatalk, please send a Private Message to a Forum Super Moderator specifying which account you would like banned. More often than not, moderation will ban the clone account however this will prevent confusion over which account is to be banned. If you find yourself being incorrectly banned (or the moderation department has banned the wrong account) please reply to the message that all users receive when any account is banned, informing the moderator of their error.